Seobility Review Best Simple SEO Tool

 Seobility is a low-cost and easy-to-use SEO solution and tool designed for small websites. I'll go over all the features in the Seobility review .

Seobility helps you verify that you are doing everything right while creating articles and pages on your website. 

For the purpose of visitors and search engine rankings,   seo check is one of the most cost effective solutions available. With a completely free version for on-page and on-site SEO checking.

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?What is Seobility and how does it help with SEO

Seobility is a search engine optimization tool that scans and analyzes web pages for errors that may help improve SERP rankings. This tool originated in Germany and is gradually gaining popularity in the United States and other regions of the world. 

Thousands of website owners and e-marketers are currently using this tool, to improve the ranking of websites in search engines. 

The application enables you to create high-quality websites quickly and easily. You can use seocheck to scan your entire website by scanning all connected pages and looking for problems, as well as getting tips on how to solve them.

Subletti also provides marketers with a clear picture of what is happening with their websites and helps them identify areas that can be improved. In other words, Seobility detects issues that are likely to harm SEO performance and guides users through the process of correcting these issues and re-optimizing their sites.

Rank tracker, keyword checker, website review, competitor analyzer, TF*IDF tool for competitive content analysis, and backlink checker are all part of Seobility's current SEO package.

It is also worth emphasizing the possibility of white-label reporting and exporting. Anyone can easily send their logo to their accounts, including beginners. Once done, they will have their own branding in the reports they provide, which is great for SEO and digital marketing sites.

We conclude that the most important works of the Seobility tool for the site are:

Check your site for crawling and auditing methods.

Google Rank Tracker is updated daily.

Regularly check link development and backlink white mark reports.

Checks metadata and content on the page.

Blacklist check and protected browsing.

Monitors your page's response time.

In-depth reports can be exported in CSV and PDF formats.

How does Seobility work 

By clicking on the big "Add Project" button in the middle you are free to start working on a project now. Alternatively, use the right sidebar's Tools menu to navigate to any of the available tools. The dashboard also displays information about your plan. 

Knowing how many crawls, project slots, and keywords you have left helps you get the most out of your resources. The top bar acts as a navigation bar, allowing you to access your account, change the language, and log out.

Seobility robots analyze a variety of characteristics, which are divided into the following categories:

Site audit

tracker rank

Backlink search

Keyword Analyzer

Competitor Research

TF*IDF tool work

monitoring service

Pricing and plans

 Website Audit

In the Seobility interface, the "Check Site" button is not displayed. Instead, the company will provide you with audits via their Projects app. In other words, we have the ability to add projects to the dashboard. Only the URL is required for these projects. Having done that, here is an image of a summary of the location report:

Seobility Review Best Simple SEO Tool

There are four basic components to this study. In general, on-page, backlinks, and ratings are all factors to consider.

Response times, URL data, meta descriptions, and other statistics are displayed on the Tech and Meta tab. As per the proposed name. They include the "technical" characteristics of the domain, as well as meta descriptions and other relevant factors.

The 'Structure' category mostly helps us to troubleshoot (internal and external) correlation issues. This contains difficulties such as redirect errors, linking issues, and page levels, among others.

It also contains "important pages", which are determined by the number of internal connections and proximity to the home page.

The Content tab tells us if we have a lot of pages competing for the same keyword, if we have blank pages, if we have the wrong keyword, and if we need to improve our content. and so on. Basically, any project "content" that can be modified or monitored is included.

Site audit allows you to take advantage of the following features:

✅Descriptive information

SEO Check provides descriptive information so that users can get a quick idea of ​​what a website is all about. They help rank your content and make sure that search engines understand what your website is about.

Seobility SEO Checker detects issues with metadata such as:

Meta descriptions and titles that are either too short or too long.

Meta tags used to prevent search engines from crawling your website.

Canonical connections are missing.

Language phrases are inconsistent.

Domain names or URLs of the problematic page.

✅Page structure and links

When search engines analyze your material, internal and external linking is critical. Seobility SEO Checker detects issues that make it difficult for search engines to check your website, such as:

H1 titles are too short or too long.

Incorrect address order or empty address tags.

Internal communications with dynamic parameters.

Duplicate internal link text.

A large number of internal or external links.

✅ Quality of the page

Seobility detects page quality issues such as:

Pages with insufficient text.

On your page there is a duplicate.

Framesets and other legacy website components.

Optimizing the display for mobile devices is not enough.

Images with no alt text.

Ads that appear on top of your content.

Rank tracker

Good keyword optimization on a specific term or topic is critical to your search engine ranking Seobility can help you understand the differences between your competitors and improve your website's keywords and why they rank higher in search engine results.

The SEO Compare tool compares keyword optimization for two websites based on one or more keywords and evaluates the differences. At Seobility, there are three different techniques for dealing with keywords for your projects.

The first is just to confirm your domain's current keyword ranking. The second feature allows you to follow it throughout the entire site/project for all URLs. Finally, there is a feature that allows you to perform keyword analysis and optimization.

By going to the dashboard and choosing Rank Checker, you can access the Keyword Checker. Enter your domain name as well as keyword. 

To perform the scan, you can also choose the country and device (desktop or mobile). City/state names, as well as zip codes for locations, can be used for more thorough searches Seobility returns with the following report:

As a result, it reveals your current ranking, CPC, and search volume. Plus Top 100 URLs ranked higher and lower than you. This is the only thing available to her.

As mentioned in the previous section of this Seobility review, keywords should be customized to “project” to see their SERP grow. There is a "rating" page where you can enter the terms you want totrack.

You'll see the search volume, CPC and ad competition level for each term as soon as you add it:

he following capabilities are included in this keyword monitoring tool:

Updates are made to the top 100 keywords on a daily basis.

Each project receives 100 keywords as part of the premium membership.

Search volume, average cost per click, and keyword competitiveness.

Up to 20 competitors are monitored, and a complete competitive comparison (domains) is made.

All URLs ranked on the page and search snippet analysis.

Suggestions for better keyword optimization.

Premium members only have access to certain features.

Ranking and analysis data and other information may be exported to PDF and CSV formats.

The desktop and mobile ratings are automatically reviewed.

Local search results for locations, businesses, and stores in your area (by city).

As mentioned earlier, Seobility also provides keyword optimization analysis. By going to the dashboard and clicking on Keyword Checker, you can use this tool. Simply enter the term and URL you want to monitor. It also allows you to choose between two different crawling modes. Chrome with JavaScript or Standard without JavaScript.

 Backlink search

Without question, backlinks are one of the most important factors in determining project SERP rankings. Seobility has a Backlink Checker right on the dashboard. The abstract domain or exact URL can be added with additional directories. 

Here is an example of the type of report that Seobility might provide:

The report includes data on the total number of backlinks as well as referral domains. Additionally, domain classification and the relationships of Dofollow versus Nofollow are discussed. The exact backlink is also provided, along with the link taxonomy (backlink value), anchor text, and URL.

Most other applications include a link strength statistic, which can be compared to a link rating. It is rated on a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 denoting the lowest connection quality and 100 denoting the best.

The lack of filters is undeniable. Because it hides links that meet specific criteria or belong to a certain category. In addition, there are no other filters based on strength, history, or anything else.

Among the features are the following:

The back cookie is updated once a week.

A list of all backlinks, including new and missing backlinks, as well as incoming links with anchor text.

Backlink building tools to help you grow your backlinks.

View the full backlink profile of your competitors.

 Keyword Analyzer

This is one of the characteristics required to evaluate the main keyword on your website. Simply type the target phrase and URL of your post/page into Seobility's Keyword Checker. 

Seobility Review Best Simple SEO Tool

This tool will show you how to make your content more keyword friendly. It gives scores as well as suggestions on how to improve the score.

How to Lower Your Alexa Rank: The Best Ways to Lower Your Alexa Rank

Competitor Research

On the dashboard, there is a tool called "SEO Compare" This is referred to as Seobility's competitor search tool. Even if you pay for a premium plan. Only two URLs can be compared, which is a huge limitation that you should definitely consider different SEO alternatives in this area.

Seobility Review Best Simple SEO Tool

This is disappointing because it only compares the user's personal URLs as a result, you won't be able to display any other URLs that could compete or top the same keywords as you. Moreover, the only thing that is compared is the content. 

For example, consider placing keywords and alt tags for images. As a result, instead of doing a competitive search, this becomes a battle to discover who has the best keyword optimization for a given URL.

However, Seobility can be used in a variety of ways to conduct more in-depth competition research. You can add competitors to your project's "Backlink" page, for example.

Seobility Review Best Simple SEO Tool

The total number of domains/backlinks for each of your competitors will be shown later by the app.

Additional information is also provided, such as which page can be used to create new links, sponsored content/guest posts, etc.

In the same way, you can add competitors to the "ratings" tab. The data for these competitors differs from that on the Backlinks page for obvious reasons.

In terms of how many keywords they rank for (relative to the total number of keywords you track). In addition to their viewing points.

You can also click on any of these competitors to get more information about them. Both "Backlink competitors" and "ranking competitors" fall into this category. 

Making Seobility's TF*IDF Tool   

Seobility Review Best Simple SEO Tool

The TF*IDF tool checks the highest-ranking sites for a given keyword. It collects information from the top ten ranks and checks keywords for each page. 

You'll get a list of contextually relevant keywords for your search term, as well as statistics indicating how frequently those keywords are used in your content.

The TF*IDF method helps authors identify keywords for their content by specifying which keywords Google thinks pages should contain to answer a given search term.

If you're writing about content creators for websites, for example, TF*IDF will consider the top 10 ranked URLs for the term "website builder".

“By looking at other phrases these high-ranking sites use, like 'website builder', 'WordPress' and 'compare', you now have a list of other keywords to include in your content SEO to improve your SEO ranking. 

After registering, you can use this tool to add your website. It will crawl all your website links and provide you with detailed reports of problems and solutions.

Seobility Review Best Simple SEO Tool

To start, there are three distinct plans. The basic account is free and allows you to optimize a single project or area and create up to 1,000 pages. It is suitable for small sites. On the free plan, you must wait 24 hours before performing a re-crawl on your project.

The premium plan costs $50 per month with a 30-day free trial and allows you to optimize three projects and re-crawl right away without waiting.

Come on is excellent for beginners as it has less than 1,000 pages. It is 100% free and offers the following features:

one project.

Maximum number of pages crawled: 1000.

100 external links verified.

1 crawler in parallel.

Recrawls will be delayed by one day.

Ten keywords are included.

Each project has three contestants.

Placement on the desktop.

Location based country search.

No backlink analysis or monitoring.

premium plan premium account

3 projects included.

Maximum number of pages crawled: 25,000.

25,000 external links checked.

3 reptiles in parallel.

Recrawls happen instantly.

300 keywords included.

Each project has 20 contestants.

Ratings for desktop and mobile.

Using a city or country search, you may find a location.

Backlink analysis and monitoring services are available.

Agency plan

It will cost your agency $200 per month without a trial period for major websites and agencies, and it will include:

15 projects are included.

Maximum number of pages crawled: 100,000.

50,000 external links checked.

Recrawls happen instantly.

1500 keywords included.

Each project has 30 contestants.

Ratings for desktop and mobile.

Using a city or country search, you may find a location.

Backlink analysis and monitoring services are available.

Features of the free Seobility tool without registering an account

The tool allows you to use a number of important tools and extensions that do not require you to register with an email, such as:

✅ SEO Checker

Provides an overview of SEO checks such as metadata, page quality, page structure, link structure, server, and external variables.

✅  Keyword Checker

This program provides an overview of keyword research, including meta tags and HTML optimization.

✅  Rank Checker

Use this tool to get Google rankings for your website

✅  SEO Comparison

Compares two websites for keyword optimization based on a specific search word.

✅ Backlink  Checker

Checks backlinks for any website for free.

✅  Redirect Checker

Redirect Checker helps you identify issues with inconsistent redirects on your website based on target canonical URLs such as, and http://www.example .com and

✅  Extract Generator

This is the latest feature that allows you to see the search result of your post as it will appear to others when they search for it.

 Final  conclusion

In short, reviewing the Seobility tool was without a doubt one of the simplest and most enjoyable. While it is a good SEO tool that we recommend using, it does not live up to SE Ranking, SEMrush , and Ahrefs in terms of data and features.

It's not a guarantee that if you follow these guidelines in the Seobility article How the Tool Helps SEO, you'll rank first in your position, but you'll have a higher chance of getting into the top 20 and then persuading Google with good user signals to rank first. 

But it seems that you have a large number of free online SEO tools at your disposal

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