Primary VS Keywords Secondary Keywords

 Keywords with a “target” or “focus” rating are also used to describe the most important keyword.

These terms can be used in the context of your entire site or a single page.

Secondary keywords include all other keywords you target and/or combine eg 1 article can target 1 keyword and 3 other keywords.

In some contexts, secondary keywords are those that you optimize for smoothly, but aren't considered a high priority.

In other scenarios, secondary keywords act as a semantic backing or a long tail to help you get the most out of your primary keyword targeting.

Examples of shaving products page:

Primary: Shaving by -products

: razors, razors, scissors

Keywords included in a step, stage or chapter

SEO experts often recommend classifying your keywords according to your marketing funnel or customer journey.

This can help ensure that customers are targeted at each critical point.

Some groups of categories have the brand at the center (eg Awareness, Thinking, Converting, Retaining) while others are more customer-centric (eg, Unaware, Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Brand Aware).

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Similarly, some simply define an action-oriented consumer mindset (eg, site navigation, informational, transactional).

Examples :

Awareness : 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Consider: Reviews of Travel Deals to Las Vegas

Transfer: Flight and Hotel Packages to Las Vegas

Keep: Loyalty Program and Discounts

Global keywords vs local keywords

Depending on its use, the local keyword can mean one of two things:

The searcher is looking for something geographically close: this could be very obvious like “library near me” or “two bedroom rental in Dubai,” or it could be more precise like “restaurants” or “what time does Subway close?”.

It is very likely that the researcher is in a particular area: For example, “Did Muhammad Ali change his name?” It can be considered a local term because there is a good chance that the researcher is from Egypt or even the Arab world.


Local: Renting Two Bedrooms in Marrakech

Global: Is renters insurance worth it?

Audience type keywords

Rarely does someone identify themselves in a search.

When was the last time you started a search titled “I am a 20 year old college educated digital marketer looking for..[the rest of the research]”?

I'm going out on a limb and guessing that never happened.

However, 'behind the researcher' can often be found in the information implicit in a query.

While one group looks almost no inquiries, many veer wildly towards a single audience.

One of the best ways to find out who is searching for a term is to search for that term in Google and look at the results. Then ask yourself which results are you talking about.

If Google's job is to give the searcher what they want, then the target audience for the highest query results should be the same audience that completed the query.

Perpetual keywords vs topical keywords

Permanent keywords have a constant search volume with little variation over time.

On the other hand, topical keywords are either seasonal (eg, Valentine's Day gift ideas), one-time event, or solid related (eg, King Salman).

Some perennial keywords can turn out to be topical when an event makes it culturally relevant, such as looking for a celebrity immediately upon their unexpected death or the city when it hosts the World Cup.

Google often prefers fresh content to topical keywords because “a query deserves freshness.”

People love to create permanent content because it can be a low investment in relation to the long-term value in which it will generate income or return.

However, competition and initial cost are often intense and fierce.

Conversely, topical or temporary content is attractive because it has a lower cost of entry, weaker competition, and provides immediate value – but that value has a short shelf life.


Keyword evergreen : How do you know if you are pregnant?

Objective or tentative keyword: movie showtimes this weekend.

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