What is Google Trends Tool and 6 Ways to Use It Like a Pro

 Google Trends is the most important tool that Google offers to owners of websites and e-stores. The tool is considered one of the most powerful keyword tools and most importantly, it is a free tool.

However, the fact that Google Trends is a free tool is not the most important feature in it, it is only an additional feature in it. In my opinion, the most important feature of this tool is that it is provided by the Google search engine, which owners of websites and online stores try to publish search results on.

In this article, we explain to you the Google Trends tool, its features, and how to use it like a pro to improve your site's ranking on search engines.

?What is Google Trends Tool

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google that displays topics that have a high search rate during a certain period. The tool displays its results based on the data it has collected from users' searches.

The tool enables its users to compare the search rates of specific sentences and words with other similar sentences and words. The tool also provides the ability to compare the search rate for words based on a large number of factors such as geographical location and search timing.

Google Trends stores search data for long periods, which enables the user to know the search rates during different periods of time. You can find out the search rates that users were interested in in a country during the previous four days or even the same month in the last year.

Find out which topics and search terms are trending at the moment

This is the most important and most famous benefit of Google Trends, through which you can show topics that are currently highly searched. If you browse at the bottom of the main Google Trends tool page, it will show you the topics that have been highly searched in your country recently.

You can also click on more trending searches to go to a page containing more topics.

As shown in the previous picture; The Google Trends tool shows you seven topics with a high search rate today, and 16 topics yesterday, of course the number of topics from yesterday is more because it is already finished and its data is fully logged.

Of course, in the previous two pictures, I noticed the size of the search rate for each topic. As you can see, the topics in the first place today were searched more than 5000 times, and yesterday (the day is over) the searches for the first topic exceeded more than 100 thousand operations.

 Getting to know the popular search sites in a specific period of time

Do you sell your products online , and you want to start promoting Black Friday deals but don't know the best time to do so? No problem, you can rely on Google Trends to answer this question.

Google Trends provides visuals that show you when a particular keyword was searched, and how much it was searched for compared to how often it was searched at other times of the year. This is useful for knowing what products users are searching for at certain times.

In other words, you can find out when your customers are looking for Black Friday offers, by looking at the search data for these offers in previous years.

This data will tell you when the user is searching for products that have Black Friday offers, note that the products themselves may have a high search rate seasonally or because of a trend.

This data will enable you to differentiate between a normal product search, and that specifically associated with Black Friday offers.

A simple example when we search for TV search rate, we see a relatively high search rate, yet this rate has increased exceptionally in a specific period, which is the period when some e-commerce sites offered offers on TVs.

If we look for TV shows, we will find that the search rate for them is almost constant throughout the year, yet there is a huge increase in a certain period of time, which is often the same period in which Black Friday offers appeared in this region.

All this alerts us to the importance of this tool to know the most appropriate time to promote your product offers (whether it is during the Black Friday offers or others), of course you will need to start marketing products longer before this period, but this is a matter of e-marketing rules .

Note: The mentioned period does not coincide with the date of Black Friday globally, but it coincides with the date of these offers locally.

Help you avoid using keywords that are repetitive temporarily

The field of keyword research for websites is a cumbersome field as it is constantly changing, keywords for any field are volatile most of the time, and it is difficult to determine the reason for the popularity of certain words at a specific time.

Why is the search rate for certain keywords so high at the moment? Are the topics for these words trending now, or are they popular for a certain period of time, for example, a day or two?

You may think that the popularity of these topics, even for one day, is a good thing, as content site owners can benefit from it, and this is a mistake.

Imagine spending days creating content based on keywords that have a popular search rate and then that rate disappearing after a day of creating that content is frustrating isn't it?

Website owners would like to create content that is relevant to popular search topics for a long time, this helps them to lead in this topic on search engines, which is something that the owner of any website seeks.

To determine the popularity of topics through Google Trends, you can use the year in search feature, you can access this feature by clicking on the three lines to the left of the image.

After clicking on the fonts, a side menu will appear for you. Click on year in search to go to the page of this tool.

This feature enables you to explore your search interests for trending topics over the past year.

The arrangement and classification of the data is excellent. The tool categorizes the search data according to general topics, characters, films, etc. The tool also arranged the topics in ascending order according to the search rate on them in Egypt.

Since I'm using the tool from Egypt it only shows me search rates in Egypt, of course you can easily change the geolocation and choose to show search data for any country you want or globally.

Changing the geographical location is easy, just click on the name of the country that appears to you next to the data, and a list will appear that enables you to choose the location you want.

Finally, if you want more accuracy, you can choose the area in which you want to see the interest of users over the past year.

Click on Explore the Trends that captured our attention in 2021 for more search rate data, here a new page will appear containing the most important topics that have occupied great importance with users over the past year.

As you can see, when you click on a month, it shows you the most important topics that users searched for during each month of the year.

The way the data is displayed on this page has two advantages. The first is that the topics are categorized according to the area of ​​interest.

for example; If you want to know which of the topics related to the health field gained a lot of interest from users in the past year, click on Health and Wellness to show you these topics with illustrations.

The second feature is Google's way of displaying this data in a short and funny way at the same time. The sentences that the tool adds under each image tell you why the search rate for a topic is high, or leave you a small (but important) note about it.

As you can see in the previous image, we can simply extract the following information:

The search for (the subject of acceptance or moral support) reached its maximum during the year 2021 in the month of January.

No other topics in the field of health occupied significant positions in the search rates during the month of January (other than the previous topic).

As you can see, the year in search feature is considered one of the most important features of Google Trends and its multiple uses and useful for website owners.

 Understand the search rate for certain keywords

Keyword search volume refers to the number of times a term was searched during a specified time frame. For marketers and those interested in SEO this is vital, as the search volume is ultimately what attracts new visitors to visit sites.

Google Trends allows you to enter any keywords and view graphs that show how interest in this topic has waned or waned over any time frame.

You can also view local interest in a specific topic or business and check the status of interest in that topic geographically, this way you can see where you are most likely to search for specific words or products.

For example, areas that face hot climates in which the search for air conditioners may increase, the search for air conditioners in this area may also result in the search for its supplies, such as a specific type of electrical wire or equipment for air conditioners.

This information will help content site owners as they search for the appropriate keywords for the content of their sites, they can later record this data and keywords and use them at the appropriate time, whether this time relates to seasonal or global events.

Illustrative example The following image shows you the search rate for the word conditioning during this year:

As you can see, when the air temperature began to rise, the search rate for air conditioning began to increase to 100. The search rate reached this number from the 5th to the 11th of the previous month of June, which is one of the hot summer days.

Google also shows you that 100 is the highest search rate a word can reach.

 As you can see for Google, the number 100 is the highest rate of word popularity, and the number 50 means that this word is half the popularity of the word that got 100, and zero means that Google does not have enough data about this word, at least at this time.

Now a term like air conditioning cleaning shows a rise at the same time the word conditioning achieves a higher search rate.

Of course there have been higher search rates for this word in previous months, but we are trying to clarify the idea that the search rate of a word is related to related words.

 Compare keywords and search terms

Well, the title of this paragraph may not adequately explain this feature provided by Google Trends, the tool enables you to compare several items, these items may be companies, keywords, or even sentences.

The comparison shows the search rate during a certain period of time in the form of a graph. Each element in this comparison has a different color to visually illustrate the fluctuation of its search rate.

The comparison also shows you the search rate at the level of the cities in the country you chose to search in. Of course, all this data will appear to you in different colors in the form of the state map and next to it is the order of the cities and the search rate in them.

Finally, this is one of the most important features of the Google Trends tool is to show the searches related to each element of the comparison, also within each section of the search sections in these elements you will find different ways to display the data visually or in writing.

The most remarkable thing about all this data is the ability to download and save it to your device.

The following example is a comparison I made between four companies working in the field of manufacturing computer components :

MSI or Micro-Star International

Gigabyte Technology



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