The difference between health insurance and accident insurance

 The difference between accident insurance and health insurance : Maybe this is a completely cliché saying that they say that an accident never makes news. For this reason, most of the worries and apprehensions that can disturb our minds, either for ourselves, for our family, or for the people under our care, are these incidents that we are not aware of. Should we use insurance to guarantee ? According to the provided definition of insurance , which states: Insurance is a contract based on which the insurance company ( insurer ) undertakes to pay the other person or company ( insurer ) for an amount considered and agreed upon. Do not compensate for the losses caused to the lives or property of individuals. According to the definition of insurance contracts , the difference in insuranceWhat is medical and ?accident insurance 

accident insurance

A person is always afraid of the events that did not happen or that he imagines in his mind. Perhaps one of the worries of every human being is one of the incidents that suddenly happen to him or his relatives. Therefore, after third party insurance, accident insurance is considered one of the most important insurances needed by people. In case of any accident, the consequences can be compensated in this way. Many people in the society have the idea that accident insurance is a simple insurance policy. If this insurance policy has different types according to the needs of each person. Including :

Individual accident insurance

Group accident insurance

Group accident insurance itself is divided into several categories:

Occupational accident insurance

Academic accident insurance

Short term accident insurance

Family accident insurance

And …

health insurance

Health insurance is actually a type of insurance that will help a lot in order to compensate medical and treatment expenses. Many of us are familiar with social security insurance , a mandatory insurance for organizations and institutions. This type of insurance is known as basic insurance . But health insurance or supplementary insurance is actually a complement to these basic insurances . The use of this insurance in the past few years has been greatly welcomed by the society due to the increase in costs, including visit costs, drug costs and other costs related to hospitalization, surgery, etc.

The difference between accident insurance and health insurance

In order to purchase health insurance , one must undergo the treatment of the trusted doctor of the insurance company , if the purchase of accident insurance does not require a medical examination.

In accident insurance , only the costs that arise from the accident are paid, but there is no such limit in health insurance .

In accident insurance , there is no deductible, but in health insurance , the deductible is also considered.

Accident insurance can be purchased in the short term, but supplementary insurance does not have this capability.

In accident insurance , all expenses are paid, but in health insurance , not all expenses are paid.

In accident insurance , in case of death due to an accident, death capital or disability is paid, but not in health insurance .

In accident insurance , occupational risk has an effect on the amount of insurance premium , but this is not considered in supplementary insurance .

In accident insurance , there is no waiting period, but in medical insurance , some waiting period applies.

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