How to make money from twitter, kwera and Fiverr?

 Profit from Twitter

The Twitter application is one of the most popular electronic applications through which it can achieve a lot of financial profits, due to the many advantages and advantages that this application has compared to other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube…

This is thanks to the strict editorial policy pursued by the company that owns the Twitter application towards influencers and celebrities in the application, which we cannot guarantee will remain the same after the application was purchased by the American billionaire Elon Musk in a deal amounting to 44 billion dollars. Which many experts and observers have suggested that it will change radically in any way.

Away from all these details, the Twitter application can be best exploited, to achieve respectable sums of money, by approaching many of the ways and means followed by the influencers of the famous Twitter application. Including renting the place of the background image for your personal account, and placing a picture of one of the companies or people you can contract with in exchange for a monthly wage that you agree on in advance. Such as lawyers' offices, medical clinics, shops...

You can also publish links to their blogs and official sites or share their posts, and the payment is here for each post you share in exchange for it getting an interaction. But to profit from this method, you must get many real followers.

 How to make money from quora

Quora is one of the best and easiest websites through which to profit, in very easy and simple ways, without requiring high skills or previous practical experience.

So that you can profit from the official website of the Qoura application by posting questions and inquiries and publishing them on your account and those that have been answered, whether by you or by your followers, and in order to get more profits, you must attract the largest possible number of subscribers and visitors so that you can get profits And the more of them there are, the more your profits will be.

It is a very suitable platform for those who want to achieve important financial profits through simple and easy methods, in addition to the fact that the site is visited by more than 300 million visitors every month, and it is a site recommended for beginners and is 100% safe and honest.

 Profit from Fiverr

Working on Fiverr is a great way for freelancers looking to build experience and earn money online without any capital.

From designing logos and animations to editing and voice work, you can find the right assignments for your skills. Prices start at $5 per project.

I've been able to consistently sell my services for $150-$300 a month on Fiverr for years as have many colleagues.

It was a perfect way to make money on the side while building my digital startups. At first glance, you may refuse to rely on this site for income because of the services that are listed for $5 or that seem less than the normal rate of what you think you are worth for your efforts.

However, you need to dig deeper to discover that there are many other well-paid freelance services available.

The main difference between using Fiverr and another freelancing platform is how they treat clients.

Instead of posting ads for new jobs, you can put up what you can do on Fiverr and wait for connections to reach you. This makes it a good additional source of income because you can continue to work on other sources of income until you connect with a client on Fiverr. You also don't have to spend time negotiating rates and terms because you've already included all that information on your profile.

Another important note also is that once you collect ratings and experience on the platform, you can start charging much more.

Some people are working on Fiverr full time, earning up to thousands of dollars per project, according to the company's website.

 Working as a VA Virtual Assistant

The demand to become a virtual assistant may be more than ever as more companies work remotely. This is an incredibly diverse online role that can vary from company to company.

This may include light bookkeeping, scheduling, responding to email, and other time-consuming tasks. The number of hours needed will also vary, making it ideal for adding as an add-on alongside freelance writing or anything else listed here in Best Ways to Make Money Online 

To become a virtual assistant, you must have certain skills that help you complete these tasks, including being organized and skilled in time management, having effective communication skills with others, and putting a good knowledge of the Internet and online tools to work.

Instead of dealing with people in person, you will need to be good at dealing with different personalities through instant messaging, email, and audio and video conferencing.

The average hourly rate for a virtual assistant can range from $15 to $30, depending on experience and the type of company.  


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