What are the factors to improve your site's ranking in the Google search engine?

 Did you know that (68%) of clicks go to the top five positions in search results? If you want to drive traffic to your website, you have to be in one of the top sites in the search results page, and to reach a high position, you must constantly improve your (Google) page ranking using strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) , in In this article, we will discuss what Google PageRank is and how you can improve your Google ranking to get better results. 

What is Google PageRank

When you are trying to improve your ranking, it is essential to understand how you get your ranking, as a significant contribution to your ranking comes from (Google PageRank):

(Google PageRank) : It is an algorithm from (Google) that determines the value of your page by looking at the quantity and quality of other pages that link to your page.

Google determines the relevance of your webpage, so if Google believes your site is necessary and provides high-quality information, your website will rank higher than a less informative site, although this is not the only factor that Google uses to determine Ranking, however, plays an active role in determining where your website is in search results.

It takes into account the number and quality of outbound links to your site, if you want to get a good ranking, you will need to earn high quality external links to your website, when you are trying to figure out how to get a ranking on (Google), put (Google PageRank) Take into account, as it will affect how you improve your ranking.

How to improve your ranking in Google search 

To achieve better results for your business, you need to know how to boost your Google rankings, let's take a look at some ways to improve your Google ranking : 

1. Improve user experience to keep potential customers engaged

User experience plays a vital role in determining whether potential customers will stay on your page or leave it to a competitor, and this is very important to give your audience a positive experience when they visit your site, if your audience doesn't have a positive experience on your site, they won't stay, your audience will leave your site quickly, which will increase the bounce rate, and a high bounce rate indicates to (Google) that your information does not fit the needs of the user.

Your website is for your audience, it is a hub that helps your audience learn about your business, products, services and more, and you need to sell them a positive experience so that they continue to learn about your business and get to know your brand, when (Google) ranks your site, it takes into account your site visits The web, time spent on the site, and pages per session.

If people spend more time on your site and look at many pages, it sends a positive signal to (Google) that your website is relevant, and you will improve your ranking by being more relevant to your audience's needs. You can improve your user experience by :

Make your navigation simple and easy to use.

Add visual elements to split the text on your page.

Add call-to-action buttons to direct your audience to the next step in your sales funnel.

Implement responsive design to ensure your site looks great on every device.

Constantly test your website to improve its performance.

 Optimize your page speed to keep users on your page

When users click on your site, they don't want to wait for your page to load, users want information quickly and efficiently, if your page takes too long to load , you risk losing potential customers to a competitor, (53%) of users will abandon the page if it takes longer to load Three seconds and you could lose half of your website traffic straight from your site not loading fast enough. 

Slow loading pages negatively affect your SEO ranking as well, if people always leave your page because it takes too long to load, the bounce rate will increase, and Google will display your page as less relevant than your competitors' pages and higher than you, and However, (Google) now considers page load speed as a direct SEO factor, after refreshing the page experience.


To prevent people losing out to your competitors, you can actively improve your page speed, you can use Google (Page Speed ​​Insights ) to help you see how fast your site is currently loading, this tool will help you understand how your website is performing at the moment and where you can make improvements to create Better website. 

Create SEO-optimized content to boost your ranking in search results 

Content marketing is an important aspect of SEO, as when you create content, you create the opportunity for your business to drive more traffic to your site and gain more relevant links, when you create content, you share your knowledge and experience with your audience, and it helps you establish yourself as an authority in Your industry, content comes in many formats, you can write blogs, create videos, design infographics, or write e-books, and your content focuses on providing valuable information to your desired audience.

Keyword research helps you to create a list of valuable keywords that you can use to create content, and when you search for keywords, stick to long tail keywords, these are keywords with three or more words, these key terms will help you attract more traffic Value to your site keywords that contain fewer words.

Content Marketing is a valuable tool to improve your PageRank in (Google), because it attracts more traffic to your website, and you will attract potential customers who are looking for information on the topics you covered, once they find your content, they will spend time on your site while reading or watching your content.

Your content increases the time spent on the page, and it also increases the likelihood of these leads visiting other pages on your site, if potential customers visit more pages on your website, it will improve your ranking, a search engine (Google) will see People are spending more time on your page and interacting with it, so you'll rank your site higher in search results.

Optimize your site for mobile to satisfy mobile searchers 

Since more than (50%) of your internet traffic comes from mobile, it is critical that you customize your pages for a mobile user, as users are doing more mobile searches every day, and this number will only increase as mobile devices become mobile Better and more accessible.
(Google) understands the importance of the mobile experience too, mobile compatibility is now an important ranking factor for your website, if your site is not suitable for mobile searches, it will hurt your ranking, the best way to make your site mobile friendly is to incorporate responsive design in Design Your Website Responsive design enables your website to adapt to any device the user is using.

Whether they are using a mobile phone or a tablet, your website will be customized to fit their screen Responsive design is the best way to ensure that your website is suitable for mobile users Allows you to incorporate mobile-friendly design elements such as: menus and retractable pages For scrolling, to provide a better mobile experience.

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