How to get rich: 5 secrets to becoming 100% rich

 How do I get rich? How to become rich from scratch? How do I become rich? Questions that concern everyone without exception, but only a few begin to search for deep and practical answers to truly pave the way to wealth and wealth.

When it comes to money, the general public's thinking is traditional. Another group of people believes that you will not become rich unless you take the illegal ways. On the other hand, less than 1% of people firmly believe that you can get rich from scratch.

Your failure to turn your desire to become rich into a reality is because you don't really realize that money and getting rich is a game in a fast and ever-evolving age. As with any game, there are always rules to play and win. And winning the money game is not an easy task, but it requires a real and deep understanding of the rules and secrets of money.

How do I become rich? You dream of becoming rich but don't know how to turn your dream into reality. Here are 5 axes in which you will learn how to become rich and understand the game of wealth and put you on the path of wealth

How to get rich and build your own fortune

Do you have a pessimistic view of money

You should know for sure that your view of things, in general, necessarily affects the way you deal with them and your behavior towards them. So you should also be careful when it comes to your view of money so that it does not become a reason that prevents you from achieving wealth.

Before you ask yourself: How do I become rich? You have to ask yourself in all honesty: why would you think that you will not become rich?

Be honest with yourself while answering, and look for negative thoughts and situations that do not support your goal of achieving wealth and may prevent you from it, and then get rid of them. When you begin to believe that there is an abundance of money, resources, and opportunities, and when you will trust that you can qualify yourself to earn money, only then will you truly qualify to go down the path of achieving wealth and get your fair share of money.

Be sure to get rid of the thoughts that hinder you (how to become rich when I am poor, I cannot become rich, money is difficult, wealth is for the corrupt, and other negative thoughts that prevent you from moving forward). Make sure that the world lives in an abundance of money and sustenance that suffices all human beings at all times, provided that the conditions for its attainment are met and the reasons for it are taken. There is no shortage of money because every person can get his share if he works for it and takes his reasons. The universe has more graces, gifts, and scents than we could possibly desire.

 Look at money and wealth as a result.

Achieving wealth and great financial achievements is originally the result of a group of actions and efforts, and they represent the causes. It is very strange to find that the majority of people work most of the time in vain to change the reality / outcome without first paying attention to the causes and working to change them. And the wisdom says: It is crazy to keep doing the same thing and expect different results every time! The question “how to become rich” should become as follows: What do I do to become wealthy!

Wealthy successful people see money as the result of good ideas and fruitful business, so they are willing to create and provide great value to others, and in return reap their wealth. So research and focus on what you basically have to offer in order to get paid  as a result.

 How do you become rich? Enhance a sense of entitlement

Your sense of entitlement in all aspects of life is strong during childhood, but what happens is that as you progress in life, you begin to program on the information that your surroundings provide you with, and since people around us often focus their thinking on ideas of deficiency and poverty, you These thoughts are also saturated with as a result. So, how will you get rich if you are like them?

Do you think all the time that you were born to be a poor failure? If the answer is yes, then do not blame your mind for believing you and achieving what you were programmed to do since childhood.

Before you even think about answering the question of how to become rich, you must first believe that you deserve to be rich. Develop your sense of entitlement gradually so that you are ready to embark on the journey of becoming rich. If you believe in your ability to reach financial freedom with a belief that accompanies thinking and effort at work, of course, then you will have come halfway towards your goal and know how to become rich. This belief in yourself and your entitlement will push you - sometimes unconsciously - to engage in activities and behaviors to prove the truth of the thoughts that control you and form your consciousness and even your subconscious.

Plan to invest now

How to get rich quickly? Investing is one of the fastest ways to build wealth over time. All you need is to know the basics of investing, to be able to create an investment plan that will help you grow your money as much as you want.

At this point, all you need to do is start understanding the simple basics of investing and decide how you want to start your investing journey. Here are some simple steps that can help you do that:

Understand the basics of investing: There are many financial products and assets you can invest in. Make sure that you are aware of how the markets that you can benefit from, such as the stock market, the digital currency market, and some of their products, such as stocks, bonds, and investment funds, work. Then outline the strategies you will follow to achieve your financial goals from investing. [1] To learn more about investing in stocks: How do I enter the stock market?

Decide how much money you want to start with: If your salary does not allow you to start investing a lot of money, you can start saving first. You can save some small money each month until you have an amount that you can invest. You can even start investing with an amount of no more than 500 riyals, but provided that you invest this amount every month continuously and periodically in order to be sure of building a portfolio of value and weight and increase your chances of achieving returns and profits.

Be sure to diversify your investments: any profitable project or business aims to grow and make a profit, but success does not always come the way we want. So, beware that your desire to get  rich quick pushes you to put everything you own into one project because getting up after failure in this case is difficult, and you may get frustrated and may also give up. The easiest thing to do with money is to spend it, as the Japanese proverb says: “Raising money and earning it is like digging with a nail, and spending it is like pouring water in the sand.” It is wise not to put all of your capital into just one project. Also, you should not get involved in work that you do not understand or believe in. Investigate well before investing your money in anything, and invest with experienced people who are certified by the reality of that.

✅ Here are the types of investment: 11 ways to invest money

Build passive income

Building passive income, along with your basic income, is one of the most effective ways that will enable you to achieve your financial freedom and increase the value of your investments, thus growing your money exponentially.

Passive income is a type of income that does not require constant effort and time to be earned. In other words, this type of income, once you put the effort and time in the first place to build it, continues to provide you with financial gains on a regular basis that does not require you to do anything. There are a number of ways you can build this type of income such as creating a blog or educational YouTube channel, starting a small business, or selling digital products.

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