How you can use SEO strategies to increase your SAAS users

 Hello SEO followers , in this article we will explain how to improve your SAAS through search engines. First of all, what is SAAS, which is an abbreviation for this sentence, Software as a Service, which is the provision of a service, but it is software.

These services provided by Software are also divided into individuals, companies, startups, or more precisely B2B and B2C, where Simrush can sell its service to someone who improves his site personally, which is considered B2C, or offers to a company that improves the sites of its customers, which is considered B2B.

In the beginning, we will identify the most important keys that we will build a strategic plan to improve the visibility of your service in Google, and we will explain a clear and practical example, which is hotjar, a software or specialized service, in tracking your visitor traffic within your site or what is known as heatmaps and also analyzes for surveys that Your customers write it.

 The plan 

Are they company owners or private individuals, accordingly you will ask the following question: Where are the places where the audience who will participate in my software are, and here we are talking about countries, can my business be presented in Egypt only or is it ready as internal operations for Egyptians only, Or is it ready for use in all countries, why? We'll explain this idea in the next step.

In the case that we explain, which is Hotjar ,  its target audience is mostly website owners, e-stores, and marketers, and the target countries are all countries of the world.

Keyword extraction 

Keywords in SEO are the most important thing, and they are in short the target audience very narrowly, such as the interests that you put in Facebook, so I will give you some statistics that show the close relationship between keywords and the possibility of your target audience using your software.

81% of those who purchase services such as software come through search engines.

85% of the world's largest marketers say that SEO is very effective in generating leads, especially in software.

The conversion rate for services provided in the form of software, is up to 6% of the average monthly website visitors.

Therefore, keywords are the basic infrastructure with which to target visitors who are already interested in your service.

The most important tool for extracting keywords is GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER, which is considered the most accurate tool due to its proximity to the research reality and also the intention of the researchers greatly.

Meta Descrtiption

But in the beginning, you will find a small search rate on some software such as, for example, services related to agriculture, so it should be in the plan, to revolve around the intention of researchers in a more correct sense, to study what your users do in relation to your software, or choose Some words that increase awareness of your service.

In the case of hotjar, it searches for words related to heatmap, which have an average search rate, and some related words such as survey questions, customer experience and usability testing.

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competitor analysis

Sometimes according to the volume of software we have worked on, there is a big shortage of competitors in these services, sometimes we have some sites or services have one competitor and sometimes there are no competitors, so you will find most of the competitors are general sites or news sites.

You will make a list of them with the name of the site, the link to the article and the keyword through which this site appeared, after compiling the list, we will use it in the next step.

If there are competitors, we will analyze some important factors, which we will compare between our site and their position in these parts.

According to our hotjar case study, we will analyze the competitors with it through the SEMrush tool.

According to the volume of keywords with which hotjar competes, the tool has identified common words between hotjar and its direct competitors, but sometimes they are not direct competitors, but they are involved in the competition for the words that are important to you.

Sometimes your product is new, so you have to write articles to increase awareness of your product.

 The rate of keywords it appears in

In this step, we will analyze his keywords using the Simmersh tool, through which you will know the most important keywords that he is targeting.

You will make an analysis of these words between you and the competitors in the country you are targeting, and you will come up with some important decisions such as:

The rate at which your competitors appear and how many visits they get from those words.

Words that you are not covering and that your competitors are targeting.

Are the competitors direct or sites targeting these words in general?

In the first decision , you will know the size of the competition and you will have a clear goal what is the biggest competitor, I will analyze everything he does like backlinks, keywords he targets, etc.

The second decision , you will know what keywords you are targeting by analyzing the keyword gap between you and your direct competitor.

In this image it shows words shared by hotjar and its direct competitor,, but we want to know what is targeting, and not targeting hotjar.

In this image, Hotjar does not appear in many of the keywords that delighted targets, for two reasons, that delighted targets other services besides the services shared between it and hotjar, and the other reason sometimes shows words far from targeting the site but the visitor came through.

But the important thing now is to filter the important words of Hotgar and not target them and directly related to the services it provides.

 The modifier of the backlinks that he built

In the same tool, there is a comprehensive analysis of backlinks, and through it we will extract only two numbers, which are the rate of domains that backlinks made for them, called Referring Domains, and the number of backlinks that have been archived to the site.

In this picture, the number of Referring Domains appears, which is more than a delighted site, so we will analyze the words in which Hotgar does not appear, we will analyze the pages in which the competitor appears, we will analyze the number of backlinks directed to the page, and then we will build a backlink strategy based on the competitor's status.

Comparing UI and UX 

In this step, we will compare in details between us and the competitor’s site in terms of the site’s interface, the services it provides, sometimes the competitor’s site is a single page and has a CTA directed to download the application or subscribe to the service, so we have to compare to provide maximum ease to the user and reduce obligations until It does it with you without complications.

 the executive part 

Some of what we have extracted are the most important keys to building an SEO plan to increase your SAAS users. We will use each part and direct it to double your traffic.

But we will start with the last part of the plan, which is to analyze the competitors, and why did we start with it? Because we simply want the software infrastructure and usability to be very easy and we don't want to go back to it again, and also we want to know what are the most important things to do in our site, which are partly proportional to converting visitors into actual users.

For some services or some software (SAAS), there must be a page explaining each service within the application or software and the keywords we have extracted are targeted for each internal service of our software.

Sometimes software or SAAS offers one service, so we have to target it on a separate page, with CTA buttons navigating the user to use the application

All these ideas are extracted from competitors, it can be your direct competitor doing the idea, it will be good, or you will implement it because the best thing for SAAS services is having a page for each internal service This contributes to increasing the conversion rate of visitors to users.

We will use the keywords we extracted and divide them into two types

The first type: informative

These types of words will be used to write the content that will take the user to the main landing pages that we explained in the previous step.

They are words that the user searches for, to make a quick action or a procedure by purchasing the service, and they are often the words that have a high pressure rate in GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER, and we will use these words in Landing Pages and also with some focus on them in a simple way in the informational content that we referred to In the first kind of words.

We will determine the number of keywords that we will write articles with, so you need to know an important thing, which is whether you will focus on one word because its quality is high in conversion, but in this step you will enter into fierce competition, or will you choose more than one important word as well and focus on it.

If you choose one word, it is important that you extract the related words and they are considered as supporting words for the keyword, and write informational and marketing content at the same time so that Google begins to know that you provide this service.

If you choose more than one important word for you, you will select the most important supporting words for each keyword and write them in a marketing and informational way as well.

Why my marketing and information? Marketing because you are marketing for your service in terms of comparisons between you and competitors without being offensive, but your advantages will be greatly highlighted, and my information, as the goal is to greatly benefit the reader, and also because all of this contributes to the interaction of the user with the article and thus you have an advantage compared to competitors.

In the end, you will determine the keywords according to the supporting words, and in the articles related to them you will target the supporting word and the keyword.

The internal link between the articles and the main landing pages for the services you provide in SAAS, the link must be correct, so that you put the internal link between the page and the other in the paragraph in which the reader asks himself, how do I know more about this step?

In the part of the plan, specifically in the competitors part, we explained the importance of making a list of competitors, even if they are public or news sites. Why?

Because we will communicate with these sites, and take a link or backlink inside this article, because this article or this page is important because Google has preferred it first, secondly, it targets our target audience. Within months, it will help us reach the first results.

In this way, we will build a solid plan for all aspects and criteria of search engines in the appearance of sites.


These previous steps need a lot of continuity, so you should maintain these processes monthly.

Services that are provided in the form of software or what is known as SAAS, it is important that they are sold through search engines, so you should make this channel essential in your marketing plan and business plan as a whole.

Services such as software, in our Arab world, there is no great competition, unlike foreign countries, which find fierce competition, especially in the part of search engines, because for them the most important source for increasing subscribers, so you have to build an asset from now to serve you and market it well, so that people's awareness of this increases Services provided as software or SAAS.

Sometimes in these services, awareness is balanced with the last stage of the funnel, which is taking a direct action to buy, so SEO is the opposite of marketing on some other platforms, so you have to take that into account because if you sell directly without informing the reader and explaining your application or service in a way Good internally You will not compete in the future, you are thus providing a competitive advantage.

And if you want to market your SAAS or software and want a company that specializes in building and doubling your service through search engines, register with us and you will be contacted immediately

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