What are the technical elements of the site configuration for search engines SEO?

 Technically configure the site for search engines

What are the important elements that you need to raise your site and prepare it to be issued and to make sure that it grows and raises it in order to be a source of a safe and secure source for Google and visitors

are the technical improvements we make to the Website ; That is, apart from the content itself.

The most important elements that we should take care of to prepare the site technically for search engines:

Organizing and arranging the content 

Where it is better that we try browsing the site or have one of our friends try it, which gives us the opportunity to make sure that the tools we offer to browse the site are simple, easy and available on all pages and that the site will suit the target user, and we must make sure that the lines and images are clear and make sure of their locations and distance between the elements of the displayed content (text, images, video); We should provide a pleasant, easy and very clear experience. This ensures that the reader will spend more time on the site and are good indicators that help our pages rank among the initial results of search engines.

site speed

Today, more than (60%) of searches in the United States are done via mobile and many people use the Internet with packages that are limited to a certain capacity and speed, which means that slow or large sites will take a long time to load the page when the user opens it Which means; Bad experience for this user, especially in countries where there are weak Internet speeds, where a page size (2 megabytes) may need several seconds, up to ten seconds to be loaded.

And this matter in the world of the Internet today is a very long time, as the user expects the page to load in less than (4 seconds) as a maximum, and he can easily close the page if he feels that it is slow. The user takes a long time to load the page. Keep in mind that what the reader does not like, the search engine also does not like, and there is a tool from the search engine (Google) called (Google Pagespeed insights).

How to access and use Google Pagespeed insights tool

We open the search engine (Google), type the name of the tool in the search field (Google Page speed insights) and press (Enter).

We choose the first result that appears in front of us as shown in the screen below.

Thus, the Google Pagespeed insights tool will open for you, we will enter the URL of the page that we want to check its speed and we also want to get recommendations to improve this speed. As we copy the link of any page and paste the link in the designated place and then press the (ANALYZE) button, and thus the (Google Pagespeed insights) tool analyzes the speed of this page and gives us the speed on the mobile and on the desktop, for example here as we note in the image below that the speed on The office equipment is very excellent, as it is (90), where the numbering from (90-100) is considered excellent, from (50-89) it is considered average (0-49) and the site is considered slow.

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Note : This tool presents us with opportunities that if we do it may improve page speed, some of these opportunities are somewhat technical. Experts advise working only on images where you can do without resorting to site developers, but these opportunities are relative and require high technical ability and knowledge, so experts advise We send it to the site developer so that he applies it and we just follow up on this result on (Google Pagespeed Insights).

For example, if we see the result of speed for mobile phones, we will find the number is (51%), as shown in the image below. 

To find out why the result was somewhat low, we resort to Opportunities. We will find the first option is (Defer offScreen images). If we work on this opportunity, we will save (4.35 seconds), where we will get a better time by 4 seconds. We communicate with the site developer and ask him to make these improvements to the site, especially on mobile.

Compatibility with smartphones:  Our website must be clear and smooth on all types of smartphones without the need to enlarge the screen or shift to view the entire content. The content must be compatible and suitable for smartphone screens. Also, the search engine (Google) has a tool called (Google). mobile friendly test) to help us know the compatibility of our website pages with smartphones.

Security Certificate The site's use of the (Https) protocol : that is, the site provides additional protection to the user by encrypting the data that is transmitted between the user's device and the website. secure, and on the other hand uses the phrase "insecure" next to sites that do not use this protocol. And obtaining SSL ciphers is easy depending on the site and system we are using, and there are many agencies that provide SSL certificates, and because the way to install the certificate on your site varies depending on the system and server used.

?How to access and use the mobile friendly test tool

To access the (mobile friendly test) tool, we type the name of this tool into the search box in Google and press (Enter). 

Then we click on the first result, we notice that this tool will ask us a question, is your web page suitable for mobile? As we can see in the screen below.

We enter the (URL) of the page as shown in the screen above, where we copy and paste it in the designated place and then click on (Try URL) in order to check if this page is suitable for mobile or not, then the tool analyzes this page as we note on the screen below. 

This tool gives us some tips in case the tool is not suitable for mobile to become suitable.

As we can see from the screen below the result is that (This page is mobile friendly).

The tool shows us how the page appears on mobile devices, and there are also problems with the page loading. If we click on it, it will give us some things that we can follow to improve this page.

These were the most important elements that we should take care of to technically configure the site for search engines to raise the level of SEO performance for your website, some of which we can do by ourselves, and some of which we need help from the page developers.

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