What redirects are SEO friendly?

 Most website owners have to deal with redirects at one point or another, redirects help keep things accessible to users and search engines, when rebranding, merging multiple websites, deleting a page, or moving a page to a site New, a redirect is a method of sending both users and search engines to a different URL than the one they originally requested, as the three most used redirects are (301, 302 and Meta Refresh).

?What is a search engine crawler's 

Let's imagine this scenario from a search engine crawler's perspective , where the crawler arrives at the web page he wants to index, but he doesn't understand the code. It indexes them and does not index other similar pages on the site, after a while, the site begins to lose rankings in search engine results.

You may think that removing a page from your site is a normal matter and not a big actual problem, while it affects greatly as if there are some pages in your site that link to this page, this will lead to confusion for both site visitors and crawlers, as it is considered This is called misdirection in the right place which will cause your visitors to go to another site.

How to create SEO friendly redirects

First of all, dear reader, you must know that there are a lot of redirects that differ from each other, including: (301, 302 and update the definition), as each redirect has one function, which is: to tell site visitors and crawlers that the page they want They have moved, redirected to the new location of this website, however, each redirect accomplishes this task in a different way. 

When you see the number (301) on one of the website pages, this means that the redirect here gives signals to search engines that the content has been moved permanently to another page, this is the most used redirect, and this is considered the best for SEO purposes, as it keeps on all link values ​​and you move all links on the old page to the new All links pointing to the old page will be redirected to the new page, and all link value will remain the same.

If you understand how incoming links affect your SEO , that's a huge benefit, and it can take years to build a strong backlink (and show search engines that your site is valuable), and it would be a shame to lose everything you've done just because you've reposted Structuring your site or optimizing your page to get new keywords .

Meta Descrtiption

301 . redirects

With 301 redirects, you have to wait a bit for search engines to understand the process you've done, they need some time to be able to re-crawl your site, and give existing links to the new page that is better for you by making your site structure stable, this process (301) It does not negatively affect your site as it only removes pages and redirects users, but once you do, your new pages should rank the same as your old ones.

302 . redirects

(302) It is a redirection process, but temporarily, for example, for maintenance and update purposes, where it will be returned at the end of the command. And the mechanism of its work is done by transferring visitors and search engine crawlers to the new page with the presence of the old, but it is disabled (as a temporary solution). 

One of its disadvantages is that it retains the value of the link to the old page because, as we mentioned earlier, a temporary solution, it keeps the value of the link, then all the SEO benefits gained by the previous page will disappear; This is because there are new links from the new page and this confuses SEO as they may not rank them even though they are able to find them, in case you are not planning to restore the old page and restart it it is better to use only redirect (301) in general .

Definition update redirects

Definition refresh redirection is defined as when you visit a page and it gives you a countdown telling you that you will be taken to another page within seconds, this method is mostly used when you make a purchase and it expires after which it shows you the countdown to return a full circle to the home page of the company website or to a page private intended .

Search engines don't like slow processes and this process of meta updates is considered for SEO in that it can be slow, and this is one of its downsides, but nevertheless it is the best for process (302) redirects because it passes some link value.

In order to avoid search engine optimization problems, you can use SEO friendly redirects to speed up the time it takes for the update to occur, instead of (10) seconds, make it (3-5) seconds, this helps to avoid search engine optimization problems, in addition It is useful for visitors as they do not like long waits as many people will simply move away from your site instead of waiting.

Strategically redirect

If you certainly have a small number of pages and you have a large number of pages on the site, you may use the redirects to a special employee who is an expert in the Internet and IT , and the processing of the redirects can take a very long time.

If you are thinking of creating a new site or want to restructure the old site, you must use a competent and experienced agency in the field of redirecting the pages of the site, and thus these agencies help you maintain the value of the link and maintain the traffic that you have already gained.

Above all, if you have redirects, and you are losing page ranking with top search engines, it is wise to bypass those redirects.

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