Rural insurance coverage

The obligations of this insurance policy include the following:

health Service
old age
health Service
After the implementation of the universal health insurance plan, the medical service sector of the rural insurance was handed over to the rural and nomadic health insurance. Dear villagers and nomads can use this coverage by paying 10% of the per capita medical insurance premium. The per capita medical insurance premium is determined by the Council of Ministers every year. Other health insurance cases, such as the deductible in outpatient and inpatient services, are subject to Iranian health insurance regulations .
To know the details of health insurance premiums, read the article on per capita treatment .
Disability pension
If the insured person becomes disabled due to accidents caused by work or illness, he can apply for this pension. He must refer to the medical commission; After being approved by the doctor, he will benefit from this pension. To receive this coverage, the following two conditions are considered:
The insured must have at least one year of premium payment history.
The insured has paid 90 days of premiums in the year leading to the injury.
Retirement pension
Retired in rural insurance refers to the following:
A 65-year-old person with a 15-year history of paying insurance premiums
A 70-year-old person with a history of paying insurance premiums for 10 years
If one of the above conditions is met, a person can apply for retirement and receive a pension.
One of the insurances that most villagers are covered by, both men and women, is carpet weaving insurance. For comprehensive information about carpet weaving insurance and its coverage, refer to this link .
Survivors' pension
All people who are dependent on the main insured can apply for pension in case of his death. There is no limit on the history of insurance premiums to receive survivor's pension.
Calculation of insurance premiums in rural insurance
In rural insurance, 15% of a person's income is considered as insurance premium. Of this 15%, 10% of the government's share and 5% of the insured's share have been determined. In case of cases such as:
Abnormal events in villages
Pests that destroy agricultural and horticultural products
In addition to its share, the government also has the obligation to pay 5% of the insured's share.
Calculation of pension amount in rural insurance
In rural insurance, the pension amount is determined according to the average premium paid in the last 5 years.
Differences between rural insurance and social security insurance
Rural insurance has the following differences with social security insurance :
The share of government aid in rural insurance is set at 66%. In social security insurance, it is considered equal to 3% and in some plans, such as self-employed insurance, it is considered zero.
Based on the income of people in rural insurance, 8 levels of premium payment have been defined. People who earn more pay more premiums and ultimately receive more pensions.
Although the coverage of medical services is included in the rural insurance; But in principle, an additional fee is charged for receiving these services. For this reason, in some sources, medical coverage is not included in the obligations of this insurance policy.
In general, rural insurance offers three coverages to its insured; While social security insurance has 18 coverages.
Rural insurance does not have unemployment insurance.
Rural insurance premium table in 1400
The rural insurance premium rate based on Rials in 1400 is according to the following table:
Table of income level basis for payment of rural insurance premium in 1400
code Income level 5% of the insured share for 1 month 5% of the insured share for 1 year
1 6,500,000 325,000 3,900,000
2 8,000,000 400,000 4,800,000
3 8,500,000 425,000 5,100,000
4 9,000,000 450,000 5,400,000
5 10,000,000 500,000 6,000,000
6 11,500,000 575,000 6,900,000
7 14,500,000 725,000 8,700,000
8 19,000,000 950,000 11,400,000
Nomadic insurance premium in 1401
The head of Iran's Nomadic Affairs Organization stated in March 1400 that in the next year's budget, 3 thousand billion Tomans have been earmarked for nomadic insurance and nomadic women will benefit from free insurance.
Changing rural insurance to social security insurance and vice versa
This possibility is available for dear villagers and nomads. For example, a person who has social security insurance can transfer his insurance records to rural insurance. In this case, the highest amount of his salary is the basis for calculating the insurance premium. In other words, the salary received at the time of payment of social security insurance is compared with his current salary. Finally, the basis for rural insurance premium payment is considered to be the person's highest salary.
Rural insurance
Dear nomads, having rural insurance, can benefit from the services of this insurance.
Registration of rural and nomadic insurance
At present, village cooperatives, nomads and villagers are responsible for registering this insurance policy. The documents required for registration are as follows:
Original and copy of birth certificate or national card of the applicant and his dependents
A 3x4 photograph of the applicant
Proof of residence
Job approval for drivers and porters
Proof of residence
The applicant for registration is required to use one of the following methods to get confirmation of his residence:
Presenting the letter of introduction received from village head and village council
Presenting the letter of introduction received from the village and tribal cooperative company
Delivery of the letter of introduction received from the transport and passenger drivers association
Presenting the letter of introduction received from Jihad Sazandegh
Presentation of the letter of introduction received from the trade union council
Delivery of livestock booklet and grazing permit system
Farmers Social Insurance Fund has considered system to provide online services . You can use its online services in addition to accessing up-to-date information and news in the field of agriculture and rural areas.
Online services of the system to rural insured persons
The services provided to the insured in this system include the following:
View pensioners' salary slips
View insurance records in rural insurance fund
Get premium payment ID and pay online
The importance of insurance in today's world is no secret. Rural insurance is a service of the social insurance fund of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security for dear villagers and nomads. In this article, we talked about the benefits, coverages and conditions for receiving it. If you have any doubts or questions about this, leave us a comment. experts will respond to you as soon a

?to whom is insurance awarded

Rural insurance is awarded to villagers, nomads and some workers in cities with less than 20,000 people based on three indicators of residence, occupation and age range.

?what coverage dose rural insurance have

This insurance is a long-term contract that covers such things as: disability pension, old age and death. The medical service coverage of this insurance policy is provided by the Health Insurance Organization. All regulations and medical coverage are subject to the same organization.


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