Best digital currency to invest in 2022

 What is the best digital currency to invest in 2022? ; This question has become very common in 2022, moreover, investors in the digital currency market began to search for an answer to this question, but first of all and enter the world of cryptocurrencies , please be careful and take full responsibility and the site learn – et3lom does not bear any responsibility. The damages fall on the handicap of the people themselves, due to the volatility and instability of this market, we completely disclaim all responsibility for the economic content. And before investing in cryptocurrencies, please be careful and use the experts, and you must have a completely complete knowledge in this trade. On the other hand, in this article, we will learn about the best cryptocurrencies for investment for 2022, follow the article with us for the next.  

Best cryptocurrency for long term investmen

Bitcoin (BTC): Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022  

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 by unidentified people called ” Satoshi Nakamoto”. At the beginning of the establishment of this currency, it was cheap and began to grow and rise over the past years, and it rose insanely and began to spread among all people from different countries. Then it became one of the best digital currencies to invest in 2022 . The best cryptocurrency trading platforms in Egypt 

And Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market during 2021 was not in good shape and fell as low as 42%. The arrival of newer cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, which I will explain below, are among the main reasons for the decline in the strength of Bitcoin in the market. However, bitcoin remains the first and the best, and no transaction has been reversed. Bitcoin will continue to be king of the cryptocurrency.

And our suggestion is that if you are going to choose only one digital currency for long term investment, in our opinion it should be Bitcoin.

Ethereum (ETH): The best cryptocurrency to invest in

 The popular digital currency “Ethereum”; The queen of cryptocurrencies (which could potentially replace “Bitcoin” in late 2022  )  , the heated debate between Ethereum and Bitcoin has been in the cryptocurrency market. And although Bitcoin has always been the first, in terms of the psychological burden of the market, it is impossible to imagine such an event, if we want to rely only on numbers, it is not at all unlikely that Ethereum will be the first. .

Price on 9/22/2022 →    $1257.05

 Dogecoin (DOGE), Best Digital Currency for Investment 2022

As you know,   “Dogecoin” has grown  by more than 1500% since last year, and this has no factor other than the margins related to the support of  billionaire  “ Elon  Musk” and his strong support in social networks. Dogecoin was   definitely a digital currency. Dogecoin is   the third choice of the trading team among thousands of small and large digital currencies.

Price on 9/22/2022 →  $0.58

UniSwap (UNI)  ; Best digital currencies to invest in 2022  

Since we intend to offer a large number of currencies, in this article we have selected the best cryptocurrencies for investment, Uniswap  . But what is the reason for that? Ethereum developments, and continued development on Uniswap, such as Layer 2 protocols that reduce fees and keep them low, Uniswap is one of the largest projects in Dao’s field. 

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If we want to provide a powerful judgment symbol with a simple and understandable mechanism, then the UNI symbol is the first choice for most parsers. Uniswap is the fourth digital currency we have chosen to invest in in 2022.

Price on 9/22/2022 →  $0.248959

Dicentralland (MANA)  :  The 5th digital currency you can invest in for 2022

Perhaps there will be no news this year about the growth of this coin by 1000%; But given the evolution of the Metaverse and possible future developments, it doesn’t hurt to have some Metaverse coins like “Mana” in your wallet.

Dicentraland this year is the roadmap and the contracts they signed, and in late 2022 we are likely to hear a lot of news about this platform.

Price on 9/22/2022 →   $0.7026541

Stacks STX Coin: Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022

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Stacks, abbreviated as STX, is a digital currency or a form of digital asset that ranks 77 in the market with a market capitalization of approximately $441.09 million. Each Stacks unit is currently trading at $0.33 and its daily trading volume is $190,80898. The price is down -0.91% in the last 24 hours. The number of Stacks in circulation is 1,335,526,374, and they are linked to the “ Bitcoin Blockchain” for its security. 

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As a platform with a wealth of decentralized applications and a large number of well-known backers, Stakes still has plenty of room for growth. 

Price on 9/23/2022 →  $1.63

Chiles currency (CHZ): one of the best cryptocurrencies for investment

The Chile digital currency, CHZ, is used in tokenization for sports entertainment and gives special power to the platform. Famous sports teams have created Chiliz cryptocurrency on this platform to attract their fans. This is the first time this has happened in the world. And to attract fans of sports and popular teams, prizes are given to their fans. Digital coins bearing the club’s logo and logo are purchased by their fans.

Like we said, Chiles is a platform for providing fan tokens. This platform focuses on sports (especially football); But on paper, he could be a symbol of any society. Community members (such as a soccer team) who have tokens can communicate with their team and even participate in decisions.

World famous clubs cooperate with this platform. It is worth noting that after signing the contract with Italian club Juventus and then FC Barcelona, ​​the strength of this platform increased. This platform has even gone on to other sports, including the NFL. And it may seem very superficial; But many analysts consider the 2022 World Cup in Qatar a good opportunity for Chile. Choosing Chiles for investment is not unreasonable.

Aragon Currency (ANT): digital currencies for investment

Aragon Token (ANT) is on the Ethereum platform and is decentralized. With Aragon, different companies can have the ability to manage the resources and data shared in the virtual world. This cryptocurrency allows the creation of virtual ideas in reality. The Aragon Foundation operates the Open Source Aragon Project. The token for this currency is ANT. Currently, a young man named Louis Quind is in charge of the Aragon Project.

Aragon is one of the oldest markets in the cryptocurrency market. After the crypto winter (from 2018 to 2020), it stayed on the price floor for a long time and many analysts predicted its death like hundreds of other coins destroyed; Until, with the provision of infrastructure, the Gu Dao or “Decentralized Self-Government Organization” flourished again and saved Eragon.

Saverin Coin (SOV) Best New Cryptocurrency

Sovryn is a smart contract-based, illegal and unauthorized system for lending, borrowing and margin trading in Bitcoin. Sovryn is a DeFi platform for Bitcoin. It has been active on the RSK mainnet for nearly six months, allowing users to trade bitcoin locally and without permission in a decentralized application.

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Savarin cryptocurrency was also a DeFi project; But it has an interesting feature, which is that it is built on Bitcoin. According to estimates, more than 70% of DeFi platforms run on Ethereum, and in this respect, Ethereum is truly unparalleled. However, a new controversy has emerged between the big and well-known bitcoins: DiFi on Bitcoin. They believe that different platforms can indirectly build DeFi projects on the Bitcoin network and link the security of their platform to the security of the Bitcoin network. Saverin is one of the best Bitcoin DeFi projects. With Saverin, users can borrow or exchange decentralized tokens by pledging Bitcoin or Saverin tokens.

Given the small Bitcoin DeFi market and the high potential of this area, Token Sovereign (SOV) is the ninth choice for the trading team.

The changing cryptocurrency contains a blockchain of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and places technical digital goods on this platform. RARI codes work with the ERC-20 standard.


In this article, we presented the best digital currency to invest in 2022, which seemed to be the best options available for long-term investment in 2022.

Certainly, many cryptocurrencies like Binance, Solanao, Polakdat, Cardeno, Olench, Terra, etc. could have been included in this cryptocurrency identification list; But we didn’t want to mention dozens of cryptocurrencies or just fill in the article with the ones at the top of the table.

We emphasize once again that all the contents of this article are only the personal opinion of the trading team and we do not take any responsibility for your losses. It is certainly the duty of every investor to do a thorough research and measure the conditions before investing .

Therefore, always invest an amount of money if everything is gone, it will not disrupt your life. It may not hurt to repeat this experience that according to the general rule of the market, if you invest with a long-term perspective, your risk will be reduced; Because the history of the cryptocurrency market shows that long-term investors are the winners; Provided that it is invested in the right projects

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