The most important SEO terms that you must know to enter the field:


The domain or domain is the link of the site through which we can enter the site, and no other site can carry the same domain, as it is unique and yours after booking it, and the value of the domain increases whenever it is easy to memorize and memorable.

DNS A and a Name Server

It is an acronym for (Domain Name System) , a system that stores information related to domain names in databases spread on the Internet, linking information to domain names , and in a simpler way, it translates domain names into IP  addresses .


You must realize that any website on the Internet consists of various files that can be software files, text files, or even video files, and these files have a certain area, but you want everyone to enter your site and view these files, so what is the solution?

So, you need a strong, fast, and secure hosting or server. You upload your site files to it, and the site becomes available to everyone. 

WordPress platform 

If we want to define WordPress in a simple way as a content management program through which you can create, manage and control your website completely, whether it is a news site, a store or a personal blog, and there are many different content management platforms, but WordPress is the most professional and easy.

Theme, template, or Theme

WordPress users can install the appropriate theme or template for their work as it allows to change the look and functionality of any site created using WordPress, without any fear of changing the contents of the site, and each WordPress-based site needs to use a specific template.

Content - The Content

After creating and launching your site, you need something to present to your audience, which is known as the content and distinguishes your site from any other site, where the content can be text materials, videos, images and the like, and the content is the king to prefer one site over another, you must take into account Add a good value that distinguishes your site from any other site that provides the same service.

Keywords Strategy

After determining the domain of your site, you must determine the topics that you will provide content about. If you are targeting to get visitors from search engines, knowing the words that visitors are searching for that relate to your site area directly is essential.

You, in turn, here prepare a list of keywords that visitors are searching for, in order to provide content on your site around these words in the future, and this is known as the keyword strategy.

Google Keyword Planner – Adwords Keywords Planner

It is a performance that Google developed to provide ideas for the words that are searched through the Google search engine and provides estimates of the number of searchers for these words. This performance primarily targets the category of advertisers on Google, but is used by content providers to get ideas about the searched words.

 Google Webmaster Tools

It is a set of tools provided by Google for webmasters to be able to easily follow the workflow of their sites. These tools provide information related to archiving the site in the search engine, data analysis, visits and server errors, as well as providing great tips to improve your site for the better. 

Google Analytics 

The Google Analytics tool analyzes your site and learns how visitors use the site. This performance allows you to understand the reactions of your customers to the services you provide. You can also know the sources of visits that come to your site, whether they are from search engines or social networking sites. This performance shows all the details that It is done by site visitors, such as the length of stay within the pages of the site, the number of pages the visitor browses, and much more.

TTI or duration of interaction and its impact on site SEO


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