The best pregnancy and childbirth insurance with the 3 most famous insurance companies

 e this stage requires special care, and even great attention throughout that period, such as conducting periodic analyzes, as well as checking on the fetus through modern medical devices, so the various insurance companies have provided a lot It is one of the insurance programs that give many and varied benefits to the woman during her pregnancy, including childbirth as well

Best pregnancy and childbirth insurance

When the woman intends to plan a pregnancy, the family at that time looks for the best insurance for pregnancy and childbirth, which is offered through different insurance companies, as the offers vary from one company to another and so that the best of these offers can be chosen. Provided by each company, among these companies are Tawuniya, Bupa and Al Rajhi Takaful. After reading these details, you can choose the best pregnancy and childbirth insurance that is suitable for you and provides the needs of your family.

Tawuniya insurance coverage for pregnancy and childbirth

Tawuniya insurance for pregnancy and childbirth takes care of the work of regular rumors and 4D rumors, and the company also bears the sonar that is done during each examination, without paying money.

The company pays all hospital expenses and accommodation inside at the time of delivery, and it also covers the expenses of utilities if necessary.

Companies also contract with a large number of pharmacies, which should be close to the pregnancy house.

In the event that the pregnant woman is unable to go for the necessary pregnancy tests, the company will undertake the tests at home, as well as deliver the medication to the home.

The company also guarantees pregnancy by artificial insemination and postpartum expenses.

It is also agreed with the mother on the schedule of vaccinations for the mother and child after birth, according to what is provided by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

The best medical cadres, including doctors and nurses, are contracted to ensure the quality of examination and health care for the patient.

The company also bears the costs of medical errors that may occur from a member of the medical staff contracted by the company, as well as hospital fees and expenses.

The company is also interested in holding seminars affiliated with the Maternity and Child Center, with the aim of supporting the mother psychologically.

Cases not covered by cooperative insurance

The insurance does not bear cases of delayed childbearing.

It is also intolerant of infertility treatments for men and women.

The company also does not bear the expenses of microscopic pregnancies, but the pregnancy is followed up if it is limited through this method.

Benefits of pregnancy and childbirth insurance from Al Rajhi Takaful
The pregnancy and childbirth insurance policy provides many advantages, including:

The pregnancy and childbirth insurance policy, which is provided by various insurance companies in the Kingdom, covers all the expenses of immediate and regular radiology, as well as ultrasound when following up with the doctor without any financial compensation.
All hospitalization and accommodation expenses for the pregnant woman are covered by the companies, without any additional cost.

The companies bear all the expenses of treatment, and this is by contracting with a large number of pharmacies, and taking into account the selection of the pharmacy closest to the home of the pregnant woman.

The companies also undertake to carry out analyzes for the pregnant woman, and this is by contracting
with several laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health in all regions 
Insurance companies provide home testing services during pregnancy, and they also provide delivery of treatment, if the pregnant woman is not able to leave the house.
The companies also insure pregnancy follow-up expenses in case it was the result of fertilization and
artificial insemination and expenses after childbirth
The insurance covers the expenses of vaccinations during pregnancy for the pregnant woman, and then after the birth of her child, and this is through the Ministry of Health.
Insurance companies contract with the best medical staff, whether doctors, nurses or nurses, in order to

 ensure the provision of excellent medical services.
Insurance companies are obligated to pay the cost of treatment if any complications occur to the mother during childbirth, which are due to a medical error on the part of a member of the medical staff, in

addition to bearing the expenses of hospitalization or undergoing an operation.
Insurance companies provide psychological support services to the mother, by notifying the mother of 

the times of holding seminars that follow some mother and child care centers.
Cases not covered by Al Rajhi Insurance
There are a number of cases not covered by the document, including:

The insurance does not cover the treatment of infertility and delayed childbearing, and it also includes the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.
The insurance also does not include the expenses of stimulant drugs or treatment of infertility in women and men.
Insurance companies do not bear the IVF and IVF operations, but only the expenses of pregnancy follow-up during pregnancy.
The insurance policy must also remain valid until the date of birth, and if it expires, it must be renewed immediately.
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