What is cpa? How to earn from cpa in 4 steps for beginners

 Since you landed here no doubt you are one of those who want to understand what is cpa? It seems that the first point at which we meet - you and I - is that cpa is one of the ways to profit through the Internet, specifically through marketing, and to understand what this type of marketing is, read the following lines carefully

?What is cpa

If you are wondering what is a CPA? I will tell you that it is a type of affiliate marketing that companies  of all kinds - depend on to reach a wider audience.

 In the beginning, it will help you to know that these three letters are an abbreviation of the phrase (Cost Per Action), meaning that you will get an agreed financial return once you achieve the purpose of your marketing. 

For example, you have a blog to publish travel experiences, through which you invite the public to download an application to find restaurants nearby while traveling and see reviews, in which case you can get a personalized profit for each download.

This advertising model in cpa marketing consists of:

The business owner is the advertiser who owns the main income.

The intermediary or CPA networks , which are the bridge of communication between the advertiser and the publisher, where the price of the advertisement is determined with the advertiser, and on the other hand, the value of the commission is determined with the publisher, and in return, the offers, the control panel and the necessary tools are provided to him.

The publisher or marketer and his task is to influence the audience and push them to do what is required of him.

Although cpa marketing falls under the field of commission marketing, it is not limited to a specific percentage and does not depend on the completion of the sale only, but varies in 3 forms, namely:

Types of Cpa

Commission for the sale

In this case, the payment depends on the visitor entering your referral link and making the purchase. It is worth noting that the commission here is a specific amount from the beginning and not a percentage that depends on the order invoice.

Commission for a specific action

The marketer gets his commission for the visitor performing the agreed action, for example watching a video, filling out a survey, downloading a game or signing up for a free trial.

recurring commission

For some marketers who can attract new customers to subscribe to the advertiser's offer they will be entitled to receive a regular commission from the subscription fee on a monthly basis.

Easily ways to earn money online .

?How does CPA Marketing work

To understand the basics of CPA , you have to realize that the Internet can provide any business with access to an unlimited number of potential customers, but the opportunity to convert these into real customers is not always easy, so it is the turn of marketers and publishers to convince the target audience.

Its modus operandi can be summarized as follows:

A marketer displays an ad for the business owner on their platform.

The customer enters the link or advertisement.

The customer is automatically transferred to the advertiser's website via the link.

Then he makes the purchase or completes the required action.

The network records the details of the transaction made by the visitor.

The advertiser, through his site, confirms the success of the purchase or the implementation of the action.

After that, the process is approved in the marketer's balance.

The marketer gets the commission that was pre-determined in the offer.

Explain the basic steps for profit from cpa 

Now that you know what is cpa? How does it work? You can start marketing. To do this, you must first determine the niche that appeals to the audience on your website or electronic platform, and then do the following: 

Find the best CPA deals

It is good that as a marketer, you can browse many of them and choose various offers suitable for your followers, and to do this follow the following:

Use sites like oDigger or OfferVault.com .

Type a keyword in the search like “travel” or you can search according to price or category.

When the results appear, click on the offer you like to see its details.

After settling on the appropriate offer, click on “Full Landing Page Preview” to access the page that visitors will go to after clicking on the referral link. 

Join the best CPA sites

There are some sites that have gained a lot of popularity, including: MaxBounty, Admitad, Peerfly or CPALead, and since you got a good offer, this is the right moment to join the network through the following:

Click on join network on the presentation page.

On the next page you need to add the phone number so that the company can contact you.

Some networks need more information about your online shopping experience, and if you are a beginner it won't hurt to mention it.

Create appropriate content to promote offers 

 After obtaining the offer and joining the network, you must now integrate the links you obtained into the audience-oriented content, by:

Blogging about the product or service on your blog or website is in the form of a review and referral links to the original site are embedded within the article parts.

Create a video on YouTube or Instagram that talks about an explanation or solution to a problem, and the visitor is directed to the attached link to complete the explanation.

Using effective accounts on social media to promote advertisements in an attractive and interesting way.

If you own a site, make some adjustments to incorporate branding links into your site design.

 It can also help you to add banners or advertising space to promote the products you are advertising.

 Attracting the audience to the content

The most important step here is to adopt effective strategies in attracting the audience to your content and thus persuading them to enter the links. The most important of these strategies are:

Search engine optimization (SEO) by using targeted keywords.

PPV ads like Google Adwords and Facebook that help you receive visitors in less than an hour.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, but you must have a good number of followers.

Top tips for making a profit from CPA

Through experiences with cpa marketing, we offer you some guidelines to start working properly, the most important of which are:

When going into work, the company or broker will provide you with an affiliate manager or AM, a person who provides you with support and advice to make a profit, so do not hesitate to refer to him and ask for guidance.

Make sure to compare offers between different networks as some networks offer the same offer at a higher commission rate.

Beware of dealing with suspicious networks, so before you sign up for any network check reviews, for example Odigger offers a network reviews tab at the top of the home page where you can search for network reviews.

If you are a beginner then the best companies for you are: CPABuild or CPALead

And so, now that you know the answer to your question, what is cpa? And you have seen the most important steps to making a profit, you can judge for yourself how much potential you have and the audience you can turn to to be able to determine if this style of marketing suits you.


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