All about types of insurance in the Czech Republic

Having the insurance of the Czech Republic is mandatory for all people who intend to stay in the Czech Republic for a long time, whether for work or study, etc. On the other hand, health is the most valuable asset of any person and it is necessary to choose a quality health insurance.

For this reason, we at Aspian Group have tried to provide you with complete information about the health insurance of the Czech Republic in this article so that you can choose a suitable insurance according to the conditions and the law of the residence of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic.

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An overview of the health care and insurance system of the Czech Republic

In general, the Czech Republic has a very high standard of medical care. As far as the health care plan of this country is known as one of the best in the European Union

All immigrants to this country, in order to obtain temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic, must have the health insurance of the Czech Republic. Getting insurance is generally available in two ways to foreigners and immigrants in this country, which are:

General Czech Republic Insurance

This type of insurance covers most medical expenses, even the most expensive ones such as dental expenses. Normally, Czech citizens, EU citizens, blue card holders and employees can be insured under the public health insurance system of this country.

The cost of buying this type of check insurance varies according to the person's position, job and income, however, it can be as follows:

Health insurance with the business branch Všeobecná zdravotni pojišťovna (VZP) is a private contract between the insured person (foreigner) and the insurance company. In accordance with the new amendment registered on August 2, 2021 in the laws of foreign nationals of the Czech Republic; All immigrants who have received a long-term residence check; or are applying for a long stay in the Czech Republic, they should purchase this type of Czech Republic insurance .

For example, among the people who should receive the commercial insurance check are

Foreign nationals who have a residence permit or a long-term Czech visa, for purposes such as studying in the Czech Republic, work, family reunification, etc.

Self-employed foreigners in the Czech Republic

Third country nationals who live in the Czech Republic for three months or more.

Types of Czech Republic commercial insurance for foreigners

Commercial insurance of the Czech Republic, which is specific to immigrants and foreign nationals of this country; It is available to immigrants in 3 different types. Foreign nationals and Czech immigrants should also choose one of them according to the purpose and duration of their stay in this country, which are:

Basic health insurance of the Czech Republic for foreigners

Basic Czech Republic insurance is for people who have received a short-term Czech Republic visa, Schengen visa (SCHENGEN visa or short-term visa) and intend to stay in the Czech Republic for a maximum of 90 days. For this reason, it is also called travel insurance, and those who come to the Czech Republic for vacations or tourist trips use it.

The cost of purchasing this type of health insurance in the Czech Republic, in the cheapest possible form, is at least 550 CZK per month. On the other hand, it covers the cost of necessary examinations for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease in all medical centers of the Czech Republic up to a maximum of 90 days. In addition, it includes paying for urgent treatments and hospitalization.

In case of severe need for treatment of oral and dental diseases, it also covers the dental costs of foreigners in the Czech Republic. In addition, in the event of accidents and unexpected events, to return the survivors; Also, the bodies of deceased people contribute to the country of origin.

Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners

Another type of business insurance that Czech expats can get is comprehensive health insurance. This type of Czech Republic insurance is suitable for people who plan to live in the Czech Republic for a period of more than 90 days. Therefore, all people who want to work, study in the Czech Republic; Also, family reasons and the companionship of your life partner etc. are in the check for a period of time of more than 90 days; They can be insured under this health insurance.

The cost of obtaining comprehensive insurance starts from 1,990 CZK per month, and expats can purchase it for a period of 4 to 60 months. In return, receive various medical services similar to the public insurance of the Czech Republic , which include:

Coverage of health care costs related to illness or injury (excluding injuries and illnesses that the insured person had before the insurance was issued)

Paying for the purchase of medicine and medical equipment

Covering the cost of preventive examination to determine the current state of health or special examination such as laboratory blood test, skin examination, prostate examination, etc.

Covering dental expenses

Covering costs related to the treatment of Covid-19

Paying expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, such as regular examinations during pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal examinations; Also postpartum care for the baby

Exclusive health insurance for foreigners

Exclusive Czech Republic insurance is awarded to foreigners who have been living in the Czech Republic for many years. Therefore, they expect to receive the highest possible standards of medical and auxiliary services of the Czech Republic.

Exclusive health insurance services are completely identical to Czech public health insurance services. Therefore, it covers the cost of all health care without any restrictions. In return for its services, it receives a premium of 1.8 million CZK or 3.0 million CZK per insured event 

The best insurance companies in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has approximately 21,176 insurance companies. The majority of insurance companies are also in the big cities of this country, i.e. Brno (with 3382 insurance companies), Ostrava city (with 2652 insurance companies); There are also Prague (with 2242 insurance companies).

The following companies can be mentioned among the best and top insurance companies of this country:

How to buy insurance in the Czech Republic

In general, buying health insurance is possible in two ways, which are:

Buy insurance online

As a rule, all insurance companies offer their customers the possibility of online purchase of health insurance in the Czech Republic. This topic can be very useful for you. Especially when you want to buy your insurance before entering the Czech Republic.

Of course, it should be kept in mind that buying insurance online can be more expensive than getting it in person.

Buying Czech Republic insurance in person

Most people prefer to buy health insurance in person. Because in this way they can ask questions about insurance coverage. In addition, they can explain everything in detail and have someone to contact if any questions or problems arise. 


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