Health insurance in Turkey

 Turkey is a country that has had an upward growth trend in all fields in the last few years, for example, the improvement of economic conditions can be mentioned, and also this country has made remarkable progress in universities and educational level, and it is also possible to improve He also mentioned in the field of medicine and industries. Based on this, numerous developments in all fields have significant progress in terms of medical and health services compared to all neighboring and regional countries. This has motivated health insurance in Turkey for Iranians as well

This condition  of health insurance in Turkey has become the most important factor in reducing treatment costs and ease in the treatment process. According to the laws of Turkey, foreign nationals who wish to obtain residency in this country must have themselves and their families living in this country approved by one of the Insurance companies should  apply for health insurance in Turkey

If you intend to immigrate and stay in Turkey, stay with us. In the following article, we intend to explain how to get  health insurance in Turkey  for you dear ones.

Types  of health insurance in Turkey

According to the law of Turkey, the government of this country is obliged to insure all citizens of the country, and all citizens should be able to enjoy medical services for free or at minimal cost. Also, foreign nationals who intend to obtain permanent or temporary residence in Turkey must insure themselves in order to be issued a residence permit and use   health insurance services in Turkey  like ordinary citizens .

As a result, if you are in any way, including education, investment, company registration, work, marriage, etc. If you intend to stay in Turkey, you must have  health insurance in Turkey  to receive and extend your stay 

Foreign nationals can insure themselves and be covered by insurance in two ways, which we will explain below:

Government insurance provided by private companies: this section is for individuals and investors who are registered in Turkey and are either investors of a company or are employed in a company, in which case the employer can pay an annual insurance premium for The mentioned person should receive government insurance.

Private insurance by private companies: This is the most common and easiest method that foreigners, especially Iranians, use to get insurance. As a result, if you apply to stay in Turkey in any other way other than investing and working, you should apply for insurance in this way.

In this method, you have to go to one of the private companies in Turkey and according to the approved rate and type of selected insurance, after paying the cost, you will be the owner  of health insurance in Turkey 

Health insurance  benefits 

Getting  health insurance in Turkey, in  addition to guaranteeing you a stay in this country, has many medical benefits that we will explain below.

Health insurance in Turkey  covers the following services:

1- Outpatient treatments

2- Hospitalization costs

3- Services provided in the hospital such as operating room, anesthesia, laboratory, radiology, etc.

4- Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and dialysis

5- Organ transplant costs

6-Dental treatments and nose surgery caused by accident or accident

7- All microbiology and pathobiology tests

9- Radiology and imaging

10- MRI

11- The cost of hospitalization in special care units

12- Drug costs

13- Doctor's visit and all necessary tests to diagnose or prevent diseases

In the end, it is necessary to mention this point that you should be careful in choosing the type of insurance and the insured company so that you can benefit from the maximum services provided through insurances. 

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