Social security medical insurance

The Social Security Insurance Organization is one of the government insurance organizations that has a large part of its responsibility to support employees and workers for work environments. People who are covered by social security insurance ; They can use the medical services that are intended for people.

Also, workers and employees will be subject to the use of health insurance and medical records. These people can cover themselves and their family members as well. In compulsory social security insurance, the premium paid is 30% of the individual's salary, of which only 7% is the worker's share.

Note: If you are one of the people who use the social security medical insurance booklet, you no longer need to go to insurance brokers to complete the issuance and renewal procedures. These conditions are available through the social security system and online.

Types of social security insurance

Social security insurance has the following types:

Compulsory insurance that companies and organizations insure their employees.

Self-employed insurance, which is optional insurance.

Self- employment insurance, which is mostly for those who have their own business.

Another thing is the employer 's insurance.

Insurance for housewives

Types of social security insurance

Supplementary medical insurance is one of the types of medical insurance.

Supplementary health insurance

Supplementary health insurance is one of the types of health insurance that is available to people along with basic health insurance. People who apply for supplementary insurance can reduce their treatment costs by purchasing this insurance policy.

Supplementary medical insurance has a payment ceiling, and according to the type of request of the insurer and the agreed coverage, the premium must be paid. This insurance policy, like other medical insurances, has different types that are chosen according to the insurer's request. Types of supplementary insurance include:

Group supplementary insurance

Individual therapy

Family insurance

Supplementary insurances can usually be purchased in different insurance companies, in various plans and coverages. Please note that some coverages are among the main items and others are among the secondary coverages, which can be purchased by paying more insurance premiums.

In general, insurance companies offer the same coverage, but their liability limits are different. Certainly, the higher the limit of obligations, the more the insurance can compensate the cost in the event of an accident or illness.

Supplementary insurance coverage

Supplementary insurance coverage is generally divided into the following categories:

a hospital

Specialized surgery

First group paraclinic

Paraclinic of the second group

Authorized outpatient surgery

laboratory and physiotherapy

Ambulance in the city

giving birth

Visit and medicine coverage

Dental coverage


Correction of refractive errors of the eye

hearing aids

Additional insurance supply companies

The following three companies offer individual supplemental insurance where policyholders can choose one of each company's plans based on their conditions:

Saman individual supplementary insurance

Individual insurance D

Cooperative individual supplementary insurance

Of course, other companies have additional group insurance. However, if you are looking for the right company with excellent coverage, read the article on the best supplementary insurance in different companies.

Other types of supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance is divided into other types, which are mostly for different businesses:

Supplementary insurance for educators , which is for teachers and all employees of the Department of Education.

Supplementary insurance for taxi drivers which is for taxi drivers who have a relevant license and smart card.

Documents required for supplementary insurance claims

There are two methods for compensating the costs of illness in supplementary insurance. Requesting an introduction letter or presenting documents to the insurer, these two items determine the treatment costs. These documents include:

The original or copy of the birth certificate of the treated patient

Copy of the first page of the insurance policy of the treated person

Doctor's certificate with seal and signature

The bill of expenses paid with the seal of the hospital or medical centers

Enter the official date and breakdown of the amount of expenses

Details of the hospital or medical centers with a valid signature

Life insurance

Life insurance is one of the types of personal insurance that is referred to as investment. In addition to paying guaranteed interest, this insurance policy also covers some diseases.

Covering certain diseases is one of the advantages of life insurance , which is used for the treatment of cancer, heart attack, stroke, vascular surgery and transplantation of major body organs. This coverage is applicable for people who get these diseases before the age of 60 and after the start of the insurance policy.

The possibility of specifying the payment method by the policyholder himself

The possibility of determining the insurance period by the policyholder himself

It is possible to get a life insurance loan without a guarantor

Receive guaranteed interest and participation interest

The possibility of receiving interest in a lump sum or in installments

Specific disease coverage (To read the comparison of specific disease coverage, click here. )

Covering natural death or accidental death except suicide ( death insurance is the same as life insurance)

Additional coverage for medical expenses

Disability coverage

Factors affecting the price of life insurance

The following factors affect the final determination of life insurance premium :

Payment Method

The rate of increase in insurance premiums each year

Insurance period

Insurance premium amount

Insured age

Types of life insurance

Life insurance is divided into the following categories:

Life insurance and investment

Term life insurance

Whole life insurance

Life insurance and debtor's balance

Future insurance for housewives

Life insurance and pension

Life insurance and providing for the future of children

Child life insurance

Life insurance for veterans

For more information, read the article on types of life insurance .

Types of life insurance

To get comprehensive information about the army's supplementary insurance and the coverage of this insurance policy, refer here .

In case of illness, it is enough to go to one of the military hospitals for the special organs or medical centers of the contract party to treat your illness at a low cost. Military insurance is a part of the armed forces insurance that people can add to their social security records by paying a fee after completing their service.

Health insurance

Medical service insurance or health insurance is established with the aim of providing medical services to all sections of the society. This insurance is one of the types of health insurance that government employees and optional insured can be covered by. According to the health service insurance contract with medical centers, people can go to one of these centers in case of illness and treat their illness without paying or paying minimum costs.

Another important point is the types of health insurance notebooks, each organization has its own notebook. Of course, the booklet has not been issued for several years and the copies will be issued electronically.

Institutional medical insurance

You may be wondering if certain organizations have their own medical insurance or not. It should be said that all public and private organizations and companies sign contracts with one of the insurance companies. Registration is done through the human resources unit by sending documents directly or registering in a special link.

Exceptions to all types of medical insurance

Every insurance policy will have exceptions according to the amount of risk it has for the insurer. The following are among the exceptions of medical insurance:

All actions that are accompanied by anesthesia.

Operations that require opening the abdomen.

Surgery on large and long bones is not covered.

Operations that are performed on muscles, vessels and nerves except in emergency situations.

All actions that are performed on the spine, brain, spinal cord and skull.

Male and female genital surgery, natural and unnatural births are also not covered.

Tissue biopsy of the esophagus, trachea, bronchi, intestines, bladder, liver and spleen

Cataract surgery, glaucoma, retinal tear, eye socket tumors and eye strabismus

Extensive middle and inner ear operations such as tympanoplasty

Osteosynthesis surgery in maxillary fracture (Open reduction)

Removal of cysts and deep maxillary bone tumors

Open surgery in the sigmoid arch

Surgery to cut and remove the salivary gland

Replacing the old temporomandibular joint dislocation

Get medical insurance from

You may also want to buy supplementary medical insurance , but you don't know the conditions, coverages and prices of different types of medical insurance . For this, it is better to refer to system, which is a platform for inquiry, comparison and purchase of various insurance policies, and enjoy your purchase by choosing the best medical insurance.

Currently, various types of individual supplementary insurance are offered by several companies, including Saman, Cooperative and Day, which can be purchased online through the system.

All you have to do is go to and select health insurance products in the menu section and enter your personal information. Also, conditions for buying various insurance products such as: fire insurance, car insurance, liability, travel and doctors' liability have been provided online.

If you have questions or doubts about the types of medical insurance that are not mentioned in this text, you can share them with insurance experts in the form of comments at the end of this article.

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