? What Importance Content in to improve Engines search

In its blog post , Google calls on   webmasters to “focus on ensuring the best possible content, that’s what our algorithms seek to reward.” Most people.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand the importance of content in SEO- Search Engine Optimization, discuss what content means and how search engines work, get industry experts’ opinions on the matter, and go over some content optimization techniques to pick up the search engine’s radar. his signals.

As you know that content is what users search for in search engines, which helps the reader to make a specific decision. Therefore, it is a very important topic for search engines, which depends mainly on providing and ranking in search results.

?What is the content

Content in brief is the content that visitors to your site accept to read, view, purchase, listen to or interact with in any way. Content takes a variety of forms such as text, images, video, audio, etc. In this definition we do not mean bad content that does not provide any kind of interest or relevance to the reader, but rather content that informs, educates, entertains or guides readers.

?How do search engines work

The way search engines work is directly related to the importance of content in SEO, so in the following example we will explain how Google search engine works when someone searches for something as shown in this video:

After the website is created, Google scans the website's pages to read the text in the pages' source code and then indexes it, that is, adds it to the search engine index so that you can quickly recall specific information when needed. When someone does a Google search, they use a search term (keyword) to narrow the results so that they quickly find what they need. 

SEO Success Factors (Search Engine Optimization)

Here, Google immediately scans the search query and combs its index, which includes billions of pages, to find a match between them and the keyword. Search engine results pages).

What experts say about the importance of content in search engine optimization

The importance of content in SEO has received a lot of attention from industry experts to study its impact and how. For example, the Search Engine Land blog, which specializes in search engines, issues a periodic report on search engine optimization factors in the form of the periodic table, showing that many elements are related to the content as follows, where the number in parentheses expresses the relative weight of the element on a scale of 3:

Content Elements

Qu: Content quality Good text with high value (+3)

Rs: Perform keyword research to determine what users are searching for (+3)

Kw: Use the right keywords (+2)

Fr: Content Freshness (+2)

An: Direct Answers (+2)

Tt: insert the keyword into the title with the code (+3)

St: Use “structured data” or structured data (+2)

Ds: Meta description describing the content of the page (+2)

Hd: Insert the keyword into the headline and sub-headings (+1)

En: Visitors spend a long time on the page (+2)

sf: keyword stuffing (-2)

As for Moz, the world's leading tool in search engine optimization, it conducted an opinion poll with a group of experts on search engine ranking factors, the content received a  score of 7.87 out of 10 in terms of the impact on the Google algorithm.

What are the benefits of content in relation to SEO

Here are some of the main benefits of content that are directly reflected in SEO

1. Improves click-through rate (CTR)

High-quality content improves your CTR- Click Through Rate, which measures the percentage of clicks on your page links compared to the number of times they appear in organic search results, and Google uses it as one of its ranking indicators. Click-through rate depends on the following three components:

A- Title of the page: The standard specifications are that the title should be attractive and specific about the topic and not exceed 60 characters in order to appear completely and include the main keyword without sub-words.

b- URL: The user is concerned about long and ambiguous URLs, so one of the quality criteria of the URL is that it is easy to read, short and clear.

C- Meta description: It is the short text snippet that appears below the page title and URL. It should provide an attractive brief overview of the content of the content and include the keyword and no more than 160 characters so that the reader does not lose part of the meaning. 

 Attracts backlinks

High-quality content attracts backlinks from other sites that refer to it as a source, and Google sees backlinks as a strong indicator of the credibility and trust the site enjoys. 

Encyclopedic content is one of the most prominent forms of content that reaps backlinks, such as rich and informative articles, working guides, and specialized brochures that make others cite them as important sources and references.

 Allows the use of keywords

The content is the framework that embraces the keywords and helps you to use them naturally and purposefully in your pages. The idea is to create content around the keywords related to your field in order for Google to examine the pages of the site and add them to its index that we mentioned earlier. 

One of the most important practices of using keywords is to distribute them in a balanced way along the content, while avoiding intrusiveness or stuffing, because it harms the user experience and Google sees it as a negative practice that harms the page ranking in search results.

 It contributes to providing a good user experience

Content is the most important pillar of the user experience on the Internet, which Google gives relatively important weight in search engine optimization. Content supports the user experience when the main message clearly leads its introduction, and when it attracts attention with numbers and visual elements such as images and videos, in addition to having a set of basic features such as clarity, consistency and shortness. and interest.

?After the above, what should be done

After answering a question, what is the importance of content in search engine optimization? We discovered that good content provides a huge SEO boost, without which pages would be just a marginal addition to the millions of pages posted every day on the Internet, with no one seeing, sharing or interacting with them.

Google has published a set of questions that every content maker should ask himself in order to be able to conduct a self-assessment of his content, the most important of which are:

Does the content provide original information, reports, research or analysis

Does the content present information in a way that makes you want to trust it, such as providing sources or evidence of expertise

Is the content free of spelling or grammatical errors

Does the content provide useful analysis or important uncommon information

Does the content provide significant value compared to other pages in search results

What is off-page SEO? You will not need another guide!


The world has turned to the Internet to search for information and to buy as well, which has imposed the importance of creating a strong and competitive presence on the web in which the content contributes strongly. As we have seen, improving content for search engines requires a continuous and professional effort to push the site to the top of the search engine results. Leading content industry leader to help you produce high-quality content that supports your SEO efforts.

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