What are the most popular SEO tools?

 Zadroweb (Freeware)

ZadrowebIt is a free SEO tool, step by step supports you in your success on the Internet. With the Zadroweb tool, you will be able to perform a free audit of your site. Meta titles, descriptions, H1, H2 tags and tags, backlinks, social networks, blogs everything is taken into consideration to help you get new clients and boost your business.

Marketing Grader

Hubspot has its own audit tool and gives you a score out of 100, dealing with 5 different streams: SEO, Social Media, Mobile, Marketing and Blogging. It helps you get accurate results on your site and also provides tips if needed, you have no excuse not to try Marketing Graderand take advantage of it.

SEOptimer  (Complimentary)

If you are looking for a tool through which to get an accurate SEO analysis of your site, do not go far, we recommend you to use SeoptimerBecause it gives you results related to titles, tags, bots file and sitemap, you will not exclude anything, all you have to do is enter a link and wait a few seconds. I recommend this tool, as I personally use it in some customer reports

Google Keyword Planner (Free)

This is the keyword planning tool available for Google marketers, it gives you the Google Keyword PlannerAccess to strategic information such as average search volume, click cost or level of competition (the latter determines conversion power and not competition in its natural sense). The tool is free.

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Google Trends (Free)

Google Trends ToolVery useful for sites that rely on strong seasonal activities, such as a site that specializes in selling summer clothes, Google Trends gives you analytical results for a certain period of the year. There is a small problem in that Edwards has recently integrated this feature into its Google Keyword Planning tool, as it compares according to several keywords.

Ubersuggest (Freeware)

No longer have ideas? Don't worry, UbersuggestA powerful tool that can find multiple suggestions related to a single word. It's a great brainstorming tool that can't be missed, and also enables you to export keywords to incorporate into your search tool. However, it has become a victim of its own power and success, and is currently experiencing some troubles, especially stability.

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Suggester.promediacorp.com (Freeware)

We suggest this tool as an alternative to Ubersuggest, sometimes it 's UbersuggestIt has a lot of pressure, so Suggester promediacorp is the best alternative for it and it was also recommended by Neil Patel.

Wordstream (Free + Paid)

This tool created by Larry Kim, has a database of up to 3 billion keywords, supports all languages, and this is its advantage, but you must upgrade to the paid version in order to get the service in your country's language.

SmartKeyword (downloadable)

SmartKeywordA tool that helps you search for keywords. Many tools tell you what phrases users type on search engines, this tool tells you if you can put content on the first page.

Copyscape (free and there is a paid version)

We all know that Google fiercely fights content transfers, and we advise you to avoid these techniques, but you are not safe from a lazy and lazy Webmaster, I have a Copyscape toolIt determines which pages are similar or similar to the pages of your site, you just need to put the link of the page you want to check.

Alyze (Freeware)

Thanks to the Alyze tool, you will be able to get a comprehensive overview of the optimization level of your page. This tool can give you information about the content as well as its distribution (keyword density, number of links, images, etc.).

Although the density of keywords is no longer a decisive factor, it is always important to have this information that may help, for example, in determining the keyword that improves a particular page.

Yoast (Freeware – WordPress)

Add SEO Yoast WordPress enables you to get information related to content optimization in real time. Meta tags, links, content, everything goes into the analysis. In addition, you can customize the structure of homepage titles, ratings, and tags. More importantly, it creates a sitemap file and makes it easy to connect to a Webmaster Tools account.

All in one SEO pack (Free – WordPress)

 but it saves a lot of time in everything related to SEO efforts, although we recommend using the previous tool, but it is necessary and also useful to know alternative options and use additional features.

Google Analytics (Free)

Even if the Google Analytics tool does not directly affect the content of your site, thanks to the fact that it provides you with accurate analytical information on conversion goals, traffic and all related channels, geographies, landing pages, and more. All this directly helps in choosing the content that you will present to your visitors

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