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 One of the strategies that competitors may use to harm your website is negative SEO. Regardless of what you may have already heard about negative SEO, in this article we will explain what negative SEO is and how to protect your site. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Have you ever heard about negative SEO and its harm and how to protect your site from mistakes that many people make? You have to follow the interview to find out a lot of information about this matter

?What is Negative SEO

All malicious actions intended to harm the reputation of a competitor's website or search engine site are collectively referred to as negative SEO or NSEO. The goal of this black hat strategy is to cause the competitor's website to drop from its starting rank. Negative SEO can also arise from risky hackers. 

However, it is necessary to distinguish between a site's drop in organic traffic due to critical errors and another caused by poor SEO. Regardless of where the crime originated, Google does not differentiate much between the two and punish this type of criminal behavior in the same way.

Let's say that after many efforts over the course of months and years, you have achieved a good rank in Google results. But one day, when you check your site's ranking status, you see that all your efforts are wasted and your site may suffer a drop in Google results. 

This is what actually happens and it's called Negative SEO, which is also called Black SEO. There are different types of negative SEO, and here are some examples:It is important to realize that negative SEO is not just off site. If Google notices a link farm coming from your IP address or location, it can also penalize you.

Negative SEO is also a lot more generic than it used to be. A while ago, it was just something that online marketers were talking about with each other.

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But now you can go to popular sites like Fiverr, search for “negative SEO,” and a bunch of gigs (shown below) will appear for negative SEO performance over your competition. Or you can easily browse black hat forums and hire someone to start making bad links against anyone you choose.

What is Negative SEO?  With 8 steps to protect the site

Unfortunately, services like the ones mentioned above make it very easy for your site to be targeted by your competitors. That's why you always need to monitor your site.

?What is Google's response to malicious SEO

Google wants all websites to adhere to its guidelines, and if a website doesn't, Google might consider penalizing that website. But the important thing to remember is that Google has been aware of negative SEO since 2012. 

However, he added, those who made judgments in this way had very narrow thought processes. Plus, since bad SEO is more common on large sites, you don't have to worry about that for small businesses.

Google has constantly updated its algorithms to combat bad SEO, but no one is sure what modifications will be made in the future because if Google announces any changes publicly, webmasters will figure out a way to circumvent them. 

However, Google launched disavow links in 2012 in response to concerns about how it can combat bad SEO, allowing site owners to delete links that appear to have been created with this intent.

Signs that you are a victim of negative SEO

If you see the following tags in your website link building, it looks like you are a victim of negative SEO:

Too many links from foreign forums

How many links from websites with .ru, .cz, .cn, .pl, .ro, .bg, .bz,, and information domains. Of course, not all of these links are likely to be abnormal, but if you suddenly encounter a massive avalanche of links from foreign websites, this wave of strange links could be a sign of an attack.

Links from completely unrelated and unusual blog posts.

Lots of links with anchor text from multiple sources. Of course, it must be remembered that receiving a site-wide link from a recognizable source is not a sign of negative SEO, even if suddenly thousands of links from this source flow towards you.

A sudden big wave of links related to unauthorized sites, such as unethical websites or betting sites, etc.

8 steps to protect your site from negative SEO

After answering the question, what is negative SEO? You need to know what measures you can take to prevent and deal with them to ensure the security of your website:

Set up Google Webmaster Tools email notifications

If your website is attacked by malware, your pages are not indexed, or you have problems connecting to the server, you can receive a warning from Google.

Connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools if you haven't already. To do this, log in to your account and click on "Tools Preferences Webmaster Tools". 

Enable email notifications and select the desired option to receive a variety of alerts for a variety of issues. Then click "Save".

 Control your backlinks

Controlling external links is one of the most important measures to prevent spam. Competitors usually generate low-quality links by applying negative SEO to the site or redirecting visitors to low-quality links. 

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

Detecting the uptime of low-quality links and redirects on your site is the most important step in preventing negative SEO.

You can use tools like Ahrefs or OpenSiteExplorer to manually identify people associated with your site. These tools prevent negative SEOs from running on your site. One of the best tools is MonitorBacklinks, which is easy to work with and sends you an email to report the status of your site's backlinks. 

In addition, this tool notifies you when you receive important links. To use the backlink monitor and prevent negative SEO, simply create an account and register your site's domain address in it.

 Protect your backlinks

Spammers often try to remove the best incoming links. They usually contact the website owner using your name and ask the webmaster to remove your backlink.

To prevent this from happening, you can do two things

When contacting webmasters for backlinks, use your own domain address instead of Gmail or Yahoo. This way you prove that you are working on the website you are trying to create a backlink for. Your 

Keep track of your best backlinks. For this, you can use Monitor Backlinks . Go to your list of backlinks and sort them by page rank or social activity. This way, you can always keep track of your backlinks.

Carefully disavow harmful links

As mentioned earlier, strange links from sites that you do not know well are a normal part of the Internet. If these links don't use spam or link to you thousands of times, they really don't provide any cause for concern. You may think they are hurting you, but they are probably being ignored by Google as is.

If you don't feel really comfortable allowing these links to stay - that is, if you're worried that they might become malicious in the future, or you're worried that they might actually cause problems - you can disavow them. Google has information about disavow links that you should follow carefully. 

However, be careful: disavowing links that help you rank can cause major problems for you, and may also cause serious damage to your visibility and traffic.

 Control copied content

Using copy and duplicate content is one of the most common techniques spammers use for negative SEO. They copy your site's content and publish it on other sites. 

If a large amount of content is duplicated on your site, you will be penalized by Google. With the help of Copyscpae , you can discover duplicate content. It is only necessary to copy part of your site content into this tool to see which sites this content has been published without your permission.

 Protect your site from Trojans and hackers

In SEO, site security is very important and one of the negative factors for SEO is the lack of consideration of security points. There are several things you can do to prevent spam. 

If you're using WordPress, you can install the Google Authenticator plugin and make your login two-step so that only you can enter the site. 

Choose a strong password that is less likely to be hacked. Make a backup copy of your database and files. Also, if your site allows users to upload files, ask a professional to install antivirus software for your site to prevent malware.

Control your site speed

If your site is slow to load and taking a long time, one of the reasons might be spammers trying to destroy your server. In this case, you can use pingdom to help control the time required for your site to load. 

What is Negative SEO?  With 8 steps to protect the site

One passive SEO technique is to reduce site loading speed.

Don't fall victim to the wrong SEO strategies for your website

You can use SEO methods for your site that Google doesn't allow. In this case, pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not link to sanctioned sites as this is one of the negative SEO methods that your competitors can use against you.

2. Do not buy links.

3. Avoid posting invalid guest posts.

4. If you are advertising and selling links to your site, make it a nofollow link.

Don't make enemies for yourself

Avoid arguing with clients and don't underestimate them, doing so will make them hostile to you. There are three types of spammers:

People who want to have fun.

People who want revenge.

People who intend to compete in search engines and passive search engine optimization.

Final conclusion

Knowing the information and steps we covered in this article about what is negative SEO is critical for anyone working in SEO or owning a website. In addition, help us protect your site from negative SEO by providing solutions to deal with these technologies.

As a result, it is important to routinely examine the various variables and strive to do your best to boost your site's SEO. Every SEO expert should deal with negative SEO on a regular basis. You simply have to deal with it and don't be afraid while treating it.

Mistakes you make when converting to your site

It's your time now. If you have any feedback or question, please share it with us in the comments area We hope you found this article interesting.


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