SEO rules

Before you start in any field, you have to know the rules that you must follow and walk on in order to reach your goal, and from here, the SEO rules are very important to advance

 A website has applied the SEO rules correctly, so the results of its site appear on the first page of search engines, while you find your pages late until the tenth page! Here comes the role of the Arabic site to help you clarify some of the rules of SEO to help you improve the appearance of your pages.

?What are the SEO rules

When talking about the rules of SEO, we are talking about the basics of SEO at the same time that you need to know and apply them to get a good ranking for your website.

Here are some of the most important SEO rules and basics:

 Content is king

When talking about content, always associate it with the word king, yes content is king! Because search engines want to facilitate the access of users (searchers) to information, and good content of interest and clear information is distinguished and appreciated by search engines by giving it a high rank that helps it appear on the first pages.

Write for people and not for search engines, in this article we write in an attempt to facilitate the understanding of the information by you, dear reader, so we cannot write content in an unorganized and incomprehensible manner, because our goal is to benefit you, and this is what you have to do in your blog or website .

 Content that people are searching for

If you think that writing unique content that is not written by any website before you! Are people looking for it? This is what you have to make sure of before you start writing. In the end, you do not find any visitors who enter your site through search engines. The reason may simply be that no one is looking for this content, and to find out what people are searching for, there are several ways, including using a free tool provided by Google called Keyword. Planner.

Youtube SEO basics

Another way is to write any word related to what you are thinking of writing. If related topics appear in the search engine box, then your topic is searched for by people and vice versa.

 A title that expresses the content

Do you see the title of our article? SEO rules! Did the title really relate to the content? Of course, and this is what is meant here in writing a title that expresses and relates to the content, do not write an interesting title to the point that visitors entered your site and did not find content related to that title.

 Internal links

Water pipes are all connected to each other to deliver water to people's homes regularly, and sewage pipes are all connected to each other and in thoughtful ways to facilitate the transfer of water from homes to primary sewage centers for proper disposal in the end or recycling..etc!

The same principle applies to websites, make your articles or content in general linked to each other so that people move from one article to another or content to another easily, and most importantly, the internal links facilitate the movement of search engine spiders from one article to another to facilitate the process of archiving and distinguish the importance of an article from others and access to All the content of your site, but how do search engines distinguish this importance? We will talk about this in a separate article.

Links to your website pages

When creating a page on your site or an article, make sure that the link contains the target words, for example, if you are writing about SEO rules, make sure that the target word is in the link, this will help you get a higher ranking.

The website is responsive to mobile devices

Browsing your website from laptops, mobiles and tablets? This will help you to get a better ranking than others.

Site speed

A slow site with very good content, or normal content with a fast site, yes content is king but don't just do that, work on the speed of your site and its pages because no matter how much your site has enough for people, they don't want to wait 15 seconds to move from page to page.


It is the most lethal weapon when you want to rank well for your website pages, but do you think a site with bad content will get backlinks? I’m talking about the legitimate ways and here you have to trust that a bad site cannot develop at the level of backlinks in a legitimate way, so work on providing distinctive, good and new content, and wait for the backlinks that will point to your site with confidence and its ranking increases day by day.

As I mentioned earlier, backlinks are the most influential factor in ranking pages in search engines, so you need to take good care of them. Backlinks with internals are an integral part of the juice of links which is a science in itself.

These were not all SEO rules, rather they are much more than that, but we brought a few and very important ones that you have to take care of actually, then wait for visitors to start arriving on your different pages, and God is the guardian of success.

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