Specifications of valuable links and how to build them for SEO

Specifications of links that will benefit our site:

In this article, I will introduce you to the most important valuable links that you need on your site, and many search for them and find no explanation for them. I present to them.

These links must be located on pages with content that is relevant and similar to the pages of our site.

It is better that the links be on reliable and serious sites, as the more important these sites are, the greater the importance of this link that they linked from our site. Deliberate link building, but what we actually do is get content that is of excellent value, and is of interest to the user or reader.

This process helps make many websites on the Internet link themselves with our own pages on our own site; This is because it is characterized by a high value for its unique content, and the benefit it brings to the reader from other sites 

It must be known that search engines can do manual punishment for sites that are proven to have purchased backlinks. This is a taboo from the point of view of Google and search engines in general, so we must beware of any site that offers us the service of buying backlinks, as the future of our site will remain At risk if we buy backlinks and they are discovered someday or reported to us as this thing actually exists.

Social networking sites are one of the tools that help us spread the content of our site, and they are also considered a type of external links, but the links that come from most social networking sites are (No Follow) and have almost no weight, but with the development of these sites, a new factor appeared today. It is linked to the site’s posts and its echo on these platforms, which is Social Signals. These signals are not considered external links that affect the importance of our site (Do Follow), but in total they give an indication that this site has taken a good space on the communication sites and many people have shared it This is a signal to search engines about the importance of this article or website.

Search engines, including Google, try to give a better ranking to popular pages than others; That is, many links on social networking sites and on other sites.

?How to get links to our website

?How do we get valuable links to our website

earning rather than building links; This means that we try with all our efforts to offer content worth linking to from other sites related to our own site, and this requires that we provide content of high value, for example, when writing an article that aims to answer a search for a specific keyword, we should not be satisfied with only answering the search process, Rather, it is to provide the reader with additional information that makes him share it on the social networking sites, and even if someone needs to write about a similar topic, he uses our article and its content as a reference for his article.

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In the event that we want to work on building links, there are some ways to help us with this, but we should not adopt them mainly as a substitute for the principle of earning links. For example, we can obtain valuable links through active participation on question and answer platforms, and digital communities. After participation, we can We refer to our own site, thereby gaining new interested visitors and earning links on pages related to the content of our pages.

There are many Arabic and English sites that help with this, for example, there is a platform (manshar, computer communities, Kora, etc.); What is unique about these platforms is that people ask about almost everything, and this is a great opportunity for site owners to answer these questions and their sites can be referred to through these answers, while being careful in terms of the ethics of using these communities such as not only placing your link Without giving adequate answers to the person asking.

You can also build your pages on some platforms that give you Do Follow links, such as (Linkedin) and others, but you have to remember that this thing you cannot rely on completely, but you have to focus on earning links and not just building them .

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