Why is it difficult to get AdSense approval for a Blogspot domain blog? Does it have anything to do with seo?

 Blogger is a free blogging platform with huge monetization potential, but why is getting AdSense approved for Blogspot blog so difficult? You can link your Blogger site to the AdSense earnings program if it meets certain requirements This article will tell you how to qualify for the AdSense earnings program for free domain blogs Blogspot .

?Why is it difficult to get AdSense approval for a Blogger blog with a Blogspot domain

Blogger is an interesting free platform from Google that may help you provide what you need for blogging with your free Blogspot domain . Although the capabilities are not as comprehensive as those of WordPress, Blogger is completely free to use. It can be used to generate additional revenue with AdSense.

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However, the money you earn may not be comparable to websites with a dedicated premium name and solid hosting.

Unfortunately the free blogger domain has been linked to spam material, the free service attracts authors of lower quality content, getting AdSense approved for Blogspot domain blogger has become difficult. 

Although this is not always the case, many individuals prefer browsing TLD sites because they are seen as more trustworthy and that is not the case, we are seeing free domain blogs that are on top.

You will not be required to spend any money to monetize your Blogger blog, like WordPress plugins. Once you create a Blogger blog with your Gmail account, you can post on it as you like. 

You can create a website with a free subdomain for blogspot.com. Although you do not have access to the root domain, it is possible to monetize your free Blogspot subdomain via AdSense.

AdSense is known to slow down the loading of websites, and puts extra pressure on ads to load, so you'll need a solid template and always pay attention to blog speed. However, since Blogger is hosted by Google, you will have no reason to doubt your blog's ability to deliver contents. Blogger blog does not need a lot of maintenance, so it is actually very reliable.

How to Get AdSense Approval for a Blogspot Domain Blog

Blogger, as we mentioned, is a free blogging platform that has huge potential for monetization, yet it has many conditions so that you can publish and profit from it. You can link your Blogger site to AdSense if it meets certain requirements:

1. Unique, exclusive content : The content must be of your thinking and blogging only, and you must stay completely and permanently away from copying and pasting or transferring the article as it is to your blog. According to Google, “Unique content is the main reason why users choose to visit your website instead of other websites. 

One of the most important characteristics of a good website is unique and relevant content. The more high-quality, unique content on the site, the better the user experience will be.”

Your website with a Blogspot subdomain may not be able to earn from AdSense if your articles are already widely available on the Internet. You need originality and new ideas. 

You can use the Google Question Hub to increase the quality of your blog content, then rank your ideas based on the most important keywords and know about SEO .

Add value: Your blog should add value to the lives of its readers. You want to help people solve problems. This is the only way you will attract excellent readers to your site (and keep them coming back). You should read carefully what you like to write or look at the publications of others in the same field. 

2. Offending Content : You must comply with strict Google policies , AdSense program policies, and Google Webmaster Guidelines. Stay away from any content that includes activating programs or Cyrillic and from articles of violence and terrorism or politics in general. Also, the content of profit from the Internet has become repetitive and AdSense does not accept it, not to the limits.

Here is a list of the content banned by Adsense:

Adult content.

Offensive content.

Drug related content.

Alcohol related content.

Tobacco related content.

Healthcare content.

piracy content.

Content with compensation programs.

fake content

violent content.

Weapon related content.

Illegal content.

3. User Experience : Basically, you should consider two aspects of usability ofyour free blogger blog to monetize with Adsense: aesthetics and loading speed. If your customers find your website visually unappealing or take too long to load, Google Adsense reviewers will suffer too.

4. Static pages : They are very important in accepting the AdSense monetization service , and they are the privacy policy page, the about us page, the contact us page, and the usage policy page. The blog is not accepted unless these pages are available.

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5. The number of topics and the number of words : It is recommended that the number of topics in your blog should not be less than 20 topics and above, and that the number of words for each article ranges from 1000 to 1500 words. This is useful for you and AdSense, taking into account the conditions of search engine optimization in writing the article Seo Content .

6. Analyze visits : It should be noted that Blogger visits and statistics are not real , and your site visits must be exclusive and legitimate, such as visits to Google, Twitter, Facebook and social networking sites. Add your site to both google analytics and google search console, so Google can track and index your website. This is very important.

How to register a site in Google Search Console .

7. A compatible template that is responsive to content : Before choosing a template, you must know what specialty or field you will establish your blog in, for each field needs the appropriate template for it. Bad design or long loading time may cause users to close the browser window, which will increase the bounce rate of your web page.

8. Low competition keywords :  Blogs, brands, or forums popular in your niche indicate that others are making money through them. Likewise, perform a Google search to assess keyword ranking difficulty . It will be difficult to attract organic traffic if big-name brands (with larger marketing budgets) dominate the first page of search results.

9. Traffic : Not all traffic is good traffic, so don't worry about getting thousands of readers right away. Spend your time producing meaningful creations and the audience will eventually show up if you're helping people solve problems. In other words, focus on adding value, not increasing traffic.

10. Delete ads from other networks : Although Google Adsense does not prevent you from registering your blog through other advertising platforms, it is recommended that you leave your website free of ads when submitting your Adsense application.

There are no shortcuts to start making a lot of money with Google AdSense. You will need to constantly test ad placements and ad formats, improve your website, and most importantly, produce high-quality content that appeals to your target audience or area of ​​interest.

How to Monetize Blogspot Domain Using AdSense

If you've been using Blogger for a while and are using a free Blogspot subdomain, you can check your settings to see if your site qualifies for AdSense. Please keep in mind that this is the only option of making money from your blogspot sub-domain.

Follow these instructions:

Open a Blogger account .

Go to the Earnings tab below the comments and above the pages sections.

If your website is eligible, you will see a button that says " Sign up for AdSense ".

Register by clicking on the register button.

Select the pairing option.

If you do not already have an AdSense account, you must create one.

Follow the registration process, provide accurate information, and read the terms and conditions.

Enter the AdSense code under the <head> tag within your template.

Wait up to 1-2 weeks for AdSense to scan your website.

If your application is denied, correct the problem before reapplying.

Eligibility does not imply approval

Getting approved for AdSense may not be easy. AdSense may reject your Blogger website for various reasons. You will be able to resubmit your website for review once the problem is fixed. 

You may be rejected multiple times. Fortunately, you can always re-apply, there is no limit to that, once your website is eligible, it is only a matter of time until your website is approved.

Your Blogger blog may be disapproved by AdSense for policy violation. There are many types of policy violations. One of them is "Valuable Content: Low Quality Content ". You can read the article that explains how to fix this kind of problem. You will also need to pay attention to the language of your content.

After your blog is approved and reviewed, you can start placing AdSense code on all of your pages. You can do this via the AdSense tool or Auto ads. You will also be able to place ads manually in your articles using HTML mode.

Actual time for a blog to get accepted into Adsense 

The blog must be 90 days old for free blogspot domains, while paid domains such as .com .net need 35 days, and the older the domain, the better 

There are cases where your website has met the above requirements but is still not eligible. Most likely the reason for this is the age of the website. In 2017, AdSense stated that your website must have been active for at least six months to be eligible. However, it may not take long depending on the quality of your blog. 

I've noticed a common case where a blog has more than 20 posts but it still doesn't qualify for quality reasons. While quantity is still an important part of eligibility, AdSense certainly prioritizes quality.

It's hard to say when your Blogger site will become eligible. However, it is safe to say that as long as we follow the guidelines and make sure that our websites are complete, we can eventually become eligible for the AdSense program.

?How many blog posts do I need before linking to Google Adsense

First, what you need to know is that the amount of a blog post does not guarantee the success of a blog and its failure to publish. So you shouldn't stress yourself about how many blog posts you need to take up your blog. It is not necessary to have a certain amount of articles. 

You can post 200 completely irrelevant articles, and yet get rejected by Adsense. The optimal number of original and high-quality articles is 15 to 20. You must have enough material for Adsense to evaluate, rate and validate the topic of your website.

The ideal scenario for launching a new blog which I used when launching my tech and seo guide blog was to have at least a few articles to publish, like 2 to 3 posts per week, to let early readers know about the blog's specialty, a sense of who you are and an idea of ​​the voice you write with .

Then you can have like 5-8 posts already written and saved as a draft. The reason is that when launching a blog , you can get distracted by other things, like promoting the blog or creating a social media account, so it serves as a great backup for you.

In short, you need around 20 blog posts to get started without your valuable under-creation content coming to you from AdSense . If you have written like 8 or 9 blog posts, you can still review and add to it. Maybe later you brainstorm more idea of ​​posting blog articles with low quality or worthless content.


All the above steps will help you how to get AdSense approval for Blogspot domain to get approval. I hope I also get some benefit from the information we get. 

Content sharing is allowed. Our goal is to enrich Arabic content. We do not aim to profit as much as we are interested in delivering information, tips and instructions in simple steps first. If you found this article useful or needs correction, please leave your opinion in the comments. 

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