What is the AMP framework and what is its impact on SEO?

AMP is one of the Google tools that was introduced in 2016. AMP means increasing the loading speed of site pages on mobile phones. Today, the use of mobile phones has expanded and many people use their mobile phones to access the information they need in the web world. As a result, page loading speed is very important. AMP provides a fast and optimal solution for users to view the content of web pages more easily. AMP helps web designers and developers create lightweight HTML pages . These small-sized codes load quickly on mobile pages and display content to users in the shortest time. AMP is mostly used on news sites.

AMP is different from Responsive . Responsive means that the pages of the site are displayed correctly on all types of mobile devices, but AMP is a structure that removes the bulky codes of web pages so that they load faster on mobile phones.

?How does AMP help speed up mobile page loading

AMP is an open source framework and optimizes the site's HTML codes . AMP helps avoid bulky page code such as CSS code and is recognized as an invalid factor. This makes mobile web pages load faster and makes it easier for users to read the content.  Sites that have used the AMP framework , in mobile search (search results), a gray circle with the word AMP will be shown before the site description.


One of the key and influential factors in site SEO is site loading speed. AMP framework increases page loading speed in mobile phones; Therefore, it is an important principle in SEO . The use of AMP by sites makes them appear high in Google search results. According to Google: "Using AMP , the page loading speed can be reduced to less than one second."

The growth of mobile phone use

Today, the use of smart phones has expanded greatly because they are easier to use and are available everywhere. As a result, a wide range of web users use mobile phones. This is where using AMP becomes important to increase page loading speed.

Better user experience ( UI ).

The use of AMP helps to create a good and enjoyable experience for the audience of the site and makes users reach the content of the desired page in less than a few seconds.

Sections of the AMP framework

?How to write SEO report


It contains some simple html commands that are added to the site pages. You can easily add its tags to the site.


It includes a set of Java commands that are called by the site and manage resources. This Java file is written specifically for the AMP framework . Please note that this framework is not compatible with other Java applets that are coded personally .


A content delivery network that detects the AMP pages of the site and caches and after optimization, displays them to the nearest user.


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