10ways to earn money through advertising

 Advertising in the newspaper

This type of advertising can introduce your product to a wide range of audiences. Advertising in newspapers is one of the oldest methods of advertising, and in today's age, businesses still think of this way to introduce themselves to their audience. This type of advertising does more than just introduce and sell the product once and has the ability to bring the customer back to that product again and again. Advertising in newspapers is a good way to attract people over 45 years of age who are more inclined to read printed texts than younger people. Young people often prefer to follow news through television, radio and internet. Like all forms of advertising, the cost of print ads depends on the size of the ad, which newspaper it will be published in, what parts of your ad you use in the newspaper, the repetition of the ad, and whether you use color in the ad or not.

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 Advertising in magazines

Advertising in a magazine with a specific topic can bring you to your target market. Readers (your potential customers) tend to read magazines in their spare time and keep them for longer periods of time, so they have several opportunities to pay attention to your ads. Magazines serve consumers and businesses. If your ad needs to be displayed in color then glossy magazines are ideal for you. Although this type of advertisement is more expensive than newspaper advertisement. Magazines are usually not published in a small area, for example, only in a certain city. So, if your target community is small, advertising in the magazine cannot be cost-effective for you.

Advertising on the radio

Advertising on the radio is a very good way to increase your audience. If your target audience regularly listens to a particular radio station, regular advertising can help you be more effective and bring you new customers. However, sound has its own limitations. Since radio is an audio-only medium, it may be difficult for them to remember what message was conveyed in the ad, and your effectiveness will be lost. The best way to overcome this problem is to repeat your message several times in a regular manner. If you don't broadcast your ads on the radio regularly, you won't get the results you should.

 Advertising on TV

Television covers a large area, and if your target audience is large, television advertising is an ideal method. From TV, due to its advantages such as image, sound, movement and color, it can influence a higher percentage of contacts to buy from you. TV provides you with a space where you can introduce yourself or explain about the performance of your product. It goes without saying that the production of television commercials is expensive. Advertisements are sold in units (eg 20, 30, 60 seconds) and costs vary depending on the time slot, program, or region where the ad is broadcast.

 Outdoor and transit advertising

There are many ways to advertise outdoors. Advertising billboards can be installed on the road or in stadiums. Transit advertising can be in the form of posters on buses, taxis and bicycles. Large billboards can convey your message with great impact. If customers see your billboards every day, for example, on their way to work, you will probably be the first business they think of to buy a product. Even the largest billboards usually contain limited information, otherwise it will be difficult to read the content on them. By mentioning your website address on the billboard, the audience can find the information they want. Outdoor advertising is expensive, especially if it is done in a good neighborhood with a special and large billboard.

Direct mail, catalog, brochure

The meaning of direct mail is that you send your advertising content directly to the customer in the form of a letter. The more accurate your mailing list and distribution area, the more your contacts and customers will increase. A cost-effective way of sending a personal letter is to send your newsletter or brochure to the recipient through an electronic letter (e-mail) . You can distribute catalogs, brochures and pamphlets in your desired area. Attaching a brochure to a direct mail is a good way to give more information about your product and service.

 Internet advertising

Internet advertising is a cost-effective way to attract new customers. You can have global contacts at a low cost. Many customers research online businesses before deciding who to buy from. A well-designed website can attract the customer's attention to purchase. There are ways you can promote your business online through paid advertising and improving your search engine rankings. There are other ways to promote your business online through social networks, blogs, search engines and websites that your target audience visits.

Making money from advertising on social networks

Like many others, you must be familiar with Instagram and social networks. Social networks are full of interesting photos and topics, and for this reason, people visit these networks not once, but several times a day, so as not to be unaware of new events happening in the world. This issue creates a lot of potential to earn money from social networks. For example, someone who has a very interesting and rich blog or website about travel methods can easily attract companies and brands to sponsor their travels. Companies and brands bear the cost of his travels and in return they ask him to spread the name of their brand to the audience of the website. Making money from advertising in cyberspace and social networks is one of the ideal ways to make a living. In the meantime, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points so that you can use this platform for advertising and then earn money from advertising.

 Attracting followers in social networks

You must have come across influencers in the world of Instagram. Influencers are those famous people who have a large number of followers in the virtual space, and due to their different lifestyles, attractive information they provide to users, and for various other reasons, they have been able to earn good incomes from content creation on Instagram. These people have taken the right path to attract followers. The landscape and general pattern of their path can be described as follows:

They have introduced themselves correctly and presented important points about their lifestyle to others

They published the right content with precise timing

They posted interesting and high-quality photos on their page

They used appropriate hashtags

They interacted constructively and effectively with their users

If you can attract the attention of the audience in the ways mentioned and have many followers for yourself, you will have good ways to make money and earn money from advertisements. For example, some famous bloggers earn a good salary through relationship selling, introducing advertising posts and collaborating with different brands. Why aren't you next?

 Attracting supporters and sponsors on the web and social networks

Another method that helps you to use social networks and virtual space to your advantage and to earn money is to attract a sponsor or in our Persian language, supporter and sponsor. In order to attract the attention of companies and brands, you must produce suitable and attractive content for them. If you can produce content for different brands through different tools such as videos, texts, images, etc. and bring this content to the ears of the audience and encourage them to use the brands, you will definitely have a good income. You have two ways to do this; Either you should take over the management of the official accounts of brands on social networks and start operating, or by becoming famous on social networks and the web space, make them come to you and become your sponsors. Finally, you will get paid and sponsored for their content creation.


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