Top 10 Browser Extensions to Improve Your Site's Results in Search Engines

Google Chrome browser offers a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) extensions and applications to help website owners improve their site results in search engines, so in this article we will present to you the 10 best Google Chrome extensions for SEO.

Add SEOquake

It is one of the most used add-ons in the world of seo, it displays the site in the Alexa rank, shows the archived pages in Google and the number of its backlinks, as well as shows detailed site statistics

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Add MozBar

The MozBar extension gives you the best real-time metrics while viewing any page or SERP, in addition to evaluating the pages, the appearance of the Page Authority, the Domain Authority, and the number of backlinks obtained by the site, and it also allows you to extract the SERP results pages in CSV files.

There are also other paid types of this add-on, which are MozBar Premium or Moz Pro, which when upgrading you can get additional benefits such as analyzing keywords, their difficulty, the size of the competition, clarifying some tips for improving SEO , as well as other metrics related to the search engine results page.

Add Mangools SEO

Mangools SEO is one of the latest Google Chrome extensions to help improve search engines to provide a quick review of sites. and description.

Add Portent

It s considered one of the best SEO tools, as it clarifies all the information about your website pages, starting from the link or URL, through the title, description, keyword and its consistency with the content. Find out what errors are on this page.

Add Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of the best and most important Google Chrome extensions because it provides keyword selection for websites, and it also provides cost per click data and is the most used extension by website developers.

Add SEO Pro Extension

The SEO pro extension is the number one helper in checking and analyzing basic SEO information about your website to improve its search performance because it checks for:

Title and length.

Description of the meta and its length.

URL and meta-canonical URL.

Meta robots tags.

Sitemaps.xml and robots.txt files.

– H1-H6 in the order they appear in the code.

Show photos without ALT Tag.

Internal and external links.

Add SERP Preview Tool

The add-on SERP preview tool gives you the opportunity to check your website pages before publishing them, shows you the meta description and the number of title characters in Search Engine Pages (SERP), helps you test how your page appears in video and image results, and test your pages in both mobile view and desktop.

Add Alexa Traffic Rank

The Alexa Traffic Rank extension helps you know the ranking of your site and the developments that have taken place in your ranking or ranking in the target country and on the world as well, and it is the most used add-on by developers and website owners.

Add SEOStack Keyword Tool

The SEOStack Keyword Tool extension is important for all content writers and website owners, because it is the best add-on that helps extract and add keywords or keywords to write them within the article.

Add Nofollow

The Nofollow add-on is the best add-on provided by Google Chrome to identify external links and their status, and are those links Nofollow or Doflo, and the add-on clarifies that difference by showing a red box on the nofollow links, while the links that appear in their natural form without any color are normal links that They are known as dovolo links that pass the authority and they are always recommended

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