Why is this the perfect time to create a new website

 In light of the conditions that the whole world is going through, such as curfews and social distancing, which have led to the presence of hundreds of millions of people around the world in their homes, there is a golden opportunity for workers on the Internet to target these new users and benefit from the doubling of searches witnessed by most areas on the Internet recently for By creating websites targeting these areas.

Some may think that this is not an appropriate time to start a new project or invest in writing content that may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars due to the lack of clarity of vision and the instability of economic and social conditions in the world.

SEO + predicting popular trends

But the details that I will share with you in this article

It will completely change your view...

As you can see in the previous image taken for the statistics of one of the SEO client sites, it is correct to compare the results in April 2020 and March 2020.

The number of clicks from search engines increased by: 706%

The number of times the site results appeared in search engines was doubled by: 365 percent.

The question here is what has changed within 30 days so that the clicks and appearances are doubled in these unbelievable percentages?

The answer is simple, and it is what we want to share with you in this article: Corona virus!

Yes, this is the biggest reason. In addition to pumping a large number of articles and continuing to improve the site internally and externally, something unexpected happened, which is to multiply the demand by more than 300 times (the number of monthly searches).

Which led to a noticeable change in the way Google's algorithms deal with emerging sites, as the algorithms were forced to rely on sites that would not have been in the first results in normal circumstances, and this is to cope with the number of massive searches that occurred accompanied by search words that Google had never seen before.

This in turn led to the appearance of the client's site in new results and searches, most of which are Long Tail, which we did not target before due to the small number of related searches, but this has completely changed after the complete closure in mid-March until today.

Google has also changed the way it shows its results on the desktop

and replaced page numbers with the More Results button

Which led to the appearance of all results on the same page

, and this certainly doubled the percentage of appearance of sites in the search engine.

It is worth noting that this is not the only site that has seen a doubling in the number of clicks from search engines, I will share with you the statistics of some true SEO clients during the current month compared to last month:

These sites are all in different fields from each other, as they vary between:

Professional SEO consulting for businesses

General Content

- E-shops

Affiliate Marketing

Technical websites

Of course, we cannot deny that there are some areas that have been severely affected, such as the field of tourism and the field of real estate due to the closure and the lack of the ability to travel or know a specific date for opening the air borders again.

But even these areas can take advantage of the current time to inject high-quality information content that helps them take advantage of the noticeable change in the way Google deals with new sites and start achieving advanced results in the fastest time.

Once things return to normal, you will find that you have made the best use of this crisis.

?But how to start your new website properly

1. You have to start in a sub-field and specialize in it, for example, if you are going to create a website about cooking and eating recipes that specializes in Syrian or Egyptian food recipes, and this is during the first 30 days at least to gain Google’s trust faster, and then you can expand into other sections alternately.

2. Do not build any backlinks for your site’s articles in the first month, and just create accounts for your site on social media platforms, while publishing them regularly so as not to arouse Google’s suspicion that your site was created for the purpose of quick appearance.

3. You have to maintain a constant publishing rate for the first 30 days, meaning that if you publish 3 articles a week, keep that and do not publish 9 articles in a week and stop for two weeks without publishing or an article, even if the final number is the same number, change the daily publishing rate Or weekly Google algorithms feel that you are an unstable site.

4. Finally, you have to be patient. The first month, you may not find results completely, and this is logical because Google does not archive all of your site pages and is new to search engines, but if you perform the steps described above in an optimal way, you will find a noticeable improvement in your site visits by the end of the second month.

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