The direction of the future of SEO + predicting popular trends

 Website SEO is no longer as easy as it was 10 years ago. You may not remember but at that time, almost all the tricks used in SEO were Black Hat SEO. But now that the algorithms of search engines, especially Google, have been updated, it can be said that the market for black hat SEO methods is no longer stagnant. The most important algorithms that can be mentioned are: Panda algorithm, Penguin, Rank brain.

Maybe this question has arisen for you, whether the SEO of the site will be as prosperous in the future as it is today or not? What changes will there be in the future of SEO? What criteria will search engines pay attention to when ranking websites? As site SEO has changed a lot from 10 years ago to today, it can be claimed that site SEO will not disappear in the future and will continue to be one of the main methods of site optimization. But definitely SEO techniques and tricks in the future will be very different from today.

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In this content from Amanj Academy's collection of SEO training articles , we will discuss the future of SEO and site optimization. We suggest that if you are interested in SEO or want to start working in it, don't miss this article.

SEO, from the past to the present

Due to the ever-increasing number of websites, search engines have started to make their algorithms more complex to ensure that only reputable companies appear at the top of search results. Recently, several changes have been made in the Google search engine, which refers to the attention of search engines to a suitable user interface. In other words, search engines now give more importance to websites that are more user-friendly.

Additionally, Google has taken several important steps to ensure that SEOs cannot rank their websites on the first page of search engine results using unethical, shady, or simply black hat SEO techniques.

SEO from the past until now and the evolution of SEO

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, SEO has changed drastically in the last few years and today it is almost impossible to bypass search engine algorithms. SEO is now considered a long-term investment for businesses and businesses, with results showing gradually over time. Google is getting stricter day by day. For this reason, SEO is considered almost dead by many webmasters and business owners. They believe that SEO is no longer an effective method. However, many experienced and world-renowned experts believe that search engine optimization or SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic and sales and make your brand popular online.

Undoubtedly, SEO trends are constantly evolving, but that doesn't mean that everything we've done in the past is worthless now and won't be valuable to our websites in the future. But it can be said that success in SEO is not like a formula that anyone can solve easily, unlike in the past. Today, SEO has become an art that not everyone can master. In the following, we will mention some of the most important changes of search engines in the future, which will affect the SEO of the site.

The future of link building 

Today, link building strategy and backlinks are one of the main factors of Google ranking, most SEO experts believe that one of the best ways to increase website traffic in search engines is link building. The more quality links you build, the more your brand awareness will increase and your search engine ranking will improve. Although link building is still one of the main factors of site optimization today, it should not be expected to remain this way.

What is going to happen in the future for link building in SEO, is that Google wants to distinguish between natural and high quality links that deserve credit and poor quality links. In the future, a link from a reputable site but in an unrelated domain may not be as valuable as it was years ago. Additionally, websites that have gained high credibility through link building strategies, but have mediocre content, will be affected by Google's algorithms .

Therefore, make your link building strategy so that instead of only paying attention to the validity of the domain, try to get links from domains related to your field of activity.

Optimization for semantic search

In the past, Google could only provide results for the exact terms a user searched for. But today, Google will pay more attention to the purpose and meaning of search terms with its algorithm updates. Semantics is one of the linguistic concepts that deals with the logic and meaning of words and how they relate to each other in a specific context. For example, the Google BERT algorithm update , which is based on artificial intelligence, was created to learn and understand natural language or NLP (Natural language processing). When serving search results to users, Google wants to ensure that the displayed results are relevant to the user's search terms. 

Therefore, make sure to use these two main factors when creating your content: the purpose of the user's search and the semantic purpose of the search terms .

For this purpose, try to make the content you produce targeted for the audience instead of the search engines. As search engines evolve, content that is specifically targeted to users will become more valuable. Producing this type of content will put you ahead of others now and in the future.

Improve branding

As time goes by, more and more online users will look for brands. In this way, brands gain more popularity. The best step you can take for your business is to improve your brand. You can do this by researching your target audience. Accurately knowing the target audience gives you more insight and provides you with important information about the expectations of the audience from the brand. When you are known as a brand, it becomes much easier to get strong links and improve your SEO and ranking in Google. 

Improving User Experience (UX)

User experience, UX, is another important ranking factor that is relevant now, and its impact can become more colorful in the future of SEO. In simple words, user experience means the satisfaction of your audience with the website. Various factors such as user perception, ease of use of the site, usefulness of the site content for the user, etc. determine the user experience. User experience is measured using various criteria such as retention rate, conversion rate, error rate, heuristic evaluation, etc. Increasing various factors such as loading time, adding rich images and creating relevant content that the user needs will make your pages rank higher in the Google search engine results pages.

The role of website architecture in the success of search engine optimization

Mobile friendly websites

Research shows that the number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet is steadily increasing. As a result, optimizing the website to be more compatible with mobile is one of the things that must be considered in the future. Optimizing the site for mobile will provide you with more audience, which will be a strong point compared to the competitors. Additionally, mobile compatibility is a huge ranking factor for Google. In fact, according to Google, the site you are developing must be mobile friendly, otherwise sites that are not mobile friendly will be penalized by Google.

27% of mobile phone users use voice search on their mobile devices, which is growing rapidly. Optimizing your site for voice search can help your brand attract a larger audience, more traffic, and thus higher conversion rates. Google has perfected voice search algorithms for English and many other languages ​​around the world. This possibility, along with the fact that more users are choosing voice search, can be a great incentive for you to optimize your content for voice search. Doing so will put you far ahead of the competition.Typically, voice searches are longer and more conversational than text searches. Therefore, your website should focus on words with these characteristics. However, with AI and more information about user intent, if you can provide full value and answer your searchers' questions, your Google ranking can rise to the top of the search results.

Content production 

If you want to get a lot of traffic to your site, the essential part is content creation. It used to be that you could stuff your content with keywords and expect search engines to find your site. When Google made changes to its algorithm with the Panda and Penguin updates, it emphasized content. When people like your content, high traffic will flow to your site. In addition to being useful for users, the content of the website must also be up-to-date. Because search engines are trying to put more emphasis on providing results that are up-to-date and relevant to users.

Personalization of search engines

Google has made significant changes in the field of personal search in recent months. When you browse while signed in to your Google account, the results will be adjusted according to your preferences. Google also tracks the sites and information you've already visited and may place more emphasis on those sites in future searches. This means that instead of a standard set for everyone, people will have their own personalized search results.

?How to prepare for the future of SEO

The online world is constantly evolving and improving. This cycle of transformation does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The world of search engine optimization will also change. If you want to optimize your website, you should try to always be one step ahead of others and always be aware of the changes that may affect SEO in the future. As mentioned in this article, understanding the user will be the key to website SEO success in the future. Also, as semantic search, voice search and machine learning become popular in search engines, site SEO for these sectors will become an important challenge for SEO professionals in the future.


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