Health insurance in Russia

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As you know, health insurance is one of the important and significant issues for people who intend to immigrate to other countries ( immigrate to Russia ). In this article, we briefly discuss insurance and medical services in Russia . We hope that you will get answers to your questions in this field by reading this article

Russia is the largest country in the world with a population of over 144 million people located in North Asia and Eastern Europe. Social insurance was established in 1912 for the use of health and medical services in this country and covered 20% of workers. The health care system is organized by the government sector (Ministry of Health). Since 1996, this association and union has made it possible for all Russian citizens to use medical services for free. In 2008, about 621,000 doctors and 1,000,000 nurses were employed by medical centers in this country. It should be noted that government medical services in this country are facing a crisis due to weak organizational structure, lack of government budget and old equipment. However, about 5% of Russian people are covered by private medical insurance.

Health insurance in Russia

The lack of human resources is also visible in the Russian healthcare system, so that there are about 44 doctors and 12 nurses per 10,000 people. One of the reasons for the lack of manpower is the very low salary of the workers. For this reason, many specialists in this country prefer to work in private centers. Medical services differ according to the person's place of residence. Better medical equipment and treatment services are provided in big cities compared to small towns and rural areas. Medical services in Moscow, the capital city of this country, are provided in a better condition compared to other cities. Medical

services in Russia are divided into two parts like in European countries

State and compulsory health insurance (OMI).

Private health insurance

State and compulsory health insurance (OMI).

Russia makes it possible for its citizens to use medical services for free. As it was said, health insurance is mandatory for all people of this country and every citizen of this country pays a monthly amount for medical services. When people work in Russia, employers register them in the OMI state health insurance and take about 2-3% of the employee's salary as a tax and deposit it into the insurance fund. do Also, many employers offer VHI coverage to their employees for using dental services and hospitalization. It should be noted that the unemployed, retirees, children and people who are unable to work due to illness can also use the basic services of this insurance.

Health insurance in Russia

Although the facilities in government hospitals are below the standard level and the waiting time is long, but the doctors and experts are working in this hospital. It should be noted that it is possible to choose a family doctor for people covered by public health insurance. It is only enough that the person must make sure that the doctor in question is a party to the insurance contract

Private health insurance

During the last few decades, health care insurance in the private sector has made significant progress in this country. People who have the ability to pay for private insurance can be covered by private insurance in addition to public insurance to enjoy more facilities. For example, people who are covered by private insurance can freely choose their hospital, doctor and specialists. Another advantage of private insurance is fast and convenient use of services and facilities without being in a long list of clients.

The following are covered by private insurance

Visits and medical services by specialist doctors

Medical services in private hospitals

Medical services during pregnancy and childbirth

Providing rehabilitation services

Acupuncture, homeopathy and...

Diagnosis and prescription of drugs

dentistry services

Ambulance transport

It should be noted that private treatment is also possible without using insurance services, but the person must pay all the costs himself. The use of private medical services without insurance is as follows:

The cost of consultation with a general practitioner and specialist is 25 to 50 dollars

Private treatment costs $150 to $700

General dental examination $50

The cost of hospitalization in a private hospital at night is 50 to 100 dollars

In some private insurance companies, prior permission is required. This means that before using the medical services, the person must be in contact with the insurance company and have permission to use the services

. The following companies provide private medical and medical services

Aetna International

Allianz Care

Cigna Global

The cost of private health insurance varies according to the services provided, region and validity (three months to one year). Usually, the cost of private medical services ranges from 6,000 to 20,000 rubles ($90 to $310) per year. Student

insurance in Russia

Health insurance in Russia

Participating in a health insurance is one of the tasks that applicants should consider when entering the country. On the one hand, medical and treatment costs are very high in this country, and on the other hand, it is not possible to stay without medical insurance. Therefore, students must be insured by one of the insurers for one year and receive their residence permit. Emergency services and first aid are free for students and people traveling to this country. Although only about 5% of Russian citizens are covered by private insurance, people from other countries, especially international students, are covered by private insurance in this country. European citizens who carry the EHIC card can access medical services in Russia with the coordination of their country.

As mentioned earlier, the best medical services are provided in Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are international hospitals in these two cities that provide good services and close to the standard level to patients. Also, the number of doctors who speak English is more in these hospitals.

A list of some hospitals and clinics that are used by patients:

European Medical Center

MEDSI American Medical Center


JSC Medicina

GMC Clinic

Medem Clinic

Euromed Clinic

Prenatal Medical Center

It is enough for the applicant to apply for insurance and go to the insurance centers and register. It is recommended that people who are not fluent in Russian language go to medical centers with a reliable person who is fluent in this language. Passport, residence permit and residential address are among the documents required for registration. Then the insurance card is issued to the person and about a month later it is sent to the address of his place of residence

Pharmacy and emergency services in Russia

A green cross sign can be seen next to the entrance door of pharmacies in Russia. Usually the working hours of pharmacies are from 8 am to 10 pm. It should be noted that some pharmacies in this country are open 24 hours a day to provide services to patients. Although it is usually possible to get medicine with a doctor's prescription, it is also possible to get medicine without a prescription, and guidance and counseling is given to patients by knowledgeable and qualified people in pharmacies, and this is possible. that these people provide their drug suggestions and prescriptions to clients

In case of accidents and the need for an ambulance, a person can call 103 by mobile phone and 03 and 112 by landline at any time of the day. It is recommended to bring the number of the insurance company and the nearest hospital to your place of residence. Emergency services are provided in the hospital emergency room. It should be noted that the emergency room is open 24/7. People can access these services if they need emergency services or a referral from their general practitioner. ,

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