What is the Alt tag and what is its effect on SEO?

 One of the influential factors in site SEO  , which improves the site's ranking in search engines and increases site traffic, is the optimization of the Alt tag of images.

?What is the Alt tag 

Alt is one of the attributes of the Image tag in HTML codes and is used so that images can be understood and identified by Google robots and crawlers. The alt tag helps to better index the site's images and when the images fail to load, the image descriptions will replace them. The use of alternative text or the Alt tag to optimize site images is important for web design; Because the Google search engine pays special attention to it for identifying images. The Alt property in the Image tag makes it possible for bots to understand what this image is talking about. Although Alt is one of the features of the SEO Image site optimization tag , so called Alt tagthey say.

Everything you need to know about alt image text in SEO!

How is the Alt tag used in site images?

Adding an Alt tag to images is easy and can be easily added in the site's HTML codes . The following code is an example of a complete HTML image tag :

There are 3 parts in the above code, which we will examine the use of each of them in the following :

Image src

This section is related to the address of the image. In order to include an image in the content of the site, the address of the image in the place where it is saved must be placed in this section .

This section is related to the  Alt   tag . Between the quotation marks, the desired Alt tag should be placed .

 This section is actually the title of the image. In this section, you should put a suitable title for the image.

What is the importance of Alt tag in SEO site

Google places a lot of value on image alt tags . This value is due to the fact that it is easier to understand the images and determine the topic of the content around them. Search engines cannot see images on a site; Even if the text is embedded in the image, search engines are not able to crawl this text. By creating an Alt tag for each site image, you can be seen better on the web and come up in search results. In this way, the Alt tag is a great platform for using keywords and helps to increase the chances of the site being seen in image searches.

Necessary points in writing the Alt tag of images

 Appropriate description of the image

The Alt tag is the most important factor in understanding the concept of the image for search engines and people with poor eyesight. If there is an image that has no special meaning and is used only for the purpose of beautifying the content, it is better to place it in the CSS codes instead of in the HTML codes .

Appropriate length of Alt tag

In describing an image, only its general aspects should be mentioned. In general, we can say that the length of the Alt tag should be less than 125 characters.

TTI or duration of interaction and its impact on site SEO

 Using keywords

Alt tags are a great place to use keywords and thus another opportunity to signal to search engines to find out more about the relationship between your content and a specific phrase. As a result, linking content with images should be the first priority of Alt tag writing . Using the keyword in the Alt tag of one of the content images can also be effective in improving the ranking of the website . Don't forget that Google and other search engines hate using too many keywords and will penalize the site.

Using the searchable Alt tag

The Alt tag should be written in a way that is attractive to both internet users and search engines. Images that use highly searched tags and are close to what users are searching for will be displayed in the search results.

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