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In a situation where the Internet has taken all parts of our lives in its hands , more than 55% of businesses have taken advantage of SEO , and they have synchronized with an SEO consultant to become professional in this field. Before your company starts using this growth path, it is very important to answer these two questions: What exactly does SEO do? How can I use it to grow my business?

Don't forget that answering these questions is only possible with the cooperation of an SEO consultant, and not everyone is going to become a professional consultant by reading a few articles.

The first step is to know that SEO is a set of services that are usually provided by an SEO agency and help your company optimize the search engine. But let's go to our question, who is an SEO consultant? The SEO consultant is the person who examines your business, knows your competitors, monitors the site codes to its contents, and finally tells you the road map to success.

In fact, a consultant will tell you how you can plan to get top rankings in Google and what actions to take to achieve your goals with a comprehensive review of your business.

For example, a bakery may use SEO to achieve top rankings and attract customers. This is where the SEO consultant comes in and advises them first to find the top keywords.

In the future, the desired consultant will determine the policy of content production , how to link, how to use external links, etc. in his agenda.

On the other hand, the SEO consultant and expert will help you to find the unhealthy codes of your site, increase the speed of the site with his help and think about getting top rankings.

Since search engines like Google rely on more than 200 factors to determine a website's rank or position in search results, a site needs considerable expertise to succeed in SEO. This is why many businesses work with an SEO consultant.

Social networking and ranking in search engines

SEO services provided by SEO agencies

In the years since search engines like Google came into being, search engine algorithms have undergone numerous updates and innovations. That's why many SEO companies offer expert SEO consulting and help businesses in specific (and competitive) industries achieve their business goals.

 For many companies, SEO services by definition cannot pave the way for their growth, in fact, if these companies are a local store or e-commerce, local SEO and e-commerce services are a competitive advantage for them. For this purpose, the SEO consultant can determine their competitive advantage according to their business and help accelerate the business growth process.

In some cases, SEO services focus on specific areas of SEO, such as:

On-page SEO, which focuses on optimizations related to your website, such as title tags, content, and more.

Off page SEO, which focuses on optimizing your online presence, such as backlinks to your website.

Technical SEO, which focuses on optimizations related to the backend of your website, such as page speed, site architecture, and more.

How much does an SEO consultant cost

The price of an SEO consultant depends on various factors, including your business goals, the type of your business, the current conditions of the site, and the duration of the consultation.

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 7 things that an SEO consultant should advise you

 Now that you are familiar with the definition of SEO and its specialist consultant, it is time to go to the things that an SEO consultant should check:

The services of every SEO company must have an SEO audit. With an SEO audit, your SEO consultant takes an in-depth look at your current strategy.

Even if you don't have an SEO strategy, an expert consultant will evaluate your website from an SEO perspective and find out where the strengths are and where they can be used.

Don't forget, while you can use free SEO audit tools, they don't provide the same insight into your business as a team of SEO experts.

Competitor analysis

No matter how niche your industry is, you want a competitor analysis for your SEO. With competitor analysis tools, your SEO company can discover online and offline competitors.

This discovery can inform your strategy and help you take advantage of your competitors' weaknesses. While the services of many SEO agencies include basic competitor analysis, you should partner with companies that make competitor analysis a regular part of your strategy. In fact, in his activities, the consultant has the ability to check your competitors and be able to accompany you on this path.

Custom consultation

Paying attention to a customized consultation is the main component of the SEO consultant's activities. When you take a personalized approach to your business, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) from SEO.

If you invest in an SEO consultant, your team should ensure that your company receives a customized consultation. That's because many SEO companies, especially those that advertise "cheap" SEO services, promote copycat advice, no logic, no reviews, etc.

With this wrong consultant approach, your business will not get maximum ROI. In most cases, companies with this type of strategy do not appear on the first page of search results, which does not help your business, since only 25% of users go beyond the first page of search results.

 This is why your team should invest in the services of SEO companies that offer custom consulting.

When it comes to SEO consultants and specialists, transparency is essential.

You want an SEO consultant that your team can trust; That's why it's so important to work with an SEO consultant who reports back to you transparently.

 For example, your report might cover your website's organic traffic, competitor reviews, conversion rates, and rankings in search results.

Advanced SEO consulting

 SEO is an ongoing strategy, which is why the definition of SEO services generally emphasizes the partnership your business forms with your SEO agency.

 You are constantly working with your consultant, which is why the SEO consultant should work as your business developer. It is also for this reason that his services must be such that they are always progressive.

How much does an SEO consultant cost?

Why use SEO consultant and SEO team services?

Investing in an SEO consultant and SEO team services has several benefits. Some examples are:

You can get help in specialized SEO fields such as off page, local and technical SEO.

Outsource ongoing SEO tasks like keyword research, content creation, link building, and more.

Get access to software to monitor rankings, track ROI and more.

In general, the services of an SEO team will help you implement (and maintain) an SEO strategy as well as track and monitor your organic search performance.

You will have more time during the day to focus on projects that need your attention.

?How do I choose someone for SEO consulting

If you are looking to invest in an SEO consultant and expert team, but don't know how to choose SEO services, follow these tips:

Check the SEO team's past performance.

Ask for your project cost along with a list of what you'll be delivering if needed.

At the beginning of the journey, ask for a report on your current situation.

What do SEO consultants and specialists do?

The SEO consultant and team of experts provide search engine optimization services designed to increase traffic and ultimately organic search traffic to websites.

They help your site to get top ranks in the search of your specific keywords and with its help, attract more audience to your business.


It should be noted that as you read in the above article, an SEO consultant is definitely necessary and helpful to start a successful website and business. Although this consultant may cost us, it will definitely be useful.

If you need SEO advice for your site, you can contact the Allo Content SEO consultant to provide you    with the best solution.

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