How To Catch Keywords In Google

 According to a study by Bright Edge Data, “search engines were the largest source of site visits across the sectors studied, and the largest driver of revenue.” This is logical, because often the Internet is the first place we turn, in order to find something we need or an answer to a question we have.

To find you online when your target audience searches for keywords related to your product or services, you must optimize your site properly.

?What is the keyword

A keyword is a word, phrase, or sentence that describes your product/service or topic that interests your audience. For example, “design” is a broad term, but it is still a keyword. As for web design, interior design, and fashion design, they are all keywords but are more specific to a particular field. “How to design a website,” is a topic that others may want to know the answer to. These are all considered keywords.

Capture words in Google in five steps

1. Select the right keywords – the right keywords are keywords closely related to your business that your target audience uses to search for your products/services. Oftentimes, this may not be what you think it is, so there is no room for guesswork. There are many keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner that can give you insight into what keywords your target audience is using, what search volume and how competitive those keywords are. If you want to make sure your keyword has a good search volume with low to medium competition.

2. Target Page Optimization – As a general rule, one keyword should be optimized per page. You should make sure that the keyword is placed in key areas of your site, such as the page title, your page url, and your images, and repeated throughout your page content. This tells search engines when a user searches for the keyword you're optimizing for that your web page is relevant to that search, because the keyword is placed in key areas of your site.

3. Submit the page to Google – If you are waiting for Google to find the page (article) you are optimizing for, it can take several days and possibly weeks. The best is to proactively submit the page to Google via the webmaster tool, so that Google can browse the link in a shorter period of time. This will allow you to get much faster indexing and higher rankings.

4. Create Backlinks to Boost Ranking  - There are thousands of articles that got ranked long ago with the same keyword. So how do you catch keywords in Google and get to the top? You can create links pointing to your site, known as backlinks  and you should specifically optimize them. Most sites link to their home page, but if you want to get to the top of search results for a particular keyword and have a page you're targeting, you need to create links directly. In Google's eyes, each backlink is a vote for you, and the higher quality votes you get, the higher your ranking will be.

5. Get traffic to the target page - This may seem counterproductive because your goal is to get traffic from Google. But in order to show search engines that this page is important, share the page link in social media to get traffic, so that search engines can see the visits on that page.

Holding keywords  is an effective strategy and one of the best e-marketing tools because it is inexpensive compared to other e-marketing methods and advertising campaigns, whether on social networking sites or Google Adwords, and it also gives more credibility to advertising campaigns. Catching keywords in  search engines  is the best start in the stage of publicizing websites.

?Why do you need to appear on keywords

Certainly, your main goal is to increase the percentage of visits to your site to reach your potential customers, and the competition has become difficult between sites to get a better ranking on search terms and search engines are showing all the articles that search engine users are looking for.

Your ranking on the targeted words is done by algorithms specific to each search engine. Therefore, keywords are your unique way to get targeted visits through search engines, because most Internet users are satisfied with only the first 3 results, so be careful to make your site among the first results on the word you target, and imagine One of the keywords occupied by a well-known site brings thousands or even millions of visits per month, and this makes the site owner open to him the bounties of heaven.

 Understand the game and the mindset of Google

In order to always be on the first results in the search words, this is due to some things, the most important of which is the exclusive content. Not only this, but it must be related to the keyword you are targeting, and not only be exclusive related to the target words, but it must be of interest to your visitors in order not to affect the The bounce rate of visitors on your site, of course, if the visitor likes your site, the period of stay on the site will be longer, and of course this will improve your site on search engines .

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