A complete guide to choosing the best insurance for the elderly

 If you are one of the elderly people who have a lot of medical expenses, this is a place to warm your heart. We want to talk about insurance for the elderly.

In developed countries, retirement is interpreted as a period of leisure. Maybe this word is not very correct in Iran, but by knowing the types of insurance for the elderly, you can get a little closer to the time of fun in your retirement. If you are one of the seniors who want to reduce your medical and health expenses at an advanced age when you don't have the physical ability to earn enough money, this article is for you. If you are one of the people who have planned for your old age from a young age, this article has been prepared for you. Because we intend to introduce the best type of insurance for the elderly.

Considering that the elderly population and related medical and treatment costs are increasing, it is better to know that elderly people are economically dependent on people who are employed and can earn. Using an insurance for the elderly can be one of the most strategic solutions related to the problem of economic dependence of the elderly, which will help them to a great extent with their high medical expenses.

In this article, we are trying to introduce you to insurances that can be very useful in your old age to help reduce your expenses in your old age. Elderly insurance is one of the most important issues that must be addressed. Follow us with the introduction of the best insurance for the elderly.

From garlic to onions, supplementary insurance for the elderly

If you are one of the elderly people who visit the doctor's office a lot, or if you have taken a loved one to the doctor frequently, you know that insurances such as health insurance and social security insurance, which are basic insurances, are responsible for high medical expenses. And people's health is not enough and they don't perform very well. But today it can be proven that the only insurance that can help the elderly to a large extent and provide better services than other insurances is the supplementary insurance for the elderly. This insurance is provided by different insurance companies. In the following, we will answer many questions in this field to clear up the related ambiguities.

The first question we need to answer about supplementary insurance is, how can you get covered by supplementary insurance? I always had this question and I thought that only people who are members of an organization or trade union can be insured. But this is a misconception. Currently, supplementary insurance is issued as an individual, family and group.

This means that if you are a member of a group, guild, company or organization, you can apply for supplementary insurance through it. Otherwise, if you want to get insurance for your family or yourself alone, you can apply for supplementary insurance. In the past, issuing supplementary insurance was much more difficult. You must have gone to one of the insurance offices in person, but now by going to its website, you can do your registration with little money and less time. Make no mistake, supplementary insurance is not only for the elderly. People of any age can get supplementary insurance. But since the subject of our conversation here is the dear elderly, we will address them more.

The next question is whether the supplementary insurance has special conditions in terms of age? Yes. If you apply for group insurance of more than 1000 people, age limit is not considered for you. But if you have a group of less than 1000 people, you have to pay more insurance premiums for insurance applicants over 60 years old. In the case of insurance for the elderly, individual supplemental type for people over 60 years old, usually the relevant insurance company provides the possibility of issuing supplemental insurance with the approval of a trusted doctor and paying a higher premium. But usually, insurance companies do not provide the possibility of individual supplementary insurance for people over 70 years old.

You probably have a question about what the medical records are like before buying supplementary insurance for the elderly. If all the people who use supplementary insurance coverage want to use all their insurance coverage up to the highest limit, here the insurance companies will suffer losses and possibly go bankrupt in the end. For this reason, insurance companies also seek to control their risk by creating restrictions on issuing insurance.

For this reason, insurance companies do not insure people who have certain diseases such as cancer, MS, heart diseases, etc., because these diseases will cost a lot of money for insurance companies. In fact, people who have an important and special disease before buying supplementary insurance and want to buy insurance with the aim of treating the same disease and receiving its costs, usually supplementary insurance is not issued for them.

Of course, these restrictions are mostly applied in individual supplementary insurances. Because before issuing this insurance, people fill out a health questionnaire form in which they must indicate all their medical records carefully and honestly. If people, despite being aware of their illness, do not inform the insurance company, they will face a problem when receiving the cost of their treatment or damage. Because the insurance company, through the individual's medical records, will find out that the onset of the disease dates back to before purchasing the supplementary insurance, and in this case, it will not pay the insured person. Even in such a situation, the insurance company can cancel the insurance policy of that person without returning the insurance premium for the elderly. Of course, in group supplementary insurances, especially for groups with a high number, there are usually no such strictures for the medical records of the insured.

Regarding the insurance records, I must also say that the supplementary insurance is not considered as an insurance record and is only for compensation of damages or treatment costs, but to get information about the insurance policy or to follow up on receiving claims, you must refer to the website of your insurance company. Usually, on the website of most insurance companies, there is a section entitled "Inquiry of medical insurance" where you can get the information you need by entering the national code or the code of your insurance policy.

When I was planning to have my grandfather's eye surgery, his kind doctor ordered me to use supplementary insurance and the insurance company paid half of my grandfather's surgery. You have probably come to the conclusion by now that the best and most complete insurance coverage for treatment is the supplementary insurance that you can purchase from several companies in Iran.

Supplementary insurance for the elderly

؟Is life insurance the best insurance for the elderly

Today, seniors need life insurance more than ever. You must be asking how? Many people believe that when they reach old age, the need for life insurance becomes much less. But the reality is something else. The truth is that if the elderly do not need life insurance more than other people, they do not need it any less.

The average lifespan of people is between 70 and 80 years, and women usually live 5 years longer than men. At the same rate, many people work until old age, but there are some who do not have the necessary physical ability to work and continue their job. For many people whose financial savings are not enough for their old age and people who do not have the physical ability to work in their old age, life insurance is considered a suitable solution. So, if you plan to invest from a younger age in your old age, life insurance is the best insurance for seniors.

Since you are allowed to have life insurance until the age of 70, you can choose the contract for the maximum period, and on the other hand, because in life insurance it is possible to request a pension at any time, as long as you can pay the premium and whenever you can't Apply for a pension. In these cases, you are covered in the old age insurance both during the contract and you have your desired retirement. As the saying goes, the future is known by the posterity, it is better to start as soon as possible. Also, my suggestion to you is to make a deposit at the very beginning of your insurance policy so that you can enjoy a better retirement later due to the short time.

last word

As you know, the world population is aging. Today, even advanced countries are having severe problems in facing the medical expenses and normal life of these people. Our dear country Iran is not exempt from these problems. But since we are among the developing countries, measures have been taken for people in the old age. Supplementary insurances have advanced more than before and cover many people. Life insurance is also one of the best ways to invest for people. Now you can purchase it for yourself through the information we provided about the best insurance for the elderly.

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