Monetize Facebook videos in 4 steps

 Profiting from Facebook videos has now become a hope within reach for Facebook pioneers, especially those whose video views have exceeded thousands. Your feet are on the right track check the following lines in this article

Terms of profit from Facebook videos

Some people ask, is it possible to make a profit from Facebook pages? The answer is yes, of course, as long as you can create videos or posts that are well received by your followers or even design images and memes, you are qualified to be one of those creators who get dollars from Facebook.

It is worth noting that the Facebook application has recently tended to shed light on the visual content of videos to be the main content instead of written publications, and in order for your content to be eligible for profit, you must make sure that the following conditions are met:

You must be at least 18 years old.

The page you are posting to is a public page and not your profile page.

The number of fans on the page should be 10,000 followers or more.

Ensure that your Page has exceeded 15,000 shares, and at least 30,000 minutes watched for videos longer than 3 minutes, in the last 60 days only.

Provide content that complies with community standards, respects copyright, and does not contain violent material and the like.

You must reside in one of the countries that can participate in this program and must use a language available in it.

?How much does Facebook pay for 1000 video views

If you want to know how to earn from Facebook 100 dollars a day? You have to do a simple calculation of the number of views your videos get, for example if you have 4000 ad impressions and your CPM is $2 then your earnings will be $8.

In any case, the cost varies depending on where you are, it rises in the United States of America while it decreases in Southeast Asia, and in general Facebook pays for every 1,000 views an amount ranging from 25 cents to 3 dollars.

If you meet the necessary conditions and have already started making profit, you can withdraw profits through:

Paypal account

Bank account

Ways to monetize Facebook videos 

We come to the most important step here, you now have a large page and an audience waiting for your videos, so it is okay to earn some dollars from it, and it is worth noting that there are 3 important ways and not one way to take advantage of these capabilities: 

Brand Collabs Manager

The most important international brands in all fields are now seeking you to promote their products through your page, especially if you are one of the influencers in your field of specialization, because this means that the offers will come to you. 

Simply, you can contact one of these companies and then showcase the capabilities of your page, and then you have to create content that is suitable for your audience and at the same time directs your followers to buy the product or service you are advertising.

Activate the paid fan subscription option

If you are one of those people who prefer to work as freelancers and do not prefer to promote other people’s products, you can still profit from Facebook videos by activating the fan subscription option, so that you can provide hidden content that only subscribers can see, but do not forget that what drives the audience to Subscribing and paying is to provide unmissable content.

On the other hand, do not forget that you are still required to provide content to regular viewers in order to ensure continued interaction on the page, it may take some thinking for you to reach the additional content that your followers can flock to and offer money for.

 If you consider this option suitable for you, make sure that the following conditions are met:

Your page has more than 10,000 likes.

Get 180 thousand minutes watched.

Having more than 50 thousand posts published.

Minutes viewed and posts must be within the last 60 days only.

Use of in-stream ads (ad breaks)

In the beginning, the word broadcast here does not mean the live broadcast, but rather the inclusion of ad breaks during the video presentation. In fact, ads are not added to the live broadcast from the ground up, but they can be added later when saving the broadcast.

The thing to keep in mind when using ad breaks is to provide long content that will attract followers to keep watching despite the presence of ads.

Steps to monetizing Facebook ad breaks

Some people may not want to promote products themselves, and at the same time they cannot pay their followers to subscribe to them, and therefore ad breaks are one of the easiest ways to profit from Facebook videos, and to do this you should follow the following steps:

Get Facebook's approval for ad breaks

After making sure that the necessary conditions are met to profit from Facebook videos, do the following:

Login to the Facebook Creator Studio page

Click monetization and make sure you read and accept the terms.

Select the method of receiving earnings that suits you.

Usually, the approval of the application does not take much time.

Control where ad breaks appear on your video

It's good that you have the freedom to choose where the ad breaks are and you can leave it up to Facebook to do it automatically:

This happens through the monetization tab 

Facebook can be allowed to choose the placement of the ad when normally paused for a second or two.

You can also do this manually by ticking Facebook to set the interval at 10 seconds.

Create videos optimized to engage audience

Before agreeing to activate the profit from Facebook videos, the clip will be subject to review, and this depends on measuring the speed of performance in the first ten minutes of uploading the video, meaning that the video that gets 25 views, for example, within 10 minutes is better than the video that got it in half hour.

In order to avoid refusing to add ad breaks to your video, you should consider the following:

Think of ways to influence your followers by stirring up emotions or solving problems related to your niche.

Grab the viewer's attention during the first few minutes of the video by improving the subject matter and style.

Choose an attractive thumbnail and reduce the use of text.

Use videos with motion or even screen sharing and don't rely on still images.

Don't share other people's videos and try to create original videos, it only takes a smartphone, a simple stand and video editing software.

Facebook ad break revenue review

We come to the last step, which is to review the profits. To access it, do the following:

Go to Facebook Creator Studio and then click on the Insights tab

Through this page you can see the highest paid videos.

You can also see details of 1 minute views and estimated earnings per video.

Information about ad impressions and CPM is also available if you click on the dollar sign $ next to each video.

In the end, when you go through the experience of profiting from Facebook videos, you have to realize that good content is worth nothing if it does not find the audience that appreciates it and interacts with it.


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