Investing time in SEO is a long-term investment

First of all, you should know that the importance of website SEO is becoming more colorful every day. According to research, 85% of people search for that product or service on the Internet before buying a product or receiving the service they need. It means that if Typing the keywords desired by users, your website is not on the first pages of Google search, you will surely lose many customers and in fact, a large percentage of users will refer to your competitors who have optimized their websites or SEO instead of you. will do

But we must say about the cost of SEO website, the fact is that there are many methods to determine the SEO rate of the website  . In this article, an attempt has been made to give an appropriate answer to this question by relying on the experience and using the conducted research.

What are SEO alternatives?

?Where do your targeted keywords appear on YouTube

You can place advertising banners on other sites

You can advertise your site visits in social media posts

Can you pay Google to advertise you in Google AdWords (at dollar rates we know and understand)?

You can do email marketing

You can pay other sites to publish sponsored content for you

You can post on the Telegram channel and direct some of the audience to your site

The advantage of investing in SEO

Investing in SEO means that its effect will last for a long time, and trying to maintain a position on the search results page will take less of your time, money, and resources than other methods.

?What is the importance of SEO

The most obvious point that can be raised as an advantage of SEO and the importance of using SEO techniques is to increase your website traffic . You can't always count on friendly and familiar visitors and introducing your website and content by them. Even the backlinks of other sites have a limited capacity. Every day and every night you can't direct your audience to your site by saying words like "touch" and "pull up" in Instagram stories. The best friend who can always watch over you and introduce your content to others is Google.

A visitor who searches for an article on their own and comes to you will usually trust your site more than someone you ask them to come to your site by any other means (assuming that they're coming to your site with a weak, unsubstantiated article). And the business should not face the purpose of deceiving the audience and feel your goodwill).

According to the research done, 85% of people in the world (and naturally a percentage close to the same number in Iran) first search on the Internet to find a product or service. Therefore, if your website is not on the first page of the search, you will probably not be chosen by customers

The price of internal SEO of the site

The meaning of the internal SEO checklist of the site is to do things inside the site itself, which leads to better indexing of the site and higher ranking in search engines. The internal SEO tariff in Radzad is very affordable and its cases are done with great care.

The basic and fixed tariff of internal SEO for each website this year is equivalent to 700,000 thousand Tomans and 50,000 Tomans is added to this amount for each page of the site. For example, if you need to calculate the cost of internal SEO optimization for a website and 20 internal pages, you can use the following formula:

Checking and optimizing site images

Website registration in Google Webmaster

Optimizing the size of the site

Internal link building on site pages

Checking the redirects applied on the site

Checking and testing site speed  with Gtmetrix

Checking and correcting the index and following pages

Social networking and ranking in search engines!!

Optimizing the display of the site on mobile

Check the keyword density of about 1.5%

Insert keywords in the ALT tag

SEO and optimization of page titles, keywords and meta tags (Description, Robots, etc.)

SEO and page heading optimization (H1 and H2 tags, etc.)

Creation and optimization of sitemap

Combine and compress JavaScript files

Enable Htaccess. and their accesses and settings

Checking site URLs and correcting them if possible

Checking and editing outdated HTML codes

Enable Gzip on the site

Enable site cache

Checking the presence of Flash content and Iframe windows on the site

Read more: website design advice article

The price of external SEO of the site

The external SEO of the site, which is generally referred to as SEO, is a set of technical and diverse operations that are carried out in order to improve the position of the website in the search results of search engines. Also, increasing visitors, conversion rate of visitors, staying time on the site are other goals of external SEO. Calculating the cost of SEO depends on various factors, and determining the price of SEO on each site is different from other sites. The cost of external SEO of his site is determined according to the analysis and preliminary estimates that are made by EasyWeb's SEO team. Keep in mind that it is logically and conventionally wrong to announce the cost of SEO for a website without conducting a detailed review of the website, and if a person or a team acts in this way, their credibility and expertise should definitely be doubted. In general, the price of SEO and SEO optimization is affected by the following:

Checking the number and quality of keywords

Checking the server, domain, validity of the pages

Checking and creating social signals

Checking external or broken backlinks

Examining the level of competition in the field of work

Formulation of SEO strategy

Activity status of competitors

Check competition among keywords

Checking the quantity and quality of site content

Check the current status of the site

Google SEO

A method of SEO

Hourly SEO rate Hourly SEO price

About the price of SEO: 100 to 300 thousand tomans per hour

If the scale of your business is small and local, if you want to do your own site SEO optimization and just need advice, if you want to calculate and manage SEO costs easily and transparently, hourly SEO advice is possible. is suitable for you.

The cost of SEO consulting services or SEO optimization services is calculated hourly and you can use SEO consulting services only as much as you need. By choosing an hourly SEO consulting solution, the cost of which varies from 100,000 Tomans to 300,000 Tomans per hour depending on the type and amount of services received.

In the hourly SEO consulting method, you will usually only get consulting services and you will be responsible for carrying out and implementing optimization operations. Therefore, hourly SEO is suitable for you only if you have the necessary expertise to optimize SEO (HTML, CSS and the programming language used on your site).

The implementation of the operation is not the responsibility of EasyWeb and there is no guarantee for the final result.


Low cost

Pay only as much as you need


Having the need for programming knowledge for the employer

Uncertainty of the result and its dependence on the implementation method

Digital marketing strategy design

How to use all the capacities of advertising in the digital space?

Contact us now for a free consultation.

Your business is medium or large, if you intend to completely outsource the SEO optimization of the website, if you intend to pay certain monthly amounts for the SEO of your site, if you are looking for general and stable optimization and you do not need If you do not want short-term results, this method may be suitable for you.

With the contract of at least three months and the amount of the monthly SEO method is determined based on the estimates and preliminary analysis of the website, competitors and other influential parameters and starts from at least 800 thousand Tomans per month.

In the monthly SEO method, due to the wide range of activities and the variety of goals, usually the rank of specific keywords is not determined definitively and a wide range of keywords are maneuvered at the same time.


Good overall results and overall SEO status improvement

Long lasting results

Pay monthly

Provide monthly reports of performance and results

Average costs and more suitable than other SEO methods


The exact growth rate is not known

SEO project tariff Project SEO price

About the price of SEO: 1 million tomans to 50 million tomans

If your business is medium or large, if you plan to completely outsource the SEO optimization of your website, if you have a specific budget for SEO optimization of your website, this method may be suitable for you.

A specific goal or goals (KPI) such as increasing visits , increasing calls , improving rank and ranking , etc. are determined for the website, and accordingly, after a detailed review and analysis of the site, the cost of SEO optimization to achieve the specified goals is announced. becomes

You will pay for the services only if the project has reached its goals, otherwise the received amounts will be returned to you after deducting the expenses incurred.

The results obtained in the project SEO method are usually stable for 6 months.

In this method, because the SEO rate of the website is determined from the beginning, you will not have to worry about imposing additional costs.

The results obtained in the project SEO method are usually stable for 6 months. By choosing the project SEO method, only the improvement of the parameters specified in the contract is guaranteed.


Specific and measurable results

Long lasting results

Providing a performance report after the end of the contract


Relatively high costs

Payment on the spot

Keyword SEO tariff Keyword SEO price

SEO price ranges: from at least 1 million tomans per word and based on the difficulty level of the keyword

If you need your business to be seen on the first page of Google search only for specific and limited keywords, this method may be suitable for you.

Calculating the cost of keyword SEO optimization, as well as the time to reach the goal, depends on many and complex parameters, the total of these parameters determine the difficulty level of keyword SEO, and for this style of SEO, the costs can be in the range of 1 million Tomans. Up to 1 billion tomans was also imagined.

In the SEO optimization solution based on the keyword, the only main goal is to display the site on the first page of Google search for the selected keyword, and the SEO cost will be calculated and announced based on this, as well as measuring the difficulty level of the keyword.

In this method, which is one of the oldest SEO optimization solutions, the desired keyword or keywords are clearly announced and the website is displayed on the first page of Google site search results when users and customers search for these keywords. to be given.

Target keywords may themselves consist of several words. For example, the phrase "website SEO optimization" is considered a keyword, and when calculating the cost, the five-part nature of this phrase will not only increase the cost of SEO, but it can also reduce the cost of SEO.

Due to the competitiveness of keywords, the stable presence of the desired keyword on the first page of Google search results requires renewal and repetition of the contract in different periods.


Specific and measurable results

Long lasting results

Providing a performance report after the end of the contract


Too many keywords = too much SEO cost

Payment on the spot

Lack of stability of the result in the long term

Familiarity with the activities of the SEO team

SEO consultant and project manager

This person is familiar with the latest algorithms and tools of search engines (here we mean Google). Apart from the fact that this person must be a master of free tools and premium monitoring tools, he must have the ability to manage the project, quality control of the website optimization project and the digital marketing executive team .

Usually, the salaries of this type of people, who are also called SEO Consultants, are between 7 and 10 million Tomans per month, taking into account the benefits and providing financial tools and legal premium.

SEO content team expert

These people should take specialized courses in the social and foreign SEO sector and provide suitable signals for the optimization project according to the needs of the project. These people can have a salary between 4 and 6 million per month, regardless of the specialized tools and the courses they have to take and the activities they have to follow in this regard. If you need to have motion graphics for your content, apart from the textual content, graphic or video content, or multimedia content, you must pay these people 4 to 5 million for each of your experts and the equipment in question. Provide them with video and photo equipment if they do not have it.

Generating valuable SEO and standard content for the website according to the roadmap

Creating content of 1200 words in compliance with the principles of internal SEO (ON-SITE SEO)

Generating appropriate content in the blog marketing section and increasing the PA or credibility of website pages in the internal SEO section of pages

Adhering to the principles  of internal linking and external linking in order to increase DA or website domain validity

Sharing content in blogging systems and assigning and designing images for the project

Providing SEO expert software reports regarding the quality of content produced and content publication order 

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