What is HEO? Here are 10 steps

   (HEO) or Human Experience Improvement , is user-centric site optimization that can be seen as a way to achieve long-term goals in any online site. So, if you want to keep your field of work safe on the Internet, you must be aware of the following information.

Human Experience Optimization, or HEO , refers to optimizing a site for the user. We must improve any site so that it becomes popular and appears on the top row and first page of Google results . This is achieved through a series of activities that need time and knowledge.

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To run a profitable business in the long run, you must make customers happy and give them additional services. This is easy to achieve in physical stores due to the nice treatment of the sellers and the store's distinctive and high-quality merchandise, but what about stores and websites?

It is true that SEO helps your website appear in this regard, but what makes you more profitable than making money on the Internet is when your visitors suggest your site to others. User pleasure with the site is the key to the success of high paying sites. 

The goal of search engine optimization is to drive traffic to your website. But to generate quality leads and improve your conversion funnel, you need more than that. HEO refers to a content creation practice that focuses on providing value to visitors rather than simply pleasing search engine bots.

Your website should be easy to use and trustworthy if you want to get to this point in your business. Sites that are concerned with the functionality of the site as well as its aesthetics and simplicity of use will certainly become popular among users.

Primary VS Keywords Secondary Keywords

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While presenting at the Hubspot Inbound conference, Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot 's chief technology officer , revealed an unusual interpretation of a HEO dubbed " improving human enjoyment " by the site to visitors.

When a search engine categorizes your website as such, the user will find it in the SERP . The way your keywords match query phrases has a huge impact on how your website will be indexed and ranked. The similarity between the searcher's query terms and the keywords featured in the SERP will be visible to the searcher. Then they may think that your website contains the information they want.

However, if a searcher opens the link and discovers that the content is mysteriously crammed with keywords, they may become unhappy and go back to the SERP. As a result, it is crucial to create exclusive content that provides real value to your visitors. This is exactly what matters to HEO.

After your visitors come to your website, the human eye optimization takes care of them. It takes into account the interaction your visitors have with your material. The primary goal of HEO is to ensure that your content is relevant, useful, and attractive to your visitors.

This ensures that the visitor continues to interact with the site. As a result, the visitor's stay time will improve, and the bounce rate will be reduced. It will also help you generate high quality leads. As a result, your conversion rates will eventually go up.

How is HEO different from SEO

Your website traffic is driven by SEO. While HEO ensures that your website visitors have a positive experience with your content. As a result, both are critical.

Moreover, SEO and HEO are also intertwined. People won't be able to read your material if you don't put in enough SEO effort, and your HEO efforts will be ineffective. 

On the flip side, if your materials are not designed to please a human, the bounce rate will go up and the survival time will be shorter. Your SEO efforts will be damaged as a result. This is another unfavorable circumstance. As a result, both SEO and HEO are critical to an e-commerce business.

Top-ranking web pages receive the most traffic, which is ideal for online businesses. As a result, digital marketers strive to make their website and content search engine easy. 

In short, search engine marketing is the process of increasing website visitors by improving search engine ranking and exposure. The more traffic your website receives, the better the conversion funnel is believed to be. However, this is only a partial picture of the situation.

Google's main goal is to improve consumers' browsing experience . It provides the websites/pages it thinks have the most content and the best rating. However, algorithms and computers play an important role in determining the search engine ranking of your website. 

As a result, it can never fully represent the quality of your material. It cannot tell you how people find your material. And as I mentioned earlier, if your audience doesn't like your articles, they won't come back to your website. As a result, they are unlikely to become your customers.

10 Steps You Should Know About Improving  Website Experience for HEO Users

What is HEO?  Here are 10 steps you should know about improving the site experience for users

In the following, we will discuss ten key factors that may simply and effectively help you become a usable website, in a broader sense, you will make a usable website optimization ( Human Experience Optimization ). 

 Arouse users' curiosity

Humans are curious by nature, we also aim to create a site for users that will have the greatest impact. At first, you only have a few seconds to complete this task! The first impression a user has of your site is a great opportunity to entice them to stay. 

The user sees the original profile of the site when he visits each site. Headers, keywords, and sliders are included in the original site profile.

Human visual memory is quite accurate and able to absorb beautiful things. Images help attract visitors to your site at first sight. Select good quality images that are attractive to the eye. Make a great head with amazing photos. 

Extreme care should be taken in this area, as your excellent taste on the web reflects your good taste in general. In this case, the user will be eager to view the rest of the site, and it is almost certain that placing great images on each page will interest him.

After the visuals, it's time for the phrases. After accessing the site, the user should be able to understand what he is doing, but this problem also requires a written explanation in addition to the image related to the work.

A textual explanation does not mean that you need to write a lengthy essay explaining your work at the time of submission! Sentences that are at the same time promotional and attractive are sufficient. This single line arouses the user's interest in learning more about your business and searching the site for solutions to his queries.

Improve product experience

The importance of continuous improvements to the product and website cannot be overstated, they are the two most important keys to unlocking the potential of the new website and company. For the simple reason that the more improved the product, the better the experience it provides, and as a result, the higher its market value.

Sites should use analytical tools, engagement facilitators, and feedback to smooth product-led growth and deliver consistent value to end users. Here's how they can help you improve your product experience:

Show how good or bad the product is.

Validating product feature hypotheses to drive growth and retention.

Analyze visitor activities and identify unexpected visitor flows.

Track visitor activities to see how visitors access new product features.

Mark the primary transition path for new users.

Decide where your website visitors will retreat, where they will go next, and where they take the final action.

Make a note of the visitor funnel flow based on selling opportunities.

Use on-site or in-app guides and messages to help visitors navigate easily.

Target the basis of personal segment interactions to improve and personalize the visitor experience.

Raise awareness about brand new features and/or developments using on-site or in-app notification bars.

At the most basic level, companies must find the right ways to capture usage analytics, enhance in- and out-of-product engagements to influence usage, and continually solicit visitor feedback for product iterations to further improve the product experience.

 Make site material more readable

I will ask the same question again: are you only interested in making money, or is the customer's happiness just as important?

HEO will increase your website profitability, however, the material should be created for consumers, not Google! As big a company as Google's entire policy is to create services that customers are happy with and continue to trust.

Unique, comprehensive, readable and fluent material, and in conclusion to these SEO suggestions, HEO Improve the Human Experience dramatically improves each site. Each industry has its own set of niche words, some well known and some little heard. 

You should have specific materials for both amateurs and professionals in order to satisfy all users. You can create simpler bracketed text from the vocabulary of the language you use on your site, so that people less familiar with the terms will feel comfortable.

The language should entice the user to read by making him feel that he is missing something if he does not read the material of the site. If you're preparing to publish an article on a topic you don't know much about but know of a site that accurately detailed the problem, there is no reason to repeat this article on your pages. 

To produce this post, you must rewrite your impressions of the material in a new version and possibly include additional things, otherwise your SEO site will suffer.

 Keep your site users

This is achieved by examining 3 examples that we will explain in detail below:

What are the keywords? How to choose suitable keywords? And what tools will I need

Win the trust of customers

We keep buying the same type of shampoo or oil after using it because we trust the brand. This applies to websites as well. The purpose of building trust is to provide the consumer with more than just a product or service; It also provides them with appropriate support services. 

Connecting with people over the phone or via online chat on the site will go a long way towards gaining their trust and thus increasing their HEO . Politely responding to consumer inquiries and continuing to communicate with them after selling a product or service is a proven method of increasing user numbers.

Consider the security of the site to protect your data and users.

Users provide vital information, such as bank account information, to storefronts. Users must use the SSL protocol to ensure that the online purchase is secure.

Due to their banking portals, store sites have easy access to their users' bank account information, which is why SSL is important: people will realize that you are a safe site to buy from, and their bank account information will not be accessible.

Be honest with users.

What you say about your service to people should match what you really do. A site that sells clothes online, for example, might post a cool picture of the clothes and write details about the materials, size, and characteristics of the items to entice customers to buy. A consumer places an order for clothes online and waits for it to arrive at his door. 

The clothes are sent to the consumer in very low quality after they are ordered and delivered. This allows the business to operate for a limited period of time with no beneficial impact on site visitors.

Have you ever entered a lottery but did not receive notification of the prize on the day the lottery was supposed to be held?

Many websites and companies use this to attract customers, but it is of no use in the end! This will make you see yourself as a company that only cares about itself. As a result, tell users what you can do.

Selling products worth buying

What types of people do your products and services appeal to? Would you buy it for yourself if you needed it at that price?

I've seen things on sites before and had intended to buy them, but after seeing their extraordinary costs, I left the site and went to another site to find what I wanted. It is likely that this problem happened to you, and you understand the point of view of users. 

You must list the true cost of your items on the website and not reimburse any additional fees associated with their sale. You can be sure that if you have the right prices, customers will come back to you, and you will have a premium HEO in that area.

 Stick to transparency

The natural instinct at work is to keep things private, but this limits the kind of interactions you can have. Instead of considering your site's thought processes and tactics as a secret sauce, share it as a chef's recipe. If you're not sure, think about the questions you get asked frequently.

Then respond to them by creating a new website or blog post, or compiling your ideas into a downloadable PDF or newsletter. Building a knowledge center like this will earn your audience's trust over time. (And remember, the more experience you have online, the easier it will be for Google to figure out what your site is.)

 Pay attention to the visual elements on the site

Beautiful patterns and colors have an impact that can't be ignored. If you want to create a business without a website, you will need to think about what your company will look like to show consumers that you are different. You should do the same now because this is how you differentiate yourself from your competition.

The design of the site should be organized so that the visitor feels comfortable when visiting the site. Although the site template should be attractive, be aware that visual layouts can quickly degrade the site and make it heavy. Instead of choosing huge templates or a white screen, use a template with fewer still attractive images.

Template compatibility and colors are also very unattractive due to empty and unusable places, check this issue on mobile and tablets as well as desktop version (being responsive).

The most important aspect of the site is the menu, which gives access to other parts. Correct menu proportions, handy placement, and color matching with other areas of the site may help enhance the site's aesthetic and user engagement. 

Menu colors should also be chosen to create a pleasing contrast with the rest of the site. Each color has a unique effect, and by selecting it, the impact of the site on the audience can be increased.

 Simplify user order registration procedures

With just a few simple clicks, users should be able to register their orders and complete their transaction. This is something that online retail sites should pay special attention to. The placement of the shopping cart and order placement buttons, as well as the color of these buttons, will have a significant impact on the site's sales.

On the admin site, for example, each button connected to a purchase is designed in a different color and shape, and this strategy draws the user's attention to that color.

Application registration pages should be basic and do not require final registration. The faster this activity is completed for the user, the more attractive the site you have created.

9. Don't forget to include the ability to sign in with a Google account to the site

Make the person a registered user of your website. Adding a window that allows users to sign in to the site with their Google account makes joining the site or logging into your account faster and more convenient.

Once a user account is created, it will remain on the site indefinitely, allowing it to place orders more quickly. It also affects SEO since Google has noticed that your site has a large number of members. There is no doubt that Google pays extra attention to a site that has a large number of daily entries associated with a Google account and considers it a reference site.

Pay attention to internal links

Internal links have a significant impact on the higher level of higher education. This helps the visitor to see similar items and merchandise together, giving them a more complete picture of the site.

For example, if he sees a similar link while reading the information he is reading, the probability of reading that link increases. With this easy strategy, you can keep users on your site for longer while at the same time SEO optimizing the site.

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Following these guidelines will improve usability while increasing your chances of being found by search engines.


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