Online jobs make you rich

Many of us are looking for a job that improves their income and works outside the home for a long time without getting a good salary, so we have provided you in this article the most real jobs on the Internet from which you can earn money and be able to work in many places

 Become an online English teacher

Many people want to learn English these days. Now the demand for learning this language has increased more than before. If you have studied in this field, you can become an online language teacher. To get started, use apps like WhatsApp, IMO, or Skype to make a video connection with your students. You can even post online classes for them on Instagram. 90 minutes of daily teaching can bring you a high income. Because all classes are held online, you can have students from different parts of the country. There are no geographic restrictions in online English classes. Go to Instagram and see the pages that are related to teaching English. Currently, there are many teachers who teach English remotely. If you are also proficient in this work, join them. Reduce the membership fee to have more students. To operate in this business method, you must have sufficient expertise in English and even a language certificate. Azad Safir and Startup Institute of Higher Education24talk is one of the best online English education startups, each of them in their own way to teach and conduct English language courses for Internet users.

 Earn money from your skills

One of the ways to earn money from the Internet is to do something you are good at. People need many services and products. For example, many people need training on how to properly install Windows, software, installing parts on a car, and some even need cooking or handicraft training. You can start an internet business based on your skillsLaunch the On the other hand, some people need products that are not available in their geographical area. For example, many are very interested in olives or pure saffron, but these products are cultivated in certain parts of the country. Therefore, you can easily provide rare products to others by setting up a website or an Instagram account. If you live in the central parts of the country, sell products related to the north of the country. To earn money this way, you will need a website and a channel on social networks such as Instagram and Telegram. Mizfa website is one of the strongest startups in this field in Iran. By using the services of this site, it is possible for users to learn SEO and digital marketing.

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Give advice to other businesses

If you have skills or expertise in a particular business, you can work as a consultant. For example, a psychology graduate can be a good consultant for websites that operate in this field. Another example is about those who have a lot of information in the field of communication science and technology. These people can give advice to the users of a website. By doing this, you will not only have a job that suits your field, but you will also make more progress in this field. In general, you can be a good consultant in all jobs. Among other things, you can go to the stock market, investment and... pointed out that many people are looking for it these days. Legal advice for family problems and judicial matters, advice on managing social networks, etc. are all included in this category. In recent years, consultants have increased in various fields of law, psychology, investment, medicine, real estate, etc. It is interesting to know that many of them work as freelancers . In this way of making money, it is absolutely necessary to have sufficient skills in the field in which you intend to provide advice. The famous startup Elobusiness is one of the most famous examples in this field, which you can enter and receive consulting services in business.


Making a podcast is another way to earn money from the Internet, which has gained many fans among Internet users these days. Now many users do not have the opportunity to watch videos or read textual content. They would rather listen to a podcast instead. A podcast can include an e-book, a psychological article, a story to read, an informative article or a relaxing speech. The most important thing in making podcasts is to have a pleasant and expressive voice. The word successType in Google and check the results page. All websites in front of you are working towards success. In these websites, part of the content is dedicated to motivational podcasts, and a person in a calm and pleasant voice narrates a motivational text with a beautiful song in the background. So if you have a good voice, don't miss the opportunity and think about making a podcast. For this you need an audio recording software. You can convert the book into an audio file by obtaining permission from the author of a book or its publisher. These types of podcasts are relaxing and many people like them. To introduce your podcasts on the Internet, you must have a store website. 10 AM podcast startup is one of the successful startups in this way of making money from the Internet, which has been able to present its products to users and has been successful in this way.

 Selling books

Even if you are not interested in any of the above, you can sell books online. For this, it is enough to have a website or a page on one of the social networks and introduce popular books that have the highest sales to your audience. To make the introduction more interesting, briefly explain a part of the book. In addition, you can publish some books on social networks or your website as a PDF file. Another way is to buy books from major book websites and sell them to your site users and social media followers. Paper books are expensive now. So you can sell your e-books at a lower price. Considering that you will have many internet competitors in this field, getting to know SEO and ways to increase site traffic can be a great tool for you.


Another way to earn money from the Internet is to translate videos and useful content. This job has a high income. If you have a high skill in English, you can translate foreign short films into Persian. Of course, let's add that you don't need voiceover. You can convey the concept to users only by translating and subtitling them. You can be more specialized and translate foreign films only in a specific field. Many people are very interested in Hollywood movies. Open a good place for yourself in this field by translating the latest foreign films. In order to earn money through translation, your English language level must be high. After that, you can start your business just by having a mobile phone and using mobile software. Targemik startup is one of the successful examples in the field of translation in Iran, which has been able to provide excellent services to users by having expert and professional forces. Using the services of this startup is satisfactory for most of the users and has established a suitable quality for them.

 Story writing

If you have an eloquent pen, turn to story writing. To do this, set up a page on one of the social networks and then publish a story piece by piece to your followers. In internet story writing, it is better to avoid publishing long stories. It is recommended to write each part on one sheet and then publish. With this, users will be more eager to read more and come back to your page again. Through a story writing page, you can find a large audience and earn good money with advertising . What you need to start this business on the Internet is web site design and SEO. Kafe Dastan internet site is one of the examples of story writing sites in Iran. You can also be successful in this field by following the path of this startup.

 Website design

Another way to earn money online is website design and programming. If you are not good at coding, you can design a simple website through WordPress. Design a website for yourself after participating in the web design training course. Of course, you need some money to buy a site, hosting and domain. Finally, start advertising through your website. You can find many customers by working on your website and earn good money by designing websites for them. These days, website design has a high income. Of course, provided that you follow it seriously. Today, website designers even advertise in software such as " Devar "They also earn money, but in any case, having expertise in the field of website design and several work samples can help you achieve high income. By searching the internet, you will find a large number of successful businesses in this field. Web Rams, Web Cima, and Three Soot Web are examples of website design startups on the Internet that you can emulate.

Graphics and Photoshop

Another way to make money on the Internet is graphics and Photoshop. You can design banners and images for large websites. Most website design companies need a graphic designer. Because designing a website template is a professional work that should be done by a graphic designer. Photoshopping images of social network users is another way to earn money from the Internet. Many social media users attach great importance to their profile or page photos. You can make good money by photoshopping their images. To do this, set up a page on one of the social networks (for example, Instagram) . Then write on your page that you are a photoshop artist and you will receive a certain amount in return. You can also edit the video of special celebrations (weddings, birthdays, etc.)Start an internet business for yourself. Of course, to succeed in this job, you must have a lot of credit so that others trust you and entrust you with their personal videos and photos. Earning money in this way requires mastery of graphic software such as Photoshop, Corel, or After Effects, each of which are specialized software in this field. Therefore, before entering this field, you should reach an acceptable level of your individual ability in these softwares. Startup Photoshop Kar is one of the examples of startups active in the field of graphics and design work that provides various services in this field. You will also need expertise in related software to become such a startup. 


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