The cheapest supplementary insurance

 The cheapest supplementary insurance

Almost all of you are familiar with health insurance and coverage of insurance companies. But you may not know about the fact that supplementary medical insurances are not limited like basic medical insurances. Supplementary medical insurances with different costs and different medical coverages are provided by insurance companies, but if you are unable to pay the insurance premiums and are looking for the cheapest supplementary insurance , stay with us until the end of this article.

Supplementary medical insurances, due to their variety in the type and amount of medical services, it is necessary to first research the type of insurance you want and make your purchase with confidence; Because some supplementary insurances, such as group supplementary insurance for government jobs and those working in organizations, companies, workshops, etc., are covered by medical insurance if their number exceeds the limit of 50 people. Group supplements are added and the company and the relevant organization pay the insurance premium to the insurance company.

Additional insurance fee

The cheapest supplementary insurance

Tips on buying additional insurance

As mentioned, in order to buy additional insurance, you must meet various conditions such as your budget and expenses, the type of insurance, the insurance company you intend to buy, the type of job (freelance or government) and... pay attention.

For groups of less than 1000 people, the maximum age for the insured is 60 years, and if a person is over 60 years old, he can use supplementary insurance health services by paying a higher premium.

But if the person's age is less than 60 years, he can use medical coverage until the end of the insurance contract.

If the insured person dies during the insurance period; Insurance coverage Other family members of the deceased can use medical coverage under the condition of paying the insurance premium.

The reason for the difference in the price of supplementary insurance

Supplementary medical insurances have different prices and for many people who do not have enough information about insurance companies, the question may arise as to what is the reason for the difference in the prices of supplementary medical insurances in different insurance companies and to buy the cheapest insurance . What additional issues should we pay attention to?

Several factors are effective in determining the price of the plans and the type of health insurance. If you intend to buy an insurance with a reasonable cost, you should pay attention to various things. The most important thing is that it affects the price of supplementary health insurance The amount of coverage and the ceiling of the insurance company's obligations is in question.

Because normally, when you pay more insurance premiums, you should get more extensive services and more coverage in return. You can buy a health insurance with a suitable premium amount and determine the amount of coverage and medical services according to your cost and budget.

The reason for the difference in medical insurance costs

Tips for buying additional insurance

Various plans of the insurance company

The second thing that affects the price of health insurance is the different plans of the insurance company, which are offered in three types: individual, group and family. Some companies offer only one or two types of different insurance plans, for example, individual supplementary insurance is considered a big risk for the insurance company due to its services and high medical coverage, and for this reason, some Companies do not offer this type of insurance.

But on the other hand, some companies offer different plans to enter the competition and satisfy customers. Some of these plans include: comprehensive plan, economic plan, selected plan, special plan, etc. Each of these cases have different coverages and insurance premiums according to the services they provide.

In fact, these different plans and coverages of the insurance company are defined based on the needs and wishes of the applicants, and it is necessary to pay attention to these differences and plans in order to have the best choice in supplementary medical insurance and according to the budget and financial ability. Choose the supplementary health insurance company yourself.

Frequently asked questions about the cheapest supplementary insurance

Is the cheaper the supplementary medical insurance, the better the insurance? No, the cheapness of supplementary medical insurance does not always mean that it is better because you may buy a cheap medical insurance, but it will only reduce the costs of surgery by about 10%, but you will pay more insurance premiums and exceed the limit of obligations. You will benefit and increase the cost of surgery to 40 to 50 percent.

What is the deductible and how does it affect the cost of health insurance? Deductible is a percentage of damage costs that the insured must pay themselves and is not the responsibility of the insurance company. The higher the premium you pay to the insurance company, the more coverage you can use and the lower the deductible. The lower the deductible percentage, the lower the amount of your payments in visiting medical centers, etc.

What is the best type of supplemental insurance for freelancers? The best supplemental medical insurance for government jobs is group insurance, but those who are employed in freelance jobs should buy individual supplemental insurance; Because they can use the services and coverage of the insurance company according to their budget and cost.

Types of insurance plans

Various plans of the insurance company


Health insurance companies charge different insurance premiums according to the coverages, limits of obligations and different plans they offer. If you cannot afford the heavy costs of insurance premiums, you should research the supplementary insurance company of your choice. do.

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