How to profit from selling courses with detailed practical steps


You do not need to be an expert in order to make a passive income from selling courses, in fact anyone can start profiting from selling courses with some effort and time.

Although this method of profit from the Internet is very old, there are many around the world who continue to profit from it until now.

Some of them earn hundreds of dollars, some of them thousands, and some of them make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and you can also be one of them.

Read this article now and you will learn about the steps to profit from selling courses, from arriving at the idea of ​​the course to implementing it. What are you waiting for? Get a pen and paper and start reading.

?What do I mean by profit from the sale of courses

?What do we mean by profit from selling courses

Profit from selling courses is the process of creating integrated educational courses in a field, and then selling them in one way or another to those interested in them.

But it is not that simple, these courses must be in demand in the market and have an interested audience, and they must address the pain point of a buyer.

These courses should solve a problem for the buyer or help him to learn about a field, and to gain some knowledge and experience in it.

In this way, selling the courses is a profitable process for both parties: you are the provider of the course, who makes a financial gain through it, and the buyer of the course who benefits from its scientific material.

If you have knowledge, experience or passion in a field and you have an audience that follows you and knows you or at least you have the ability to convince your target audience to buy your courses, then you will be able to profit from selling your course an endless number of times.

All you have to do is provide valuable content that people find will change their career or add real value to them.

?Why should you start earning from selling courses

Creating a course and publishing it online has great returns and is growing over time, it is not just about the financial aspect although it is reason enough to create a course.

Rather, it reaches many other benefits, as e-learning has become a large market, whose value will reach 325 billion dollars in the year 2025, according to statistics.

What is distinctive about it is that it has become one of the students’ favorite ways of learning, as everyone now prefers to learn online, including me, as I much prefer to attend courses online using only my device without having to go out of the house.

In general, the most important reasons why profit from selling courses is an irreplaceable opportunity for anyone:

1. Courses enable you to achieve passive income : These are the most important advantages of profit from selling courses, because you spend the effort and time only once to create a commodity of value and benefit and you always earn from it, so strive to make a useful and professional educational course that brings you profit constantly .

2. Make you a well-known expert in your field: When you launch a course in a topic, you automatically become one of the experts in this field on the Internet, which gives you a lot of material and moral profits from this fame, in other words, it enhances your personal or brand.

3. Profit from selling courses is a good investment for your knowledge and experience: There is no point in accumulating your experiences without passing it on to others, and this is exactly what the courses help you do, and get financial and personal profits from it.

4. Through which you can benefit others: help others and see the improvement in their lives and work, to which you contributed a great prize, and although it is not measured by money, it constitutes a great reason for entering the world of profit from selling courses.

5. Course work is easier than ever: You will not need to worry about your technical skills and how to record and edit your courses, today there are dozens of simple and even free tools and programs and hundreds of explanations for them.

6. You have a lot of options: Today there are many ways to profit from courses, which allows you the freedom to choose the method that suits you and suits your circumstances and needs.

7. The market for e-learning and courses is growing every day: The market for learning and courses is one of the few markets that has continued to grow in light of the Corona pandemic, and it is expected to grow and its profits increase every day without stopping.

?Is selling courses profitable for you

Yes of course, creating and selling courses online is a booming market all over the world at a cost exceeding billions of dollars with an annual growth of 5%, and profiting from selling courses in general is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet today.

But the amount of profit that you make from selling your course depends on several factors, as it is not a fixed rule, because making money from selling a product or service depends on the value you provide in the first place.

There are many factors that determine the value of your course, the most important of which are:

Chorus topic.

Your level of expertise in its subject.

The size of the target audience.

Having an interested audience.

Market size or competition.

Your audience's income.

Your marketing and sales skills and channels.

We can calculate the amount of profit through a simple calculation process, in which we depend on 3 factors, namely visitors or audience, conversion rate and course price, through a simple equation:

Revenue = Audience Size x Conversion (Purchase) Rate x Course Price

Let's say that 10,000 people visit your course page per month and only 1% of them buy your $30 course.

So your monthly revenue will be = 10,000 x 1% x $30 which is about $3,000, but I should note that this is your revenue, not your profit.

You will certainly have spent some money to get the $ 3000, from the costs of your site if you sell the courses on your site in addition to marketing costs and so on.

Note: I have set the conversion rate here as 1% of the volume of the audience and visitors, but this is the lowest percentage of the volume of conversions, and it can increase to 2% or more to 5% and so on, and then the amount of profit you make increases.

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