How to improve search engines?

 contain facts, figures, photos, videos and complete, integrated and comprehensive details about these places, as the search engine and the reader are looking for clarity, comprehensiveness and high quality For the content, so that it is free from grammatical errors, whether spelling or grammatical. Although it is possible to note that some of the sites that occupy the first positions contain some spelling and grammatical errors; This is because the Arabic language, unfortunately, is not fully understood by search engines as is the case in the English language, and the issue of the site being free of errors is clearer for English sites.

?What is the benefit of premium content for the owner of the page

When a person reads valuable content with high specifications, he will spend more time on the page and can interact with it and read other pages on the same site, unlike bad content that Google can know from the time the person spends on the site and then returns to the search result page, which is what Known as Dwell Time.

Leading Google search results is not enough you need to raise your CTR

Dwell Time : It is that someone searches for a specific word and then enters a specific result or a specific page and then does not wait for a few seconds and returns to the search result page, this process gives the search engine a signal that the person did not find what he is looking for on this site and negatively affects the The result of this site.

On the contrary, there is evidence for us the degree of interaction on the page, such as sharing the site or page on Facebook or Instagram, i.e. on social networking sites by the reader; As the more posts, the more it is a testimony that this content is of such high quality that the reader shares it on social networking sites.

We can measure this on ourselves, how many times have we read a special article and then shared it on our page in a small percentage of course, and this indicates that we do not share anything unless we like it so much that it made us do it. This is one of the things that search engines take into account when evaluating pages and content that goes beyond writing the content and using keywords, but rather the process of user experience and its interaction with the content in the ranking of sea

We all wonder about what is content improvement. It is the process of improving the quality of content and its suitability with the keyword that you searched for, which is used for search engines. There is a famous saying that says that content is the king. What one of us is looking for is the answer in the content on the site or page, even if it is applied. Search engine ranking factors but your page does not answer for the keyword that the user is searching for it will not be looked at.

Mistakes you make when converting to your site

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