What is single person insurance?

 In order to support people in case of illness, Day Insurance Company has presented a plan that all people can use medical insurance. You know that the cost of some diseases and tests is high and basic insurance policies cannot cover all these costs. Therefore, to compensate for the damages caused, personal insurance of unit D was unveiled. In fact, the single person insurance provided by Day Insurance Company is the same as medical insurance, and the only difference between it and supplementary insurance can be considered as the elimination of the number of people.

People who do not have the conditions to use basic insurance and supplementary insurance can buy this insurance policy for themselves or their family members in order to be covered by the medical coverage of personal insurance. We recommend to all insurers to read the personal insurance guide of unit D.

The difference between single person insurance and supplementary insurance

Both supplementary treatment insurance policies and single person insurance policies are designed to compensate the costs caused by the disease, but they have differences with each other and basically the conditions of the insurance policies are different. Age is one of the important criteria in buying personal insurance .

The higher the age, it will definitely affect the amount of insurance risk. In this way, the insurance premium of a 30-year-old person will be different from a 60-year-old person, and the reason is that the age of the insured is directly related to the person's condition and illness, and the older the person, the more likely the disease will be. Was. Please note that the insured person will be covered by this insurance policy until the age of 70 years.

In purchasing supplementary medical insurance, it is necessary that the number of people in an organization has reached the quorum in order to be able to purchase this insurance policy. However, in single person insurance, the conditions for purchasing this insurance policy are provided individually.

?Why did you buy single person insurance

With the increase in treatment costs and compensation of only part of the costs by basic insurances such as: social security insurance, medical service insurance , armed forces insurance and Iranian health insurance , it is better to use a treatment insurance policy to cover the damages caused to the insured. can be compensated

In personal insurance, you can choose different plans according to the conditions of the insured to increase the limit of obligations. Also, some of the services that are compensated in this insurance policy include:

Hospital admission

Covering paraclinic costs


Eye laser, optometry and audiometry

Visit and medicine

giving birth


In fact, these are some of the single person insurance coverages, which we will explain in the following text about the compensable risks in these coverages. Be careful that each of these cases has a ceiling of obligations and when concluding a contract, it is better to receive the highest ceiling of obligations from the insurer. It is recommended to read the article Why buy single person insurance .

Individual insurance conditions of unit d

  ?How much is the cost of personal insurance for unit D

As mentioned in the beginning of the text, single person insurance is designed to compensate the costs of treatment in order to take care of the health of the society. So that there is no longer any person who suffers from an illness but does not have the conditions to pay for treatment. By purchasing a personal insurance, you will be reimbursed for expenses such as visiting a doctor, hospitalization, and tests.

Note that the cost of personal insurance will vary according to the type of plan selected, the age of the insured and the limit of the insurance company's obligations. We all know that some diseases are incurable and to compensate for the costs, you should use medical or supplementary insurance.

Day Insurance has considered six star plans for single person insurance that the insured can purchase these insurance policies individually or in groups according to their conditions. These plans are known by the following names:

Three-star personal insurance scheme of unit D

Four-star personal insurance plan D

Five-star personal insurance plan of unit D

Six-star personal insurance plan D

The seven-star personal insurance plan of D

The eight-star personal insurance scheme of unit D

Please note that there is an age limit for using these plans. Thus, people up to the age of 70 are allowed to buy these plans. In order to answer the question, how much is the cost of personal insurance? It is better to give an example.

Suppose that you are a 30-year-old person and do not have any basic insurance, to buy a three-star personal insurance plan, you must pay 436,800 Tomans annually to be covered by the insurance policy. Please note that in order to increase the limit of obligations in this insurance policy, it is necessary to pay more premiums. The limit of obligations for general surgery services with the said insurance premium is 20 million tomans and for specialized surgeries it reaches 40 million tomans.

?What are the coverages of personal insurance

Insurance is a two-way contract between the insurer and the insurer, which obligates the insurance company to fulfill its obligations by paying the premium from the insurer. In the insurance of a single person, by paying the insurance premium, a number of risks are covered by this insurance policy, which is as follows.

Hospital and emergency expenses

Hospital expenses and using the emergency room are always one of the most expensive things to treat the disease, and therefore, all types of surgeries and tests are covered in this insurance policy. The covered surgeries are:

medical treatment

Head and neck surgery

General neurosurgery

General surgery of organs

General spine surgery

Intra-abdominal organ and viscera surgery

Chemotherapy and special diseases (  you can read complete information in the article Chemotherapy coverage in supplementary insurance .)

General ear, nose and throat surgery

Imaging-guided tissue biopsy

Genitourinary surgery and cornea transplant

Pacemaker surgery (temporary), strabismus, septoplasty, stenting other than heart

Angioplasty except heart, brain angiography, chemotherapy drug and general eye surgery

Costs of treatment of diseases such as: umbilical hernia (umbilical hernia), medical equipment (hemoperfusion), neuropsychiatric medical treatment other than psychosis, heart angiography, stone crusher, inpatient chemotherapy, embolization (except for internal vessels of the brain), abdominal hernia surgery (abdominal hernia), hospitalization for less than 6 hours in the emergency room, retinal detachment, hospitalization of patients with corona and radiotherapy will be compensated.

City and intercity ambulance fees

Compensation for ambulance damages will be paid within the city or outside the city.

General, specialized and outpatient surgeries

General surgery includes:

Brain Surgery

Tumor surgery

open heart surgery

Cost of open heart surgery

Central brain and spinal cord surgery

Coronary angioplasty, permanent pacemaker implantation and cardiac ablation

Central nerve and spinal cord surgery (if the meningeal layer of the brain is opened)

Outpatient surgery includes:

?Who is discharged




pulling nails

laser therapy

Allowed outpatient procedures

Fractures and dislocations

The cost of casts and opening the cast

Doctor's visit and medicine

One of the most widely used cases that are compensated for in personal insurance is visitation and medicine coverage . Visits of specialist, general, specialist, licensed expert, medicine, medical supplies, emergency services, injections and dressings will be compensated up to the insurer's obligations.

Natural childbirth and caesarean section and infertility treatment

In childbirth and infertility coverage, the costs of ZIFT-IVF, micro-injection and GIFT-IUI and natural childbirth and cesarean section are compensated.

Laboratory and paraclinical services

The costs of medical diagnostic tests, pathology and echocardiography will be compensated in this coverage.


In the dental coverage of supplementary insurance, things like: extraction, scaling, brosage, restoration, filling, root treatment and coatingwill be compensated.

Fixing refractive errors of both eyes and hearing aids

The costs of binaural hearing aids and correction of refractive errors of both eyes are compensated in the insurance of a single person.

Important point: In some covers, a waiting period has been defined, which means that after the waiting period has passed, you can use the services and compensate the costs of the covers. For example, to use maternity coverage, the waiting period of 9 months must be over.

Fixing refractive errors of both eyes and hearing aids

Some expenses are excluded from medical insurance

What are the exceptions to personal insurance?

Some of the expenses are exceptions to the medical insurance, which are announced by the Central Insurance Organization . The reason for that is the high level of risk. In the personal insurance of unit D, the following are not covered by the insurance policy:

Drug withdrawal treatments

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes

Complementary and strengthening and beauty drugs

The cost of a private room in the hospital

All cosmetic surgeries that were performed without any incident and only for beauty

Medical procedures performed for abortion

Benefits of single person insurance

The additional personal insurance of the D insurance unit has various advantages that are designed for the comfort and well-being of the insured. In fact, due to these advantages, single person insurance is superior to other medical insurances offered in the insurance industry. These reasons for superiority are:

No need to have basic health insurance

Doubling the limit of obligations

Selective franchise

Treatment without payment

The extent of medical centers of the contracting party

Different covers

Eight thousand contracting parties

The death capital of Corona

Of course, it is not a bad idea to visit this link to learn more about the benefits of personal insurance .

Buy the cheapest medical insurance from insurance.com

In general, medical insurance is purchased to compensate for damages caused by diseases. On the other hand, Day Insurance Company is one of the leaders in providing medical services in the insurance industry. Therefore, single person insurance has been provided for people who do not have the conditions to purchase supplementary health insurance so that all members of the society can benefit from the benefits of health insurance.

If you are one of the people who have made the purchase of medical insurance among their priorities, it is better to purchase insurance policies through online insurance sales systems. Our suggestion to you is to buy single person insurance through insurance.com system, which is an online insurance broker and provides the conditions for inquiry, comparison and purchase of medical insurance. It is enough to visit the insurance.com website and buy the cheapest insurance policy with suitable coverage in a short time.

Also, if you have any questions about personal insurance or the coverage of this policy that is not mentioned in this article, you can contact our experts in the form of comments at the end of this article to get your answer as soon as possible. Also, insurance.com is ready to respond to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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