When does your site data appear in Google Search Console Admin Tools?

 When does your site data appear in Google Search Console Admin Tools? A question many webmasters ask when adding your site to Search Console, it may take some time before diagnostic and other data is available, this is normal as it can take some time for Google Search Console webmaster tools to collect and process your site data. In general, if you see the message “No data available yet”, you can check again later. After Google starts to crawl your site, you'll notice that Search Console starts showing more detailed data and that data is refreshed more often.

When does your site data appear in Google Search Console Administrators? When does your site data appear in Google Search Console Administrators

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If you still don't see any data, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

If you don't see any data for www.example.com, it may be because your site was added using http://example.com as these are completely different sites for Google. If you feel that some data is missing, you should add the www and non-www version of your domain to your Search Console account and then look at the data for both sites.

If you don't see any data in the crawl errors report , it may be because Google didn't find any issues. This is fine, but we recommend that you check back periodically.

If you don't see any data in the Search Insights report , it may be because users haven't clicked on your site in search results yet. Find out what might be causing your site to perform poorly in search.

If you don't see any data in the  Sitemaps report , try helping Google discover content on your site by creating and submitting a Sitemap.

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Google always strives to increase the frequency of refreshing your verified site data, such as crawl and indexing statistics and search statistics numbers. Most of this data is based on the content your site provides, and is a great reflection of the state of your site; Our internal systems are constantly changing, and the web itself is an ever-changing system. In addition, there may be a gap between when the numbers were calculated and when they became available for webmasters to see – and although the data is published at intervals, we collect this data on an ongoing basis. If your site's content doesn't change often, or if your site isn't generating new links to it, you may not see updates to your data every time you sign in to Search Console

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