Suitable insurance for the elderly

 Each period of life has its own needs and conditions. Accordingly, we can consider old age as a time in which people need more support, care and attention. Therefore, suitable insurances for the elderly are insurance policies that provide access to high-quality medical services as well as timely payment of retirement pension; That is, the insurance policies that we know as life and investment insurance and supplementary medical insurance. Of course, we should not forget that suitable insurance for the elderly is not limited to these two insurance policies. Everyone may need different insurance policies at any time of their life according to their needs and lifestyle.

But since the preference of people in their old age and retirement is to devote more time to home and family and to be able to take care of their health, maybe it is better to give more priority to buying life insurance and supplementary medical insurance . In the continuation of this article, you will get to know more about the benefits of medical insurance, life insurance and investment for the elderly and retirees. Stay with us. 

?What insurance policies are suitable for the elderly

During middle age and old age, more than ever, we should take care of our health. For this reason, we need regular medical checkups and the use of various medical services. For example, it may be necessary to take a blood test every six months, go to a specialist to check the results, and then prepare a prescription. On the other hand, the metabolism of the body undergoes changes and shows less resistance against pathogenic factors. We will be more vulnerable to accidents and sudden events such as being hit, falling, or even too much excitement. Therefore, whether it is to follow up on our health or for treatment, we will definitely need additional medical insurance. So, the most important and practical insurance for the elderly will be supplementary medical insurance.

Next to treatment and medical care, the second suitable insurance for the elderly will be life and investment insurance. Life insurance is one of the suitable insurance policies for the elderly because it leaves the policy holder free to choose and determine its details. For example, determining the amount of the insurance premium is the responsibility of the insured. On the other hand, he can choose the validity period of the insurance policy as he likes, from five years to thirty years. During the validity period of the insurance policy, he can also use additional life insurance coverages such as medical expenses and special diseases. The capital of the insurance policy will be awarded either to the individual or to the beneficiaries. I will also be able to redeem or receive a loan from life insurance. 

?What else is better than this

Apart from life insurance and supplementary medical insurance as suitable insurances for the elderly, we can buy other insurance policies according to the needs and situation of the policyholder; Such as buying fire insurance for residential houses, buying third party insurance and body insurance or buying travel insurance. For example, an elderly person who also owns a car or motorcycle, even if he does not drive himself, should still buy and renew third-party insurance on time. Or a person who plans to travel to foreign countries should not delay buying travel insurance. Therefore, along with important insurances such as medical insurance and life insurance; We can continue the list of suitable insurances for the elderly with more precision and obsession.

In the following, we will take a closer look at the details of life and investment insurance as well as supplementary medical insurance for the elderly.

Supplementary medical insurance for the elderly 

Probably the most important and most widely used insurance suitable for the elderly is the supplementary treatment insurance policy. Although this insurance policy is usually issued as a group and has an age requirement; But it can also be provided for the elderly by paying a higher premium. It is also possible to purchase individual supplementary medical insurance through the insurance website. The most important purpose of supplementary medical insurance is to compensate the part of medical expenses that are not paid by the basic insurer (such as social security). Therefore, by purchasing a supplementary treatment insurance policy, the insured's medical expenses will decrease and he will have access to higher quality services.

Provided that people have basic medical insurance policies (such as social security insurance or medical service insurance), even in their middle age and old age, they can buy additional medical insurance and reduce their medical expenses significantly. Reimbursement of treatment costs with the help of supplementary treatment insurance policy is usually done in one of the following ways:

Refer to one of the medical centers contracted by the company that issued the insurance policy for supplementary treatment, in which case you only have to pay a small amount for the deductible of medical services by presenting the letter of introduction.

Going to other medical centers, in which case you have to pay all the costs yourself and then receive the payment from the insurance company by presenting the medical and hospital documents as well as the bill for the medical services. 

Supplementary medical insurance coverage 

Undoubtedly, the best insurance policy for the elderly will be supplementary medical insurance. Because, despite the high possibility of the elderly suffering from various diseases, it supports them against the compensation of treatment and medical expenses. The main and most important coverages of this insurance policy, which the elderly can also benefit from, will be as follows:

Paying the costs of hospitalization, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cardiac angiography, etc.

Co-pay for patients under 7 years old and over 70 years old

Ambulance fees and receiving medical emergencies

Reimbursement of expenses caused by surgeries related to cancer, central nerves and spinal cord

Costs of childbirth, both natural and cesarean

Compensation for the costs of infertility treatment

Reimbursement of costs related to receiving paraclinical services

Reimbursement of expenses caused by outpatient surgeries

Reimbursement of expenses caused by the correction of refractive errors of the eye

Reimbursement of expenses caused by visits, medicine and emergency services

Reimbursement of expenses related to receiving dental services

Reimbursement of the costs related to receiving medical glasses, medical contact lenses and the costs related to purchasing hearing aids 

Life insurance for seniors 

If you are young or middle-aged, you can purchase life and retirement insurance, which is one of the types of life insurance and investment. In this way, you will be sure that you will have a secure income and pension during your retirement and time off from work. But if you haven't bought pension insurance before and you feel that the best time to buy this insurance policy has passed, you can buy life and investment insurance and adjust the details of the insurance policy according to your conditions and taste.

Retirement life insurance can be one of the suitable insurances for the elderly, during which people can plan to meet the financial needs of their retirement by paying reasonable premiums. On the other hand, during the validity of the pension insurance policy, it will be possible to use its supplementary coverage. One of the important coverages of life and investment insurance, as well as life and retirement insurance, is the coverage of special diseases, in which a certain compensation and cost will be paid for five different diseases. Specific diseases in life and investment insurance policies are as follows:

Types of cancers

heart attack


Open heart surgery (coronary arteries)

Transplantation of major body organs

After the end of the insurance policy validity period, the life reserve will be paid to the policyholder in a lump sum or in the form of an annuity, which can be used to cover living expenses and expenses such as housing, medical expenses, children's education expenses, etc.

As we said, old age is a part of life that we will all experience. It is better to plan for the special needs and conditions of this era before reaching this era. Buying suitable insurances for the elderly, such as life insurance and supplementary medical insurance, is one of the foresights through which we can provide better conditions and position for our retirement. Don't forget that you can apply for both life insurance and supplemental medical insurance through the insurance website. Insurance experts will also be with you on the way to choose the best life and medical insurance policies, so that purchasing an insurance policy will become a pleasant and hassle-free experience for you.


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