What is the HTTPS protocol and how is it different from the HTTP protocol?

 Browsers communicate with the host through instructions that are defined in a standard way. The two standards that are commonly used in this work are called HTTP and HTTPS .

The HTTP protocol is the most common form of communication between web browsers and web servers such as Apache and IIS , and uses textual and visible codes for intermediate servers to transfer information. All websites on the Internet use the HTTP protocol .

?What is the HTTPS protocol 

HTTPS protocol refers to a type of HTTP protocol that is asymmetric encrypted by SSL or TLS connections. Asymmetric encryption is a form of encryption in which it is impossible for people who can access the information in any way to see the content of the sent information and change it.

Advantages of using HTTPS protocol in website design

Improving the ranking and SEO of the site in the search results

Further securing the website and maintaining the security of data and information

Using new features of browsers

Failure to display security warnings on login pages

Create a sense of security in site users

One of the important and new criteria of Google to improve the ranking of the site

Encryption of information between users and the site

Better identification of the site by other search engines

What is the HTTPS protocol?

Disadvantages of using the   HTTPS protocol

The cost of providing and using SSL

The need for technical knowledge to install and operate this protocol

Perceptible speed drop due to slow Internet speed problem in Iran

Hard to get SSL to Iranian sites

Difference between  HTTP and  HTTPS

HTTPS protocol works like HTTP in almost all cases . The word S is what makes the difference between HTTP and HTTPS . The word S stands for Secure . In the HTTPS protocol , textual information is coded before sending and marked using an electronic signature. This makes the information sent unreadable and unchangeable. If a person steals the information sent from both sides in the middle of the path, he cannot decode it, and if he wants to place his desired content instead of this information, the electronic signature sent will become invalid and will not be decoded at the destination.

The HTTPS protocol is usually used for banks, creating user accounts and logging in to portals, online shopping and online stores, entering pages with confidential and important information, etc. HTTPS speed is slower than HTTP speed .

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The importance of the HTTPS protocol in SEO

For several years, Google has been paying more attention to websites with HTTPS protocol . Information encryption protocols have received a lot of attention from security experts and search engines. Search engines prefer the HTTPS protocol due to greater security of information in the exchange between users and the site server . Google search engine gives good ranking to websites that use HTTPS protocol . According to Google's announcement, the HTTPS protocol is considered a positive factor in SEO sites. Google has announced that websites with HTTPS protocol have more points when ranking due to the creation of three layers of security. But still, the content parameter is much more important than the HTTPS parameter SEO is the site .

Steps to convert website from HTTP to HTTPS

Buy an SSL certificate

Configure your host with an SSL certificate

Convert all internal and external website links to HTTPS

Update SSL settings in Content Distribution Network ( CDN )

Adding the new version of the website to Google Search Console and Google Analytic


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