How does an image appear within Google search engines?

How does an image appear within Google search engines? Learn the most important steps that make images appear in search engines and make those looking for the idea of ​​the article appear to him this image

Adding an image within Blogger blog topics is one of the most important things that bloggers should do while writing articles. Professionally worded images give the article a greater readability compared to topics that do not contain any of the images.

The answer to this question is the title of this topic. Read on to the end. We will learn how to add images to Blogger blog topics.

Adding an image to a blogger's blog topic

First, in order to add images to a Blogger blog, you must have created a blog, and if you do not have a blog, here is a guide that talks about how to create a Blogger blog   from the ground up.

To add an image to your Blogger blog, log in to your Blogger blog, then go to your blog’s control panel and click on the Posts section; New post, this page will open with you.

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How to add an image in blogger blog posts

Download images for Blogger blog posts

Steps to add images to blogger blog

The first step 

Click on the icon as in the image above, which is located inside the box in red.

Then a page will open with you to download the image from your device, and to download, click on Download from your computer. After that, another page will appear with you to add the images. All you have to do is click on the selection of files, and then select the image or images you want.

How to add an image in blogger blog posts

Click on the download tab from your computer

Tip:  Change the name of the image to the title of the topic you want to share if it is appropriate, of course, and if it is necessary to add a lot of images to your blog on Blogger, give each image a name according to the paragraph you follow.

You may ask why this procedure? The answer is simply when you write a name that contains one of the keywords that you are targeting, it has a positive impact on the ranking of your articles on search engines.

The second step

In order to correctly add an image to a Blogger blog topic, you must make a series of modifications to the image after uploading it.

After uploading the image to be added to the Blogger blog, it will appear with you like this

How to add an image in blogger blog posts

A thumbnail of how to add an image to a blogger blog

And now we will explain in detail how to adjust the image while adding  it to the  topics of the Blogger blog, continue the explanation.

At the bottom of the image appears a group of icons related to settings for adjusting image size, title, alternate title, and image alignment.

The icon inside the box in red: it concerns the settings for modifying the image, through which you can add the alternative text to the image, and the alternative text means that address that appears instead of the image in the event that there is a weak network connection.

The icon inside the box is green: From here you can add a short explanation for your blog

The icon inside the box is yellow: from here you can adjust the size of the image that you want to add on your blog, there are several sizes, which are small, medium, large, very large and the original size.

What are the appropriate sizes for the images of Blogger blog topics and compatible with all screens?

The best way to deal with image sizes in Blogger is to specify the size before uploading the image to your blog. The best image size is 640 * 320. After you upload the images, choose the original size so that the image you have added is not modified by Blogger.

The icon inside the box is blue: the image is  aligned, so you can make the image align to the right, center or left.

The best place to put the image inside your blog posts on Blogger is in the middle.ree Websites to Get Images to Add to Blogger Blog Posts

How to get free and royalty-free images in order to add them to Blogger blog topics

 Every beginner in the blogging journey on the Blogger blog has an obsession with how and from where he will get expressive images of what I will share on Blogger.

At first I would like to assure you that getting free images free of copyright is possible, there are many sites that provide you with high-resolution images, you can modify them and add them how to your blog on Blogger, and to view these sites you can read the following article 5 sites to download images Free and without royalties , and these sites can be relied upon as a source for adding images within your blog topics on Blogger.

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