The differences between free and paid visits

 When it comes to choosing between free and paid traffic, you will need to consider a lot of factors, in this article, we will explain the basic differences between paid and paid traffic and other differences between them.

The most obvious difference between these two types of traffic or traffic is that the first one doesn't directly cost you to get it, while the second means that you buy it and you don't get it for free.

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Natural Traffic or Free Traffic

It is the traffic of visitors who come to your site through natural means, and it can be by typing your site address in the browser and they know your site link well, or they enter the site through favorites and to the latest articles and content from the news feed.

White means visits from website directories and search engines as well as other sites that refer to your site naturally.

Most marketers who want to get natural and free traffic create a blog. This is because it is the cheapest way to have your voice heard and can be a very profitable venture if properly understood.

The basic idea behind blogging is to connect with people who share similar opinions, feelings, and hobbies.

The first thing to do if you want to start a blog is to decide what you want to talk about and why, and it is crucial that you know your niche early on, as this will be the driving force behind everything you do, so make sure it is either something you know or You have a passion for it.

Many people tend to choose the things they know about because they have a chance to teach others, they can then become experts in their online community, don't worry if you are not an expert there are other angles that can be covered.

Blogs have developed and writing in them is open to many individuals where you can invite bloggers to participate in them, but more than this, the game has changed in recent years through the investment of bloggers in hiring bloggers and buying high-quality content, especially since these sites have become commercial with their support for ads. And the possibility of profit from advertising articles and advertising partnerships with companies and institutions in the same field and profit from commission marketing as well.

Creating a new blog and making it a success requires a lot of time, but if you reach the top and manage to dominate in the field in which you compete, all the effort and money you spend will be compensated and the project will be very profitable on an ongoing basis.

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Most of the traffic that a blog gets should come from free channels, including search engines like Google and free posts on Facebook and Twitter.

According to 2018 stats, there are more than 30 million blogs in the USA, there are an estimated 3.9 billion internet users worldwide, while 77% of people on the internet read blogs which means there are nearly 3,003000 000 or just over 3.003 billion potential readers worldwide.

All WordPress blogs are generating about 20 billion views every month and this is according to 2018 figures, while more than 2 billion articles have been published on the sites that operate this platform.

You see, the industry is still alive and healthy and growing on an annual basis however, the more bloggers there are, the more content, competition and even opportunities as well, the problem with organic traffic is that you have to basically respect Google’s laws and work on creating quality content whether it’s news or otherwise.

To get free traffic you need to spend a lot of time, effort, learning and skill to get it right, so even though it may be “free” from a monetary point of view, you can make money in the time you spend trying to get people to your site.

Paid visits

On the other hand, you can notice that all websites are currently full of ads and ad spaces, starting with Google, where you see paid search results, and YouTube, where there are ad breaks, and you can see some ad units on various sections, and we should not forget, of course, the advertising posts on Facebook, and ending with blogs, websites, and free services that display ads.

This is the main source of paid visits, although it takes a variety of different forms, and there are many advertising platforms and advertising forms.

Bloggers and content site owners can invest money in buying traffic to increase the number of their blog readers, loyal followers and subscribers to the mailing list, but many bloggers do not prefer this method because in such campaigns they prefer to measure the return on investment and know the real gains from behind the campaigns and not just increase Visits for several days and after the campaign ends, traffic returns to normal.

Therefore, companies, brands, institutions and their marketers are the ones who use advertising, as this positively affects sales and they can measure results immediately.

People who work in affiliate marketing mainly prefer to buy visits or paid visits, and this is to direct visits to a specific page and also measure results and carry out campaigns arranged for a specific period or period of time.

Paid visits are not sent to the main because unfortunately this page does not succeed in converting the visitor into a permanent reader, subscriber or even a customer, so when buying visits for a blog or for a CPA campaign, the article page, issue or landing page is usually the target page for visits and it includes The content and action to be taken by the visitor.

Buying traffic already requires the use of trusted platforms that are able to send real visitors, and they also provide the ability to target by defining the audience you want to reach, including the age group, countries, language, gender, and even the industry and industry in which you want to reach your audience.

Paid traffic allows you to get started quickly which is great however the biggest advantage is that it will enable you to expand when things are going well.

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If you test a campaign with a small number of visitors and find that they convert well and you can make a profit, you can buy more traffic and benefit from larger amounts of people who buy your offer.

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