Where do your targeted keywords appear on YouTube?

 When you create written content, you can simply incorporate your target YouTube keywords by working on them in your content where they fit. When you're doing keyword research for YouTube, there are a few different places you should consider incorporating your target keywords for maximum impact.

1. In your video tags #tags

When you create a video and publish it to YouTube, you will have the opportunity to mark the key terms you want to rank your video on.

When you put your keywords in tags, they work similar to the way hashtags work on a platform like Instagram. I want to mention that video tags are different from the hashtags that some content creators use in their video descriptions.

The video tags I'm talking about cannot be seen by anyone casually watching YouTube videos. But you can see it with a tool like TubeBuddy.

When you add your target keywords, you are optimizing that video to appear when users search for those terms. It also lets YouTube know what your videos are about so they can place them properly.

Through your video

Users stay interested: When you mention what phrases users are searching for in your video, it will keep them interested because it is exactly what they were looking for more information about. When users remain interested in your video, they will watch it for longer.

This is a great signal to YouTube that your video is useful and interesting for users, which will help your videos appear higher in YouTube searches.

SEO Success Factors (Search Engine Optimization)

The target YouTube keywords will be in your video text: Let's say you created a video for your blog, and your blog content consists of the video text version.

When you mention your target keywords throughout the video, it also means that they will appear in your written content throughout the text. You will get twice the benefits when you include text and a link to a YouTube video on your website for the following reasons:

Your blog post ranks highly for the same keywords you're targeting with your video

It will direct users to your YouTube channel which can lead to more views, subscribers and comments

You will also need to include these keywords in your description, which should fit naturally so that YouTube can understand what your video is about.

The YouTube Keyword Tool is digital software that helps you determine what YouTube users are searching for on the platform, giving you insights into consumer habits, and possibly an edge over the competition.

Top  Word Search Tools for YouTube – Reviewed.

Ahrefs . Tool

Ahrefs is a marketing analyst's best friend. This tool contains a huge collection of SEO tools , competitor analysis, keyword research, and keyword identification functions to help you improve your digital content.

With customers like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber, you know it's time. We really liked the use of this tool, which pulls in search volumes for keywords in yotupo from up to 171 countries.

The tool is managed in an elegant and easy to use control panel. Simply type your keyword into the search bar and Ahrefs pulls in data from around the world to show you the total search volume for each term and the number of clicks your search term got.

If clicks are low, it may mean that users are not satisfied with the results they see; Maybe they need an interesting video from you to be satisfied with their search results. Low clicks may also mean that the video thumbnail, title, and description are not interesting enough that people bother clicking on them; To learn more about it, check out this post.

Ahrefs also pulls in some other interesting data points, including related search terms that use your keyword and other keywords or phrases related to your term, making this tool not just a search platform but a keyword generator as well.

Ahrefs offers four pricing tiers, ranging from $99 per month for a single user to $999 per month for 5 or more users at an agency. It's one of the more expensive options on this list, but if you're serious about keyword research, it might be worth the investment .

You should definitely take advantage of the tool's 7-day trial for $7 to see if you like it before signing up.Ahrefs

TubeBuddy YouTube keywords site

TubeBudd y is the best friend of a SEO nerd in the video field. This tool is designed to discover tags related to your search terms.

The TubeBuddy dashboard also displays the total score for your search terms, how competitive that phrase is, the total number of searches for that phrase and more. And being a lightweight Chrome extension, TubeBuddy isn't just easy to use - it's easy to install too. The best part: You can make use of this keyword tool for free.TubeBuddy YouTube keywords site

Keywordtool.io . YouTube Keyword Site

When you search for a YouTube video, the platform gives you a longer list of recommended results based on what others have searched for in the past.

The Keyword Tool takes advantage of that data to help marketers like you improve their SEO on YouTube. Keyword Tool is a YouTube keyword completion program that creates popular search terms from keywords.

For example, a company that makes clothes for toddlers and babies might use the term "baby clothes" as a keyword.Keywordtool.io

Keyword Keg Tool

Keyword Keg is a YouTube keyword tool that creates search terms based on keywords – and provides a solid amount of data on those terms. With Keyword Keg, you can see the search volume for a term, Google AdWords CPC , and overall “keyword strength,” which are put together using the formula below.Keyword Keg Tool

YouTube Keyword Site VidIQ

VidIQ is a certified YouTube partner that helps video creators identify the best keywords to improve searchability. When you search for a search term, VidIQ pulls data from YouTube to give you a look at what's going on with that term. You will be able to see useful information such as recommended tags and top performing videos currently displayed in the SERPs .VidIQ Keyword Site

Youtube Keyword Tool Dominator

With a name like Keyword Tool Dominator , your expectations for this platform will be high. Although it is not quite as impressive as its title thinks, it is a very handy tool to use for keyword research beginners.

Simply type a term into the search bar, and voila - Keyword Tool Dominator will generate a long list of suggested search terms on YouTube that include your term.Keyword Tool Dominator 

Keywords Everywhere for YouTube Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a special extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Unlike the other tools on this list, Keywords Everywhere does not suggest new phrases or tags. Instead, it shows three very useful data points directly to the YouTube search engine: search volume for the term, CPC and competitiveness – the number of advertisers showing ads on Google AdWords for that term. Competition values ​​range from 0 to 1, with lower numbers meaning the term has fewer advertisers to compete with.Keywords Everywhere is a YouTube keyword research site

Kparser YouTube Keyword Site

Kparser is a keyword tag generator. Simply type a word or phrase, and Kparser will generate a list of other high-performing tags related to your topic, search volume for those tags, and CPC.

This tool is especially great for international companies; You can review keyword data and generate terms based on geography to adjust your SEO strategy by country and language.Kparser YouTube Keyword Site

HyperSuggest YouTube Keyword Site

HyperSuggest is a single keyword tool that works across nine different search channels, including YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. As it relates to YouTube specifically, this tool is very easy to use.

Simply type in a search term and in seconds HyperSuggest pulls up the top tags of YouTube videos related to that term, giving you a qualified list of search terms to include in your video title, description, tag list, and transcript.HyperSuggest YouTube Keyword Site

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