Earn money from the Internet through online training

 Online digital marketing training

Due to the expansion of internet services in the world and the widespread use of these sites among users, many people are looking to learn digital marketing methods - both to start a new business and to boost the current business; Therefore, if you have enough skills and experience in this field, you can start your own online training class with just a laptop and start earning money. The Mizfa website is one of the examples of startups that provide services in this field.

New techniques to make money online

 Business consulting

Another way to earn money from the Internet, which can bring significant income, is to provide advice for starting or growing a business. These consultations can be used for both online and non-internet businesses. The requirement to build trust and earn money in this method is to have the necessary skills for consulting.

Selling pamphlets and educational files

If you have experience in a field or skill and you can teach it to others, it's time to start making money on the Internet by creating educational files in the form of text or video. On the Internet, there are platforms for such a business that make you unnecessary to set up a site and advertise for it. By entering sites like Faradars, you can expose your educational pamphlets for sale. The most famous Iranian site active in this method of making money online, which you are probably one of their service customers, is the Faradars website.

 Cooking and housekeeping training

Having an Instagram page and a little skill in cooking and housekeeping, you can share these principles with other users and earn money in this way. Such content has many fans on the Internet, and women who do not have enough time for ideas will be your regular customers. After your page is booming, you can earn money by receiving advertisements. Currently, Ni Ni site startup is one of the examples of successful startups in this field, which both teaches cooking and housekeeping and operates as a successful blog.

 SEO expert

If you have expertise in increasing site traffic and SEO of its content, you can easily turn this skill into income on the Internet. The internet is full of advertisements where people are looking for SEO experts to boost their site. You will not need capital or prerequisites to start this business. Only refer to the ads in this field.

 Online sports coach

In recent years, due to the importance of sports in people's health, the provision of online sports coach services has also been greatly promoted. If you are familiar with different styles of sports and bodybuilding and slimming, you can use this talent and skill to earn money on the Internet. To create this business, you will need a space for advertising and introducing the advantages of your work. Among the examples of successful startups in this field, we can mention Buddy Man and Ba Menoreh.

 Content production

Creating content for websites is one of the main needs of users of this space. If you are skilled in the field of content production, you can use this skill to earn money on the Internet without any cost. Many websites are currently active in this field and they provide various services to users. The Raya Marketing website with high experience in this field is currently considered one of the most successful content creation websites.

30- Buying and selling rand domainsMaking money from the Internet by buying and selling domains

Another way to earn money from the Internet is buying and selling domains with attractive and popular addresses. Many people are looking for optimal and related website addresses to start a website, but as you know, the URLs are completely unique and you can make money by buying these URLs and selling them at higher prices. To start this business, you will need a capital of several million tomans.


In this article, we got acquainted with the advantages and methods of earning money from the Internet and learned its techniques to some extent. Most of these methods do not require special capital, and you can start your own business on the Internet only by learning the necessary skills that happen to be taught on the Internet. If you take a look around the internet, you will find that many profit-seeking people take advantage of the ignorance of others and try to sell packages to make money from the internet. Most of the contents of these packages are completely free on the Internet and there is no need to buy such products. You can find many of the prerequisites for these businesses with a simple search on the Internet and start working on them without any investment. With these interpretations, you just need to choose your desired business and then focus on the skills and knowledge required for it.


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