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SEO, which is an acronym for the concept of Search Engine Optimization, and its connotation means the processes you perform to create and improve the ranking of your website or online store in Google Search engines in a free and natural way without the use of paid ads, and the more your role comes to ranking the sites at the top of the results, the more visits there are to Its various pages and perhaps more business.. The SEO of online stores is different from the SEO of regular sites, because its adjustment is much simpler than the regular sites..

Online store SEO is natural and free marketing for your online store and merchandise. It relies heavily on the goods themselves to create search engines in various aspects, starting with the name of the store, sub-names, product images, description and features..

And the SEO of electronic stores is one of the most important and powerful methods used in e-marketing that pave the way for achieving the desired profit and success from establishing electronic stores and reaching the largest visitor base of the target group that is characterized by demographic characteristics that are compatible with the offered goods, and they are the type of visitors who search About your already offered commodity, and those who need and are looking for it, making it easier for you to reach them easily, and working on improving the search engines for your online store, achieving your goals and the success of your business, and expanding your perceptions a lot to reach a wide segment of the target audience using the SEO methods of electronic stores, which are unimaginable methods. paid for..

TTI or duration of interaction and its impact on site SEO

Before we address our topic, we must first understand the meaning and definition of electronic stores

What are e-stores?

What are electronic stores?

Electronic stores are commercial platforms for buying and selling different products and goods, and their competence is determined by determining the quality of the store in general, and it is also possible that the commercial platform provides services and not goods over the Internet.. The use of electronic stores has spread widely and quickly and It has become an indispensable means of purchasing in the lives of consumers at the global and Arab levels as well, and the online store is considered to have basics that must be available, which often represent the biggest reasons for winning electronic stores, which are:

Want to bring visitors naturally and for free? In order to gain customers who are looking for your commodity, you must first configure your online store for search engines, which we call SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization . Google AdWords Google AdWords   And advertising banners on sites frequented by many visitors. Therefore, you must understand well the most important foundations for search engines in order to rank higher than before in Google search engines, with it is worth noting that the factors that top the search results with Google are close to 250 factors, so we will address the most important factors that will help you well and bring noticeable results, but you need some time And this time is determined by your activity and the effort you make regularly. The effort spent in preparing your site in terms of  SEO is  worth every minute you use..

– Before you learn the steps for how to configure your store for search engines , your plan must first be supported by two main factors that are the basis of every step you will take in the world of SEO, on which all marketing factors for e-stores will depend, and they are:

The current ranking of your store in the Google search engine

 You must know the ranking of your current online store to follow the ups or downs in searches. There are many services through which you can find out the ranking of sites in Google and other search engines. There are free tools that can often be considered better than paid ones such as Rank Checker, which SeoBook provides it for free. Usually, paid services display the results in a beautiful and attractive way, but at the same time they are limited in terms of the number of keywords that can be monitored, the number of domains and others, and using a tool to know the ranking of your pages in search engines is very important because through them You can do a site and keyword analysis whenever you notice a sudden change in Google Analytics statistics  , and in this way you can rectify the situation early in the event that you have been punished by Google, for example…

Keywords used by researchers

Choosing keywords is not limited to choosing words and expressions that are heavily searched,  building links or searching for advanced ranking for a particular keyword, but it is more comprehensive than that and is the basis of any successful SEO campaign

 . A study conducted by Ahrefs on three million searches revealed that the page that It ranks first in search results for a particular keyword, it will also rank among the top ten for a thousand other related keywords, which means that it is enough for your site to control one keyword, and it will control a thousand other words.

How to choose keywords

E-commerce marketing factors and steps

Pictorial content

Product specifications and reviews

Online store mobile compatibility

split pages

Image content:

It is the medium in which you present the item to buyers, as you can display different images of different points and angles. It is considered a promotional trick for the displayed goods and it should reflect the user how to use the product in real life by displaying the product in a representative way. This is considered to be of higher quality and therefore gets higher rankings in search engines and it is also an opportunity to further improve the SEO of the store especially in the search for visual content.

 Product specifications and evaluation:

There should be a distinct description for each meta description for each page, which helps to improve the ranking of these pages and archive them all in search engines, and placing the evaluation feature in your online store gives great credibility to your store, so you should put an evaluation button for each product and for each sale And a purchase to allow the customer to express his opinion on the service, which allows you to know the status of your store among competitors from other electronic stores, and also the visitors’ evaluation of the products add you free marketing value. Previous experience by others.

Professional SEO consulting for businesses

The compatibility of the online store with the mobile

Statistics and studies indicate that electronic purchases made from a mobile phone are currently much larger than purchases made from a computer. Therefore, it has become very necessary for the online store to be compatible with the mobile phone and not conflict with it for ease of use and browsing so that the visitor can shop while he is satisfied with the quality store and use it.

 Splitting the pages:

Pagination is the process of linking a group of pages to each other in a sequential manner and with numbers located at the top or bottom of a web page. This method is widely used by electronic stores to allow its visitors to browse their various products, and it is called “Pagination” technology.

In order for your site to get good results in search engines, there are problems that you must know about splitting pages that conflict with search engines and evaluation, which affect the way search engines archive and evaluate your online store page. The problems of splitting are two problems:

 Duplicate content

In most cases of using splitting, successive pages are almost the same in terms of content, and these pages have the same meta description and the same meta title, so when Google's crawler checks the site, it will find a large number of pages with similar content, which makes it exceed them And it gives it a late rank in search results.

 Not indexing

When the site is new and the number of divided pages is large, in this case the search engine crawler may stop at a certain depth, assuming that the number of divided pages is 50 pages. There is a possibility that the crawler stops indexing at a certain depth, let it be 25, which makes 25 Another page without indexing.

– And now we are aware of the problems that we may face in dividing pages, but how do we use the division without affecting the online store in the search engines?

1- Use the “rel=prev” and “rel=next” instructions to connect the divided pages. When search engines read them, you will know that these pages are not duplicates, but rather that they are one divided page.

2- Use the “rel=canonical” instruction. This method is used only in cases where there is a “view all” button. When you press this button, all pages will be displayed and merged into one page.

3- Using plugins and software. If you are using wordpress, you can use  yoast, it  will do the division process and the appropriate instructions.

On-page SEO factors for online stores:

There are factors to configure the store for search engines SEO internally on-page, and the most important of these factors are:

The main title

The main title must contain the name of the product in Arabic and English to get the visitor through any language.

The URL is the link to the product page in the online store

The product link must contain the product name.

Product Brief Description Meta Description

It is preferable to start with the keyword product description, as search engines pay close attention to every word in the description box, and you have within 140-160 characters that explain briefly what this product is.

Use the Alt Text tag on the image

This tag is one of the HTML tags that are used with images, and it is a small pop-up window that appears to tell you the title of the content of this image

The Headings are the sub-headings of the items in the online store

In order to gain visitors through search engines, you must use the main keyword and product name in the subheadings h1, h2

The Content, which is the content of the text accompanying the product image in the online store

How to write SEO report?

The texts must be loaded first before the images, and this will reduce the number of bounce rate, and this is certainly in your favor with Google. The texts are by nature already faster to download, and this will help distract the visitor if the image loading is delayed, so he can read the text so that he does not get bored.

Keywords Density

This factor can raise your online store's ranking in search results and perhaps push you to the front of the first page, and it is one of the most important factors that can be used.

In addition to all these factors, we will add to them one of the important factors that must be mentioned:

Reliable backlinks:    You can communicate with some people who own blogs and it is better to be an influencer on social media sites that rely more on the graphic material, because you need a backlink that clearly reveals your store in a positive way.

Thus, we have mentioned the most important factors that are used in creating online stores for search engines SEO, and there are many other factors that have not been mentioned and we will mention them in detail in another article so as not to distract your mind with many factors and explain more…

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